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“Studying graphic design and film photography, Cameron was diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age and lived inside mental hospitals. Cameron's love of abandoned buildings appeared when he discovered a small dollhouse left inside a woodland to rot at the age of 13. The curiosity of the darkness riddled inside his veins. Cameron has explored over 200 abandoned buildings and enjoys traveling across the world in search of decay and the fragments of the memories ghosts leave behind.”

Template: Horizon Left

Melissa Ivana

“Eleonora-Melissa Ivana is a Photography student, born in Romania and based in Falmouth, United Kingdom. By taking advantage of both still-life and portraiture, Ivana explores ideas that came either like revelations or long based concepts. Using the poetry she writes as a starting point, she also explores emotion and memory.”

Template: Post

Jazer Alcayde

“A recent graduate who studied a BA Hons Photography course at Norwich University of the Arts, Jazer Alcayde is a photographer, working across a range of genres. Photography has been a technical mechanism for Alcayde, to express and execute their feelings and experiences into their photographs. Alcayde's current practice delves into night photography and long exposures, on location-based shoots in nocturnal environments. ”

Template: Grace

Dillon Phantharangsy

“Dillon Phantharangsy is a Canadian student photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. Currently, he is studying at Sheridan College for a Bachelors in Photography. He enjoys studying female fashion and portraiture. He is against the use of heavy editing in photography, thus his images are kept as genuine as possible. ”

Template: Order

Samantha Jackson

“Samantha Jackson is a documentary and editorial photographer living and working in Toronto, Ontario. She is currently working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at Ryerson University, where she draws significant inspiration from her experiences as a woman in modern society and the idea of place affecting the way we live. She can often be found around the water, which is often reflected in her photography. ”

Template: Mica

Kilian Walker

“Kilian Walker is currently studying photography at the F+F Art and Design School in Zurich. Killian collects impressions. They are inspired by the culture of the society and interpret them through my visions. The obscurities of life have been a significant factor in shaping the substance of what Killian communicates through their work.”

Template: Foray

“Her artwork stems from her anger towards societal norms. From her conservative background, her family and people around her held views towards women that they were inherently weaker than her male counterparts. It's because of these surrounding beliefs that she is opposed to Hispanic traditional family values. Her objective is to demonstrate with my work what women empowerment means to her.”

Template: Horizon Left

Ali Choudhry

“Primarily a portrait photographer, Ali brings a clean yet emotive eye to his images. His practice aims to answer two questions: who are we and what makes us us? Through use of minimalist compositions and selective use of color and form, he aims to invoke what he calls a “breath” to all of his images. ”

Template: Peak

Céderic Vandenberghe

“Céderic Vandenberghe is a freelance photographer based in Belgium. When he isn’t working on client projects, he’s likely on the road with friends, capturing images of things that interest him.”

Template: Grace

Lauren Kesler

“Lauren Kesler is a photographer from the USA, now based in London, United Kingdom. She has a passion for travel and storytelling and is particularly interested in cultivating a sense of global citizenship and understanding. Kesler is a student pursuing her Master of Arts in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the University of the Arts London. She intends to continue to work in these fields, as well as the editorial, travel, and lifestyle niches.”

Template: Kiln

Updated on June 4, 2021 | By Steph Davidson

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