Student Photography Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Creative professionals from all backgrounds have portfolios to showcase their work, but students can also benefit from starting a portfolio. We're here to help.

June 23, 2021
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Leon Söllner

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James Price

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Zoe Lynn Golden-Johnson

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desktop browser window frameRahim Qureshi
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Rahim Qureshi

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Melissa Ivana

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Student Teaching Portfolio Ideas: Include Your Philosophy & Goals

Teaching styles vary from one individual to the next, which is why it's important to include your teaching philosophies, goals, and outcomes from your classes. You can include: your teaching methods, project outlines, learning outcomes on your website.

Clearly outlining your teaching philosophies helps visitors decide whether or not you're the right teacher for them.

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desktop browser window frameJazer Alcayde
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Jazer Alcayde

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desktop browser window frameDillon Phantharangsy
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Dillon Phantharangsy

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Samantha Jackson

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desktop browser window frameMilly Muxworthy
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Milly Muxworthy

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desktop browser window frameKenji Bennett
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Kenji Bennett

Theme used: Capture About Kenji Bennett

Portfolio Ideas For Architecture Students: Incorporate Your Sketches

While much of architectural design work is done digitally to save time and improve accuracy, it's still an unspoken expectation that architects should be proficient in sketching designs with pen and paper. Including your analog sketches can also demonstrate your creative process to the full-blown digital rendering of your work and makes for a more interesting portfolio to look at. 

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