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Melanie Sun Wang

“Melanie Sun Wang is a Spanish-born, Chinese Photographer. Growing up between two completely different cultures is what motivates Melanie to articulate through fashion & photography; an exploration of their own hybrid cultural background. ”

Template: Horizon

Madison Banos

“Madison Baños loves photographs - in-studio, people, events and new places. She carries her social, upbeat attitude into her work. She found her true creative voice after taking a photojournalism class and fell in love with photography. Based in Texas, she is pursuing her photography degree in Austin, Texas. Madison Baños is always excited to collaborate on new projects creating magical imagery.”

Template: Mica

Milly Muxworthy

“Milly Muxworthy is a portrait and fashion photographer working with other creatives to capture a sense of individuality and personal style. Currently based in the South West of England.”

Template: Horizon Left

Kenji Bennett

“Kenji Bennett is a visual artist and filmmaker. His personal work investigates the relationships between philosophy, memory, nature, and culture. He is also influenced by the duality arising from his mix of Japanese and American backgrounds. All of Kenji's work is concerned with how light and movement can be orchestrated to evoke emotional responses in the viewer.”

Template: Mica

Shaofeng Hsu

“Shao-Feng Hsu is a photographer whose work around the world mainly focuses on the interaction of humans and aquatic environment. From his native Taiwan — where he trained as a competitive swimmer — to Australia, Cambodia, Japan, and beyond. Shao-Feng Hsu has immersed himself in aquatic cultures in an ongoing study of the impact of the Anthropocene Era on our waters.”

Template: Ora

alex apostolidis

“Alex Apostolidis makes screen prints, photographs and videos that demonstrate a playful approach to emotional vulnerability. Their work explores hapticness as a way to exaggerate overwhelming feelings surrounding gender, privacy and the viewer subject dichotomy. Their aesthetic draws inspiration from kitsch and glitch, creating a psychedelic distortion. They are currently working on their Bachelors of Fine Arts at Concordia University. ”

Template: Horizon

Updated on October 21, 2020 | By Steph Davidson

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How to create a student photography portfolio website.

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  5. Personalize your design. Make it yours and change options like the template preset, fonts, and colors.
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