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William Mark Sommer

“William Mark Sommer is a film photographer from Sacramento, California. Traveling the many roads through the western United States for 10 years has let him explore the idea of the american dream. His travels brought him a closer understanding this nostalgic idea of America by seeing history in person and understanding its progressive nature in forgetting the past. Through these series that confront these ideals, he has self-published 10 books and zines, and exhibited over the usa and abroad.”

Template: Peak

Matthew Choi

“Currently based in Hong Kong, Matthew Choi began his photography journey in 2006, and has since spent 7 years living across United Kingdom, Canada and China. While documenting his travelling experiences, he has developed a keen eye in travel, landscape, cityscape, and aerial photography. He started his photographic journey as part of the school photography team, focusing on photojournalistic-styled events photography.”

Template: Panorama

Frederic Carrayol

“Frédéric Carrayol has been evolving in an analog world for more than 20 years. Just as passionate about its tape magnets and its ribbon microphones as its Leica. This craftsman, as he likes to define himself, photographer and shooter, freezes a free and wild nature with the sandstone of his wanderings across the continents. Then he returns it on paper with coffee toning, complex emulsions, and rare treatments.”

Template: Peak

Fiona Kwan

“As a landscape and nature photographer, Fiona focuses on the shapes, colors, and textures that provide identity to a place. Her work also acts as a reminder of our physical vulnerability in scale as humans with the environment. Fiona hopes to showcase the beauty of different natural environments and inspire others to appreciate and create their personal interactions with nature.”

Template: Ora

Kyle Robertson

“Kyle Robertson is a professional landscape photographer based in Lake Tahoe, CA featuring images from Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, and the Pacific Coast. Growing up in a mountain town nestled high in the Sierra Nevada has driven his love for photography and has allowed him to experience the world in a different view than most.”

Template: Albers

Juan Flores

“Juan Flores is a photographer based in Indianapolis, IN. He graduated from the Herron School of Art + Design with a BFA in Visual Communication Design. His love for nature and architecture has him driving around Indiana and other destination points. He portrays his photographs based on how the scenery is represented under certain weather conditions. ”

Template: Grace

Sophia Kotsis

“Sophia Kotsis is a portrait and nature photographer based out of Atlanta. Sophia Kotsis is an analog photographer from Atlanta, GA. She attended Georgia College & State University where she received her BS in Biology with a minor in photography. Sophia's work draws inspiration from the natural world. She seeks to showcase the interconnectedness between humans, the man made, and the natural world around them.”

Template: Stockholm

Josh Kempinaire

“Josh Kempinaire is a 24 years old photographer and graphic designer from Wallis, Switzerland. Photography made him enjoy the outdoors and discover places he would have never thought about some years ago. His photography style follows a very clean and unique tone palette, you can often see him confronting humans and nature to show the beauty and its scale of each environment.”

Template: Slate

Adam Raymaker

“Adam Raymaker is a photographer currently living in Brooklyn, New York whose work is based around fine-art landscapes and travel. He believes that photography is the perfect medium to express himself and how he sees the environment around him. He finds much inspiration in being on the road and traveling around as much as he can. In his work, Adam aims to show appreciation for the places he's been, as well as giving a visual representation of human interaction with such awe-inspiring landscapes.”

Template: Iris

Irene Amiet

“Irene Amiet is a nature photographer. A native of Basel, Switzerland, Irene has lived in the Bermudas, South Africa, and Texas prior to moving to the Ribble Valley in Lancashire, UK. Her work has been influenced by different cultures and people’s co-existence with nature. Her work has been featured in Africa Geographic, National Geographic’s online forums and various press. She works as a photojournalist and has contributed to lifestyle magazines in the US and the UK over the last decade. ”

Template: Slate

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