Documentary Photography Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Get inspired by these amazing documentary photography portfolio websites and discover how you can create a stunning portfolio to showcase your documentary photography projects.

October 6, 2021
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phone window frameEsther Sweeney
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Esther Sweeney

Theme used: Horizon About Esther Sweeney
desktop browser window frameJacques Nkinzingabo
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Jacques Nkinzingabo

Theme used: Meridian About Jacques Nkinzingabo
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Ahmed Qaid

Theme used: Horizon About Ahmed Qaid
desktop browser window frameJasmine Veronica
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Jasmine Veronica

Theme used: Grace About Jasmine Veronica
desktop browser window frameDan Bassini
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Dan Bassini

Theme used: Horizon Left About Dan Bassini
desktop browser window frameMaartje Strijbis
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Maartje Strijbis

Theme used: Horizon Left About Maartje Strijbis

Documentary photography ideas: Allow for natural inspiration

As much as photographing social issues can be a fulfilling component of documentary photography, don’t forget, it is only one aspect. Documentary photography can also capture happy events like weddings and family events. If you’re having difficulty finding those bolder and more provocative subjects, rather than forcing it, allow for natural inspiration. In other words, let the subjects come to you, and you’ll likely find those dream projects come up when you’re not expecting them.  

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desktop browser window frameHannah Mornement
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Hannah Mornement

Theme used: Amazon About Hannah Mornement
desktop browser window frameValerie Chauffour
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Valerie Chauffour

Theme used: Amazon About Valerie Chauffour
desktop browser window frameJamie Cameron
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Jamie Cameron

Theme used: Horizon Left About Jamie Cameron
desktop browser window frameConor Beary
phone window frameConor Beary
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Conor Beary

Theme used: Offset About Conor Beary
desktop browser window frameIris Kivisalu
phone window frameIris Kivisalu
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Iris Kivisalu

Theme used: Coral About Iris Kivisalu
desktop browser window frameEmanuele Camerini
phone window frameEmanuele Camerini
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Emanuele Camerini

Theme used: Fabric About Emanuele Camerini

Tips for documentary photography: Make yourself invisible

No matter what your subject, when photographing documentary style, your goal should always be to let events play out as if you were not there. You don’t want subjects acting differently because they see you with a camera. You want to capture the natural essence of what would happen, whether you were present with your camera or not. 

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desktop browser window frameyezoi hwang
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yezoi hwang

Theme used: Meander About yezoi hwang
desktop browser window frameMel Musto
phone window frameMel Musto
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Mel Musto

Theme used: Offset About Mel Musto
desktop browser window frameValery Poshtarov
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Valery Poshtarov

Theme used: Exhibition About Valery Poshtarov
desktop browser window framebruce bennett
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bruce bennett

Theme used: Illuminate About bruce bennett
desktop browser window frameMartha T.
phone window frameMartha T.
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Martha T.

Theme used: Peak About Martha T.

Documentary photography project ideas: Turn your idea into a series

With all styles of photography, as a photographer, your goal is always to tell a story. This notion is especially true with documentary photography, which makes it the perfect opportunity to turn a singular project into an entire series. Whether it be similar subjects, ideas, or events, you can turn one project into a whole series that produces an entire story, or “documentary.”

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desktop browser window frameVera Hadzhiyska
phone window frameVera Hadzhiyska
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Vera Hadzhiyska

Theme used: Horizon Left About Vera Hadzhiyska
desktop browser window frameJonathan Browning
phone window frameJonathan Browning
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Jonathan Browning

Theme used: Horizon About Jonathan Browning
desktop browser window frameGabriel  Gauffre
phone window frameGabriel  Gauffre
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Gabriel Gauffre

Theme used: Peak About Gabriel Gauffre
desktop browser window frameMichael Noble Jr
phone window frameMichael Noble Jr
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Michael Noble Jr

Theme used: Peak About Michael Noble Jr
desktop browser window frameAnnabelle Marcovici
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Annabelle Marcovici

Theme used: Horizon Left About Annabelle Marcovici
desktop browser window frameAlex Domènech
phone window frameAlex Domènech
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Alex Domènech

Theme used: Offset About Alex Domènech

Documentary photography tips: Be Mobile

Whether it be getting to a scene quickly, being able to navigate through crowds, or making yourself as invisible as impossible, you want to be as mobile as possible when shooting documentary style. Of course, you still want to use the highest quality equipment possible, but you need to balance this with mobility. Doing so will allow you to get the amazing shots that you might have otherwise missed. 

