The 15 Best Documentary Photography Portfolio Examples of 2022

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February 8, 2022

As documentary photography is becoming one of the most important ways to share humanity with the rest of the world, why not consider building yourself an online portfolio website? Using Format's new templates, you can have your own documentary photography portfolio up and running in no time. Here are some of the best documentary photographers on Format.

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desktop browser window frameAmr Alfiky
phone window frameAmr Alfiky
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Amr Alfiky

Theme used: Sun

Amr Alfiky is an Egyptian award-winning documentary photographer and filmmaker based in New York City. He studied medicine at Alexandria University in Egypt and assisted as a field medic during the 2011 Egyptian revolution. Shortly afterwards he began photographing and in 2013 Amr co-founded one of the prominent visual arts studios - Janaklees for Visual Arts, in Egypt.
desktop browser window frameAaron Cohen
phone window frameAaron Cohen
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Aaron Cohen

Theme used: Skyline

As a native New Yorker Aaron had the privilege of being exposed to artist from all walks of life, from graffiti to Neoclassicism and everything in between. These interactions had a profound impact on him and led him, in his own right to become a multi disciplined artist. Aaron is an accomplished musician, sound designer, photographer, painter and programmer.
desktop browser window frameEmile Holba
phone window frameEmile Holba
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Emile Holba

Theme used: Ora

Emile Holba is a portraiture and documentary photographer working with a range of clients from non-profit organizations through to commercial enterprise, and available for commissions worldwide. He has published two books – Generation Geilo: Portrait of a Community & We Teach Music, and a winner of British Journal of Photography 'Portrait of Britain' 2019 Winner.
desktop browser window frameRaghav Goswamy
phone window frameRaghav Goswamy
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Raghav Goswamy

Theme used: Meridian

Raghav Goswamy is a photographer based out of India. His work is largely based on personal experiences and is honest to how he feels and tries to understand the space around him and the emotions that come with it.
desktop browser window frameHaydn Shaughnessy
phone window frameHaydn Shaughnessy
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Haydn Shaughnessy

Theme used: Foray

Haydn is an award-winning documentary maker and former journalist with Granada TV and the BBC and columnist at the Irish Times and, who migrated to technology in the 1990s and then to art and photography in the 2000s! The images on this site date from 2004. Haydn seeks beauty in imperfection. That’s why he photographs wilted flowers and seeks human gestures in inanimate objects.
desktop browser window frameAlex Colley
phone window frameAlex Colley
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Alex Colley

Theme used: Horizon Left

Alex is a photographer from the UK. The foundations of his work lies in personal narratives exploring his family and the past. His work is often research focused and linked to conceptual ideas from various critical thinkers and philosophers.
desktop browser window framePolly Rusyn
phone window framePolly Rusyn
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Polly Rusyn

Theme used: Obscura

Polly Rusyn is a London-based freelance photographer, mainly shooting portraits and reportage. She is also a street photography teacher. Her work has been exhibited and published internationally, including in Nat Geo Traveller magazine (2019). Polly was a finalist at Miami Street Photography Festival (2018) and PhoS Festival in Sofia (2019) and her work was featured as part of the launch campaign for the Sony WPA (2019).
desktop browser window frameTobias Nicolai
phone window frameTobias Nicolai
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Tobias Nicolai

Theme used: Fabric

Tobias Nicolai (b.1987) is a danish documentary photographer currently based in Aarhus, Denmark. He holds a BA in photojournalism from the Danish School of Media and Journalism and a BA in media studies from Aarhus University Apart from working on long term personal projects, he does commissioned reportage and portraits for a variety of clients.
desktop browser window frameFranco Fafasuli
phone window frameFranco Fafasuli
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Franco Fafasuli

Theme used: Gloss

Franco Fafasuli is a staff photojournalist at, Getty Images Contributor, and occasionally collaborated for Thomson Reuters and AFP. Franco Fafasuli has images posted in international media like The Guardian, El Pais, Bloomberg, O Globo, Marca, among others. Since 2018 has been documenting social, political and economic conflicts that take place in Argentina and other nearby countries like Ecuador, sports, concerts, gastronomy, etc.
desktop browser window frameGregory Bojorquez
phone window frameGregory Bojorquez
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Gregory Bojorquez

Theme used: Frame

Gregory Bojorquez was born in Los Angeles in 1972. He started photographing in his teens, and set about documenting the subjects and stories that interested him personally. The intimate images he captured in East L.A. were not the product of structured photo sessions or assignments; They were shot from the perspective of a young man hanging out with friends and neighbors.
desktop browser window frameMano Svanidze
phone window frameMano Svanidze
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Mano Svanidze

Theme used: Offset

Mano Svanidze is a Georgian photographer currently based in Tbilisi. In 2009, she discovered her interest in photography. Mano is a member and co-founder of Georgian Photo Collective - 90’x Collective. Her work has been published and exhibited worldwide.
desktop browser window frameDebbie Naylor
phone window frameDebbie Naylor
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Debbie Naylor

Theme used: Horizon Left

Debbie Naylor is a documentary photographer and lecturer with over twenty years of experience in practicing, sharing, and developing design and photographic practice across both the creative industries and education sector. Sitting within the editorial and documentary genre, Naylor's practice explores concepts of identity and mental health as well as hegemony within a current contemporary landscape. Recently completed a MA in Documentary Photography at the University of Westminster, London
desktop browser window frameNicole Croce
phone window frameNicole Croce
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Nicole Croce

Theme used: Sharp

Nicole specializes in storytelling portraiture. She photographs families, couples and events in a photojournalistic style. She wants to document the little everyday moments as well as the big milestones. She records the unexpected, genuine and endearing moments for you to look back on for a lifetime.
desktop browser window frameEbti Nabag
phone window frameEbti Nabag
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Ebti Nabag

Theme used: Horizon

Ebti Nabag is a visual artist who works with photography, video, and installation. She is a digital and analog photography instructor. She teams up with galleries and community centers to develop art programs that provide opportunities for creative self-expression and aid in the development of identity. Her work is motivated by stories from the average human and hopes her documentations serve as bridges between people and communities.
desktop browser window frameMarissa Leshnov
phone window frameMarissa Leshnov
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Marissa Leshnov

Theme used: Horizon

Marissa Leshnov is a portrait and documentary photographer based in Oakland, California. Her images explore identity and belonging in the contexts of social, political, and cultural issues. She frequently contributes to The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, and The Guardian.

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