Landscape Photography Online Portfolio Website

Landscape Photography Online Portfolio Website

Want to become a professional landscape photographer, but unsure where to start? Here’s everything you need to set up your landscape photography portfolio.

If you're considering pursuing a career or side hustle in landscape photography, you need to have a photography portfolio website where you can document your work for potential clients to see what you do. But what should an effective modern online portfolio website look like, and what should it include? We're breaking down the basics of landscape photography, how to get started, and the best way to present your work in order to secure your dream photography gigs.

Easy to Build, Fully Customizable

How to Create a Landscape Photography Portfolio

It may sound overwhelming, but it's actually easier than ever to build your own high quality landscape portfolio, even if you have no experience whatsoever with coding or web design. With the right website builder, you'll be able to whip up a professional, fully customized portfolio website in minutes. Let's take a closer look at everything you need to know about landscape photography and creating an eye-catching portfolio that will help you stand out from the competition.

Flexible Pages and Layouts

Landscape Photography vs Nature Photography

Often confused with nature photography, the two niches can sometimes overlap, but there are differences between them. A landscape photograph is usually a wide shot of a scene in nature (although landscapes can also be found in architecture photography). Nature photography can include natural landscapes, but can also refer to things like macro photographs of plant life, which would probably not count as a landscape in the traditional sense.

That said, there's nothing stopping you from being a photographer who focuses on both nature and landscape photos!

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Capture Stunning Images for Your Online Portfolio Website

Now that you've seen some examples of landscape photographer portfolios, let's get into five of our best tips for creating great landscape photos.

  • Set yourself up for success with the right photography gear. In order to photograph landscapes, you'll need a camera, a tripod, and a remote control shutter click. This way, you can capture images without the motion of your hand causing your subject to be out of focus. These camera accessories also come in handy if you want to experiment with long exposure or cinemagraphs.

  • Get familiar with your basic camera functions and how they affect your composition. For example, the way that you use depth of field can have a huge impact on the overall feeling of your photos. As you get more experienced you will become familiar with your camera and you can determine what settings work best for your unique style as a photographer.

  • Look for visually interesting locations to photograph. If you decide to visit local landmarks, keep in mind that they have probably been photographed hundreds or even thousands of times before, so try to get creative and look at the setting in a new way if you want your photo to stand out.

  • Plan ahead for photoshoots based on the weather forecast and light conditions. Since landscape photography largely relies on natural light, you need to pay close attention to overall conditions if you want to make the most of your photoshoot.

  • Perfect your composition skills. It's always better to adjust your composition while you're out taking photos, rather than relying on post-production to fix any errors.

Tips for Creating a Landscape Photography Portfolio

Since you already know what's involved in taking beautiful landscape photos, it's time to turn your attention to what to do with those photos once you take them! If you're going to take photos for a living, you need to have a place to show your work, and it's easier than ever to create your own portfolio website. Here's our step by step guide to creating the perfect portfolio in 8 easy steps.

Choose your website builder. 

Look for a fully customizable portfolio website that allows you to design based on your photo aesthetic.

Select a theme.

You'll want your portfolio to appear cohesive, and your theme can reflect your photography style.

Upload your best work.

Although it may be tempting to put up all of your photography work at once to show your versatility, a professional photographer needs to be intentional about which photos they choose to showcase. This should be a space for you to show off your very best work, so don't bother including something that doesn't measure up.

Personalize your website design. 

If you have already established branding for your business, like a logo and colour scheme, this is your opportunity to put them to good use.

Add your contact information and about me page. 

With so many options when it comes to hiring photographers, the more information that you can include that sets you apart from the competition, the more likely a potential client is to choose to work with you. It should also always be clear how people can contact you nd the type of work you are available for.

Create an online store. 

Since you're going to be uploading your photos to your website anyway, it just makes sense to offer them as prints that viewers can buy as they browse your work.

Set your website up for SEO. 

Search engine optimization is hugely important when it comes to attracting new clients. If they can't find you when they search relevant keywords, you could be losing out on all kinds of work.

Social media integration. 

Link your new website portfolio to all of your social media profiles to connect with even more opportunities for work.

Once you've got your professional photography portfolio set up and ready, you can easily update it as you continue to improve your skills and to reflect recent projects.

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