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Deion Squires-rouse

“Deion Squires-Rouse is a Scarborough born visual artist, currently in his first year of Ryerson's Image-Arts program. Working primarily with lens-based media, he attempts to communicate the link between the physical world and emotional consciousness, oftentimes drawing upon contemporary themes to incite a connection with his viewers. He is heavily influenced by his forays into the various diverse scenes of Toronto youth culture as well as his experiences as a young person of colour. ”

Theme: Iris

Omii Thompson

“Toronto born and NYC raised, Omii is a product of two cultures. After spending his childhood and early adult life in the United States, he returned to Toronto to attend Sheridan College where he studied Classical Animation. Always seeking new ways for artistic expression, Omii decided to pick up a camera and transition to capturing still images. Love for storytelling and illustration drew him to portrait photography and the challenge of distilling the spirit of the person in front of him. ”

Theme: Horizon Left

Dan Fontanelli

“Dan Fontanelli is a photographer and the owner of Bright Rooms, an open access darkroom, and studio in London. He has built a large body of work shooting portraits of contemporary artists whilst also working on several book projects. He takes on private and editorial commissions and works with London institutions on photographic projects. Bright Rooms was built to share his passion for analogue technique, build community, and also a teaching space for all to learn.”

Theme: Peak

sarah huny young

“Sarah Huny Young is an award-winning creative director and visual artist primarily documenting and exalting Black womanhood and queer communities through portraiture and video. Framing her subjects as her co-curators, she often shoots on-location across the country in personal, intimate spaces of the subject’s choosing.”

Theme: Amazon


“Aki Wang is a Taiwanese photographer who has undertaken an MA Fashion Photography at University for the creative arts (UCA). She started doing photography when she was studying abroad in South Korea. With an educational background in textile and clothing from Eastern country, Wang always likes to combine the Eastern elements into Western fashion style. Wang has also attended Seoul Fashion Week during 15/16 seasons as a photographer for Taiwanese online magazine SHiNE. Her works are specialized i”

Theme: Fabric

Inessa Goll

“Inessa Goll is a Stuttgart-based Photographer, Influencer, and Model. Throughout her education in communication, Inessa dabbled in photography as a hobby, with no formal training in the field. Amassing a fan base in the hundreds of thousands worldwide, Inessa´s brand and a social media platforms grew, new and exciting opportunities began to unfold, and she quickly realized that her hobby had become her livelihood. Inessa now works with some famous models, influencers, and German companies. ”

Theme: Amazon


“Qardash is an artist, photographer, and musician from Kabul, Afghanistan. He started photography by working on editorial projects for local and international magazines in Kabul. Qardash grew up between Kabul, Afghanistan and Tashkent, Uzbekistan where his family was a refugee. He currently resides in San Francisco Bay Area, California. ”

Theme: Post

Harold Naaijer

“Harold Naaijer's passion for photography unfolded, when he found out that his questions about reality, as well as his curiosity about authenticity and the way authenticity can be covered and glossed over, are best explored by the camera and the human eye. No force seems to be stronger than the force of imagination. Together with this, photography gives way to work with that other immense power: intuition. His work is exhibited in Austria, the Netherlands, Portugal, Finland and Syria.”

Theme: Amazon

Ryan O'Hare

“Ryan O'Hare is an Irish photographer currently based in Toronto, Canada. His approach to photography is similar to his approach to life: he meets it with a sense of playfulness and curiosity, using it as a tool for exploration and discovery. Ryan uses colours and shapes to bring a little extra life to his photos. He drags his initial ideas kicking and screaming through different styles and techniques so that each and every single photo in the end, tells its own individual tale.”

Theme: Horizon Left

Evan McGinnis

“San Diego Creative Portrait Photographer, Evan McGinnis uses gels, and dichroic glass to create unusual portraits both on digital and film.”

Theme: Peak

Updated on February 14, 2020 | By Steph Davidson

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