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desktop browser window frameNick Glimenakis
phone window frameNick Glimenakis
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Nick Glimenakis

Theme used: Fabric About Nick Glimenakis
desktop browser window frameHannes Jung
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Hannes Jung

Theme used: Horizon Left About Hannes Jung
desktop browser window frameSam Fradley
phone window frameSam Fradley
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Sam Fradley

Theme used: Chroma About Sam Fradley
desktop browser window frameTomas Ayuso
phone window frameTomas Ayuso
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Tomas Ayuso

Theme used: Mica About Tomas Ayuso
desktop browser window frameBianca Lecompte
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Bianca Lecompte

Theme used: Horizon Left About Bianca Lecompte
desktop browser window frameMax Brugger
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Max Brugger

Theme used: Offset About Max Brugger

Documentary wedding photography tips: Know your couple

As much as you are the storyteller as a documentary photographer, when you’re working in weddings, you have clients, and ensuring they are happy should be your number one priority. In order to do this, get to know your couple, so that you’re able to capture candid, special moments that they’ll cherish for a lifetime. For example, if you know the bride is particularly close with her grandmother, seek to capture moments between the pair. 

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desktop browser window frameJialiang Guo
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Jialiang Guo

Theme used: Fullframe About Jialiang Guo
desktop browser window frameKc Nwakalor
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Kc Nwakalor

Theme used: Aperture About Kc Nwakalor
desktop browser window frameAnthony Jackson
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Anthony Jackson

Theme used: Capture About Anthony Jackson
desktop browser window frameTatsiana Chypsanava
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Tatsiana Chypsanava

Theme used: Horizon Left About Tatsiana Chypsanava
desktop browser window frameCameron McFarlane
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Cameron McFarlane

Theme used: Fabric About Cameron McFarlane
desktop browser window frameSadiq Sarumi
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Sadiq Sarumi

Theme used: Carousel About Sadiq Sarumi

Documentary family photography tips: Make your clients comfortable

Again, your job as a documentary photographer is to make yourself as invisible as possible. With family photography, one of the best ways to do this is to ensure that the family you are working with is comfortable with your presence. Take the time to get to know the family, make sure they are a good fit for you, and try your best to blend into the background as much as possible. 

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desktop browser window frameKadri Otsiver
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Kadri Otsiver

Theme used: Beacon About Kadri Otsiver
desktop browser window frameJoseph Beeching
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Joseph Beeching

Theme used: Horizon Left About Joseph Beeching
desktop browser window frameSergi Rugrand
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Sergi Rugrand

Theme used: Horizon Left About Sergi Rugrand
desktop browser window frameDan Briston
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Dan Briston

Theme used: Mica About Dan Briston
desktop browser window frameAggelos Barai
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Aggelos Barai

Theme used: Offset About Aggelos Barai
desktop browser window frameJessica Chappe
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Jessica Chappe

Theme used: Order About Jessica Chappe
desktop browser window frameThéo Saffroy
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Théo Saffroy

Theme used: Foreground About Théo Saffroy
desktop browser window frameHilde Lenaerts
phone window frameHilde Lenaerts
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Hilde Lenaerts

Theme used: Mica About Hilde Lenaerts
desktop browser window framePía Harboure
phone window framePía Harboure
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Pía Harboure

Theme used: Horizon Left About Pía Harboure
desktop browser window frameAmit Karmakar
phone window frameAmit Karmakar
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Amit Karmakar

Theme used: Skyline About Amit Karmakar
desktop browser window frameIrupé Tentorio
phone window frameIrupé Tentorio
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Irupé Tentorio

Theme used: Horizon Left About Irupé Tentorio
desktop browser window frameGabriella Wyke
phone window frameGabriella Wyke
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Gabriella Wyke

Theme used: Obscura About Gabriella Wyke
desktop browser window frameRyan Bolton
phone window frameRyan Bolton
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Ryan Bolton

Theme used: Peak About Ryan Bolton
desktop browser window frameSina Yaghoobpoor
phone window frameSina Yaghoobpoor
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Sina Yaghoobpoor

Theme used: Horizon Left About Sina Yaghoobpoor
desktop browser window frameDavid Dosunmu
phone window frameDavid Dosunmu
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David Dosunmu

Theme used: Grace About David Dosunmu
desktop browser window frameshelby swann
phone window frameshelby swann
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shelby swann

Theme used: Frame About shelby swann
desktop browser window frameMattea McKinnon
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Mattea McKinnon

Theme used: Order About Mattea McKinnon
desktop browser window frameDrowster
phone window frameDrowster
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Theme used: Offset About Drowster

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