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Ryan O'Hare

“Ryan O'Hare is an Irish photographer currently based in Toronto, Canada. His approach to photography is similar to his approach to life: he meets it with a sense of playfulness and curiosity, using it as a tool for exploration and discovery. Ryan uses colours and shapes to bring a little extra life to his photos. He drags his initial ideas kicking and screaming through different styles and techniques so that each and every single photo in the end, tells its own individual tale.”

Theme: Horizon Left

Evan McGinnis

“San Diego Creative Portrait Photographer, Evan McGinnis uses gels, and dichroic glass to create unusual portraits both on digital and film.”

Theme: Peak

Oghalé Alex

“Oghalé's work focuses on changing the negative narratives surrounding black men and women by capturing them in different dignified ways, expressing feelings and emotions through fashion, editorial, and portrait photography.”

Theme: Horizon Left

Martin Rohrmann

“Martin Rohrmann, who studied photography at the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, works as a professional photographer. For almost 15 years, Martin Rohrmann completed numerous assignments and projects for renowned international companies, institutions, agencies and publishing houses. His work has been shown in numerous publications and exhibitions. ”

Theme: Amazon

Afonso Molinar

“Afonso Molinar, a young photographer started looking through a lens as a way to connect with people. With time, Afonso started to pay more and more attention to people's eyes and gaze and eventually fell in love with portraying them. Afonso has lived all around Portugal and portrayed all around Portugal. Looking forward to capturing as many gazes as possible and, many, many unique souls.”

Theme: Post

Ricardo Lozano

“Los Angeles based photographer specializing in advertising, beauty, cosmetics, textures, and parts for global luxury brands. Together with friends, Ricardo Lozano founded A Love Token Press, an independent publisher for contemporary photography. Ricardo also edits Silver Tongues Magazine: a series of curated publications combining photography with illustrations by international artists. ”

Theme: Grace

Roselinn Storhaug

“Roselinn Storhaug is a professional photographer servicing the central pacific coast, Costa Rica. Most sessions are held on-location as we can discuss the best location, beach, nature,sun set session. Whatever you have in mind. I can make it happen. I am a restless and creative soul. I love being in nature, practice yoga, be in the water, surf, and surfing the waves of life. My creativity is expressed in my photography and as for each year that goes by I get to know my soul better.”

Theme: Horizon

Aaron Jean

“Aaron Jean is an American portrait, headshot and editorial photographer, based in Madrid, Spain. Aaron's passion for photography has led him to deeply explore black and white portraiture. When he's not chasing light, you'll find him working as Creative Director at Medium Format Magazine nd as Co-Founder of Journal of Seeing photography education group. He also assists his wife with their family business, www.cheekydays.com”

Theme: Albers

Pancho Monti

“Pancho Monti loves photographing people. Faces and eyes reveals so much of a person. He does not like to overuse just one photography technique, therefore using different cameras and formats. Switching between expensive cameras, cheap cameras, digital, analog (35mm & 120 mm) he always tries to maintain a certain aesthetic. He also loves to photograph urban landscapes and capturing the character and surroundings. ”

Theme: Panorama

Anthony D'Elia

“Based in Toronto, Canada, Anthony D'Elia's main focus is on creating stunning portrait, lifestyle, and fashion photography. Some of Anthony's previous clients include Brandy Melville, PC Financial, various apparel brands, swimwear brands, and modelling agencies. His work has also been published in Lions Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Eloque Magazine, Volant Magazine, and B-Authentique Magazine.”

Theme: Slate

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