The 22 Best Landscape Photography Portfolio Examples of 2022

We’ve compiled a ‘Best Of’ page to share some of our favourite landscape photography websites. Take a scroll through.

June 17, 2021

Developing an online portfolio to share your landscape photography can seem like a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t have to be as scary as you think. We’ve created an easy guide on developing landscape photography portfolios that will help you get started. Format offers a number of different online portfolio options that are designed to perfectly suit you. We’ve compiled a ‘Best Of’ page to share some of our favorite landscape photography websites. The photographers offer a number of different creative options that Format’s templates can be used to create. The variety in different portfolios and themes will give you some inspiration on where to start, as well as the endless possibilities that are available. Take a scroll through, and enjoy our ‘Best Of” Landscape Photography Portfolio Examples.

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desktop browser window frameFergus Hurst
phone window frameFergus Hurst
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Fergus Hurst

Theme used: Horizon

Fergus Hurst is a film and digital photographer who captures landscapes, wildlife, portrait, commercial and documentary images. He fell in love with photography at a young age, and always learning new ways to capture the world around him.
desktop browser window frameBertrand Trichet
phone window frameBertrand Trichet
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Bertrand Trichet

Theme used: Offset

Bertrand Trichet graduated from the National High School Of Photography Louis Lumière (2001). For more than 20 years his skateboarding practice tailored his eye and his photography in streets of the major cities. Following his interest in interactions between people and environment, he expended his procedure to broader landscapes (Alps, Iceland, Japan, Mongolia, China, USA, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nepal etc.). He lived and worked between Barcelona and Paris for 8 years. Since 2014, he settled in F
desktop browser window frame近藤 浩紀
phone window frame近藤 浩紀
Preview Site

近藤 浩紀

Theme used: Sun

Hiroki Kondo's life work is to photograph landscapes, flowers, and animals. In spite of the fact that he's in a wheelchair, Hiroki believes nothing is impossible. His picture "The Blue Universe" was nominated on National Geographic Photo Contest in 2014 and was introduced all over the world. Photography has truly enriched his life.
desktop browser window frameMike Crocker
phone window frameMike Crocker
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Mike Crocker

Theme used: Meridian

Mike Crocker's creative practice is centered around photography of the landscape and the agency that can be formed between place, artist, and visual outcome. The notion of what we consider a place to be within space is an area of interest within his image-making.
desktop browser window frameJennie Hanks
phone window frameJennie Hanks
Preview Site

Jennie Hanks

Theme used: Fullframe

Jennie Hanks started taking photos of her home county of Devon around 2 years ago. She likes to capture the wildness and ruggedness of the coastline in images that are faithful to the area. Jennie's portfolio reflects the change of seasons and the variety of landscapes in a fresh and modern way.
desktop browser window frameAndrew Dresher
phone window frameAndrew Dresher
Preview Site

Andrew Dresher

Theme used: Foray

Andrew's photography has appeared in solo exhibitions at C.G. Boerner Gallery, New York (2019) and Hero Beach, Montauk (2020); and, presently, at Katie Leede & Company, The Shop, Sag Harbor. In addition to photography, Andrew is a professional screenwriter (WGAw), and producer-director of the independent feature film BEATBOX (2017) and music-video MONOTRONIC (2015) by Museum of Love. A Brooklyn native, Andrew holds degrees from Bowdoin College and the University of Southern California.
desktop browser window frameJason dailey
phone window frameJason dailey
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Jason dailey

Theme used: Order

Jason is a Texas-born multi-disciplined content creator and journalist with a background in photography, travel, and lifestyle topics. He is often exploring the world and always searching for non-traditional methods of capture.
desktop browser window frameYohan Terraza
phone window frameYohan Terraza
Preview Site

Yohan Terraza

Theme used: Amazon

Yohan is a French landscape photographer with a focus on the commercial and fine art styles of photography. For Yohan, being a photographer is talking about the real and the unexpected. He tells stores for those who read through his photography.
desktop browser window frameRachel Deutmeyer
phone window frameRachel Deutmeyer
Preview Site

Rachel Deutmeyer

Theme used: Obscura

Rachel Deutmeyer is an artist and educator living in Mid-Missouri. Her photography-based art explores inconsistencies of memory and connections to a place beyond tangible perception. Abstractly tied to childhood memories and the significance of motherhood, Deutmeyer's work reflects lived experiences as places of joy, sorrow, contemplation and peace.
desktop browser window frameJoy Lai
phone window frameJoy Lai
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Joy Lai

Theme used: Converge

Based in Sydney, Joy M Lai specialises in immersive landscape photography. From a film background combined with broad commercial experience, Joy’s visual practice encompasses a love for digital technology, blended with a painterly aesthetic. Her panoramic works embrace Indigenous perspectives on Country and custodianship. She is drawn equally to wild places and the sparse intrigue of urban environments.
desktop browser window frameRiitta Päiväläinen
phone window frameRiitta Päiväläinen
Preview Site

