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Ritty Tacsum

“Ritty Tacsum (b.1990) is a Malta-based experimental photographer and multimedia artist with a predisposition for multi-layered stories and narratives. Her work taps into memory and makes abundant reference to context, time and place. Architecture features prominently in her work, as do moody surreal settings often dominated by masked anamorphic or androgynous figures. Ritty's work has already been the subject of seven solo shows. Her work has been featured in countless art & design publications”

Template: Peak

Daniel Heilig

“Daniel wants to connect people with their environment to illustrate the soul of a place. He playfully educates the viewer that beautiful and artsy moments can be found everywhere and at any time. In his approach as a quiet photographer, he carefully masters the balancing act of getting an aesthetical interpretation without creating a posed appearance. As part of his concept, he intentionally uses his smartphone only. For Daniel, it is crucial that mobile photography is immediate and reactive.”

Template: Ora

Evelina Sarupiciute

“Evelina Sarupiciute is London based fine art photographer born in Lithuania. She has recently graduated in BA Photography with first-class honours from The Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design. Her practise as a photographer often overlaps with the themes of memory, failure, and performance. Strong interest in body language often inspires and further motivates her work.”

Template: Obsidian


“International award-winning Fine Art Photographer based in Nürnberg, Germany. Born in Bucharest, Romania, she started Fine Art Photography in 2010 and has already been recognized internationally, being featured in numerous media worldwide. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in New York, Arles, Barcelona, London, Rome, Florence, Sydney and Paris. The focus of her work is people, places and stagings. Tabea shoots almost exclusively with natural daylight. ”

Template: Kiln

TJ Drysdale

“A New York City native, TJ Drysdale is a professional portrait, fine art, and fashion photographer based in Tampa, Florida. TJ approaches photography using natural light to create ethereal images that are reminiscent of fairy tales. His creative style strives to showcase a moment frozen in time where the subject is searching for something, be it psychical, spiritual, or mental. ”

Template: Amazon

Sabrina Kleinas

“Sabrina Kleinas is a French/German photographer, who holds a key to a world of adventure, unlocking opportunities to discover beauty in its purest form. Sabrina blends her passion for Brazil and photography to create inspiring images that captivate both the mind and the soul.”

Template: Amazon


“Adam was born in Mexico City to a world of 1960's film and fashion. He studied photography and developed his first photography collection in 1983, entitled “Reflections of Venice” . Reflections would be a prevailing theme for the next thirty-five years across continents, lifestyles, and other media. ”

Template: Slate

Alexandra Diez de Rivera

“Alexandra Diez de Rivera is a visual artist based in London working with photography. Diez de Rivera has been pushing the boundaries of digital photography with her theatrical tableaux and staged portraits in 'The Alternative Portrait Project' and is now exploring analogue techniques, working at the intersection between photography, sculpture and performance at the Royal College of Art.”

Template: Slate

Johnny McCormack

“Johnny has been a professional photographer spanning almost two decades and contributing regularly to a variety of local and international publications and for a diverse stable of clients across the globe. He has traveled the world extensively, creating and capturing some of the snow industry’s most iconic images. Johnny began his photographic career in early 2000 after graduating with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in photography from the esteemed Victoria University School of Design.”

Template: Amazon

Tatum Kempers

“Tatum Kempers is a Dutch artist based in Silvolde The Netherlands. She is a multi-disciplinary. Mostly she makes selfportraits. Tatum Kempers also creates video’s for bands and art-installations together with her husband Rick Kup. She graduated at the school for photography (Breda, Netherlands) in 2014. Photos of her were published in New Dutch Photography Talent in 2018 by the makers of Gup Magazine. Her work is shown in exhibitions national and international. ”

Template: Order

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