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Oghalé Alex

“Oghalé's work focuses on changing the negative narratives surrounding black men and women by capturing them in different dignified ways, expressing feelings and emotions through fashion, editorial, and portrait photography.”

Template: Coral

Deion Squires-rouse

“Deion Squires-Rouse is a Scarborough born visual artist, currently in his first year of Ryerson's Image-Arts program. Working primarily with lens-based media, he attempts to communicate the link between the physical world and emotional consciousness, oftentimes drawing upon contemporary themes to incite a connection with his viewers. He is heavily influenced by his forays into the various diverse scenes of Toronto youth culture as well as his experiences as a young person of colour. ”

Template: Iris

Omii Thompson

“Toronto born and NYC raised, Omii is a product of two cultures. After spending his childhood and early adult life in the United States, he returned to Toronto to attend Sheridan College where he studied Classical Animation. Always seeking new ways for artistic expression, Omii decided to pick up a camera and transition to capturing still images. Love for storytelling and illustration drew him to portrait photography and the challenge of distilling the spirit of the person in front of him. ”

Template: Horizon Left

Dan Fontanelli

“Dan Fontanelli is a photographer and the owner of Bright Rooms, an open access darkroom, and studio in London. He has built a large body of work shooting portraits of contemporary artists whilst also working on several book projects. He takes on private and editorial commissions and works with London institutions on photographic projects. Bright Rooms was built to share his passion for analogue technique, build community, and also a teaching space for all to learn.”

Template: Peak

Vicky Grout

“Vicky Grout is a London based photographer shooting predominantly on analogue, who specialises in portraiture, music, fashion and street photography.”

Template: Meander

Logan Delaney

“Logan Delaney is a fashion photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. ”

Template: Horizon Left

Gabriela Kaziuk

“Gabriela Kaziuk born December 8, 1987 in Opole (Poland) Graduate of Polish Philology at the University of Wroclaw (Thesis: Representations of Photography in Contemporary Polish Poetry - tutor Prof. Wojciech Soliński) Student of Artistic Graphic Arts in Lodz”

Template: Amazon

Idara Ekpoh

“Idara Ekpoh is a Nigerian-American photographer and creative entrepreneur living in Phoenix, Arizona. Her mission is to create work that celebrates and amplifies black voices. As a First Generation Nigerian-American woman, she has always been interested in the topic of identity and this drives her to use her work to not only tell her own story, but to empower and bring visibility to the voices of those within her community. ”

Template: Horizon Left

Shawn Michael Jones

“Shawn Michael Jones is a still life and portrait photographer. He works and lives in Brooklyn, New York.”

Template: Horizon Left

Andrea Buritica

“Andrea Buritica (aka Burikitak) is a Colombian-American film and digital photographer based in Weehawken, NJ. She specializes in portrait and music photography and strives to make her art align with her values by creating images that promote inclusivity. Her work focuses on rethinking the beauty standards and stereotypes usually imposed on Latina women, showcasing women of different shapes, races and backgrounds within the Latina community and exploring the differences that exist between us.”

Template: Coral

Updated on June 23, 2021 | By Steph Davidson

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