Riitta Päiväläinen

Theme used: Sun

Riitta Päiväläinen is known for her temporary site-specific installations in nature, consisting of second-hand clothing and flea market fabrics. She has worked as artist photographer since 1997. Keywords of her work are: landscape, place, nature, second-hand clothing, ribbon and fabric installations, memory, remembrance, micro history, childhood, unconscious, imaginary meetings, alternative and potential stories.
desktop browser window frameFrederic Carrayol
phone window frameFrederic Carrayol
Preview Site

Frederic Carrayol

Theme used: Peak

Frédéric Carrayol has been evolving in an analog world for more than 20 years. Just as passionate about its tape magnets and its ribbon microphones as its Leica. This craftsman, as he likes to define himself, photographer and shooter, freezes a free and wild nature with the sandstone of his wanderings across the continents. Then he returns it on paper with coffee toning, complex emulsions, and rare treatments.
desktop browser window frameFiona Kwan
phone window frameFiona Kwan
Preview Site

Fiona Kwan

Theme used: Ora

As a landscape and nature photographer, Fiona focuses on the shapes, colors, and textures that provide identity to a place. Her work also acts as a reminder of our physical vulnerability in scale as humans with the environment. Fiona hopes to showcase the beauty of different natural environments and inspire others to appreciate and create their personal interactions with nature.
desktop browser window frameKyle Robertson
phone window frameKyle Robertson
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Kyle Robertson

Theme used: Skyline

Kyle Robertson is a professional landscape photographer based in Lake Tahoe, CA featuring images from Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, and the Pacific Coast. Growing up in a mountain town nestled high in the Sierra Nevada has driven his love for photography and has allowed him to experience the world in a different view than most.
desktop browser window frameJuan Flores
phone window frameJuan Flores
Preview Site

Juan Flores

Theme used: Lightbox

Juan Flores is a photographer based in Indianapolis, IN. He graduated from the Herron School of Art + Design with a BFA in Visual Communication Design. His love for nature and architecture has him driving around Indiana and other destination points. He portrays his photographs based on how the scenery is represented under certain weather conditions.
desktop browser window frameSophia Kotsis
phone window frameSophia Kotsis
Preview Site

Sophia Kotsis

Theme used: Stockholm

Sophia Kotsis is a portrait and nature photographer based out of Atlanta. Sophia Kotsis is an analog photographer from Atlanta, GA. She attended Georgia College & State University where she received her BS in Biology with a minor in photography. Sophia's work draws inspiration from the natural world. She seeks to showcase the interconnectedness between humans, the man made, and the natural world around them.
desktop browser window frameJosh Kempinaire
phone window frameJosh Kempinaire
Preview Site

Josh Kempinaire

Theme used: Slate

Josh Kempinaire is a 24 years old photographer and graphic designer from Wallis, Switzerland. Photography made him enjoy the outdoors and discover places he would have never thought about some years ago. His photography style follows a very clean and unique tone palette, you can often see him confronting humans and nature to show the beauty and its scale of each environment.
desktop browser window frameAdam Raymaker
phone window frameAdam Raymaker
Preview Site

Adam Raymaker

Theme used: Iris

Adam Raymaker is a photographer currently living in Brooklyn, New York whose work is based around fine-art landscapes and travel. He believes that photography is the perfect medium to express himself and how he sees the environment around him. He finds much inspiration in being on the road and traveling around as much as he can. In his work, Adam aims to show appreciation for the places he's been, as well as giving a visual representation of human interaction with such awe-inspiring landscapes.
desktop browser window frameIrene Amiet
phone window frameIrene Amiet
Preview Site

Irene Amiet

Theme used: Obscura

Irene Amiet is a nature photographer. A native of Basel, Switzerland, Irene has lived in the Bermudas, South Africa, and Texas prior to moving to the Ribble Valley in Lancashire, UK. Her work has been influenced by different cultures and people’s co-existence with nature. Her work has been featured in Africa Geographic, National Geographic’s online forums and various press. She works as a photojournalist and has contributed to lifestyle magazines in the US and the UK over the last decade.
desktop browser window frameBilal Saboor
phone window frameBilal Saboor
Preview Site

Bilal Saboor

Theme used: Beacon

Bilal is a Pakistani-American photographer who graduated from Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology in December of 2019 with an AAS in photography. He loves anything to do with nature/landscape photography. While most of his images are in black and white, he also does shoot in color as well. Most of his work a moody messaging behind it to encompass his feelings and emotions when he is editing the photos.
desktop browser window frameCarey Ciuro
phone window frameCarey Ciuro
Preview Site

Carey Ciuro

Theme used: Horizon Left

Carey Ciuro is an Australian photographer who focuses on beautiful landscapes and clean architecture with an air of intimacy. He captures moments in time where the elements come together to create an air of fleeting time often hard to capture. Carey learned his craft living in Japan for three years and has since traveled to Europe and across Australia always with a camera in his bag.
desktop browser window frameKiril Petrov
phone window frameKiril Petrov
Preview Site

Kiril Petrov

Theme used: Horizon Left

Kiril was introduced to photography by his dad at an early age. This is still when the film was used and photography was about getting family snaps. Kiril clearly remembers the first camera he got to take photos with, a second-hand Minolta. Landscape photography has become his personal favorite way to explore light, shadow, and composition. It allows Kiril time to think, compose, and enjoy an early morning sunrise with an incredible scene in front of his camera.

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