Landscape Photography Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Stand out as a freelance photographer by building a stellar landscape photography portfolio using Format templates and applying these nature photography tips.

June 17, 2021
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Eric Inasi

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Flavia Balan

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Abdalla Ahmed

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Chris Daniels

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Jay Berkow

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Kadiya Qasem

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Landscape Photography Tip: Plan Ahead

Do some planning before you go out to shoot landscape photography projects. Planning for the time of day and weather can make or break your shot. Be sure to check the weather and download an app like PhotoPills to nail the timing of golden hour and blue hour wherever you are in the world.

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Ethan Murphy

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Dawn J Demaske

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Ken Fallu

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Jack Moriarty

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Tom Schifanella

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Vincent James

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Wide Angle Landscape Photography Tip: Leading Lines

Wide-angle lenses help you capture as much of the landscape scene as possible. Whenever you're shooting with a wide-angle lens, pay careful attention to the corners of the frame, especially the bottom corners. If you can capture leading lines from the bottom corners of the frame leading into the center of the landscape image, you can create more drama in your composition.

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Rob Perez

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Daphné Geisler

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Ty Grobmeier

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Irene Tondelli Studio

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Kai Gradert

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Nature Photoshoot Idea: Experiment With Perspective

You can show your viewers a new way to look at your subject by experimenting with unique perspectives—change your vantage point to get above the scene or get on the ground to shoot. These simple changes in your perspective produce a completely different emotion from your images for a scroll-stopping image.

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