The Best Student Portfolio Examples of 2023

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the arts, you need an amazing online portfolio. Here are some of our favorite student portfolios to inspire you.

February 8, 2022

As an art student, you probably already know the importance of having a standout online portfolio website to showcase your best work and to apply for future professional opportunities. What you may not know is what you should be including in your portfolio and how to format it to achieve the best results. If this is something you’ve been struggling with, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up some of our 14 favorite student portfolios and we’ll break down how these students use their portfolios, the website templates they use, and how they’ve crafted their About Me statements.

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desktop browser window frameBilly Gibney desktop
phone window frameBilly Gibney mobile
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Billy Gibney

Theme used: Mode

Billy Vanilli is an artist from Melbourne, Australia with distinctive flair for sensual and incandescent imagery. Billy explores themes of desire, consumption, nostalgia and intimacy. Capturing a realism that shimmers with dreamlike ebullience, his contemporary paintings are highly evocative; a sensory celebration of the tangible and emotional relationship we have with food & dining, and the rituals and symbols that these past times invoke.
desktop browser window framePaco del Valle desktop
phone window framePaco del Valle mobile
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Paco del Valle

Theme used: Sharp

Paco del Valle is a self-taught artist and music composer born in Barcelona , Spain and currently lives in Co. Mayo, Ireland. Their work explores graffiti and street culture in a dimensional space by using imaginary, geometrical,architectural, and organicshapes inside a spatial background.
desktop browser window frameCaroline Ji desktop
phone window frameCaroline Ji mobile
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Caroline Ji

Theme used: Clarity

Caroline Ji is an oil painter currently based in Toronto, Canada. Her work focuses on themes of solitude, self-perception, emotional intimacy, and how human beings relate to each other. Her paintings are collected in private collections across Canada, USA, China, and Europe. She has exhibited in Canada and USA.
desktop browser window frameJason Zante desktop
phone window frameJason Zante mobile
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Jason Zante

Theme used: Horizon

Jason Zante is a Filipino- Canadian multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada. His bold illustrations emphasize the use of colour as a visual language to communicate the emotions of the narrative in focus. His stylistic approach combines free-flowing abstract shapes and realistic elements as an interplay between lifelike and fantasy. Jason’s dreamlike and vibrantly colourwork focuses on the themes of ethereal beauty, everyday leisure, and Philippine culture.
desktop browser window frameInga Gircyte desktop
phone window frameInga Gircyte mobile
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Inga Gircyte

Theme used: Sharp

inga gircyte is a multidisciplinary artist working in the field of painting, ceramics and sculpture. They received their education from OCAD University and currenly live in Elora, Ontario.
desktop browser window frameSimone Morciano desktop
phone window frameSimone Morciano mobile
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Simone Morciano

Theme used: Sharp

Simone Morciano is an interior and architectural photographer based in London, UK. He is focused on finding compelling ways of representing urban spaces through his camera lenses. Simone enjoys the challenge of working around the constraints imposed by architectural spaces, as he finds a sense of fulfilment in resourcefully responding to the environment around him.
desktop browser window frameKent Laforme desktop
phone window frameKent Laforme mobile
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Kent Laforme

Theme used: Spruce

Kent Laforme completed his Fine Arts D.E.C in Montreal and completed his B.F.A at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Studying under John Greer, Kent fell in love with carving stone and immersed himself in the world of marble carving in Pietrasanta, Italy. His studio is on Vancouver Island.
desktop browser window frameAndrea desktop
phone window frameAndrea mobile
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Theme used: Peak

Andrea Carandini is a spanish art director, graphic designer & illustrator specialized in fashion, color and trends analysis, currently living in Barcelona.
desktop browser window frameDavid Ctorza desktop
phone window frameDavid Ctorza mobile
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David Ctorza

Theme used: Albers

David Ctorza is a french Photographer / Film-maker based in Paris. He started working for fashion and jewelry brands in 2014. From 2015 to 2018 he traveled in the united state and Australia where he worked for artists and local brands. David's approach to photography and filming is part artistic and aims to create and get inspired everyday. Capturing the very best moment in each stills, he tries to create the absolute composition and colors.
desktop browser window frameOrestes Spyridakis desktop
phone window frameOrestes Spyridakis mobile
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Orestes Spyridakis

Theme used: Horizon Left

Orestis Spyridakis was born in Agios Nikolaos, Crete in 2000 and tended to audio-visual arts from a young age. In 2016, he started working as a video editor and in 2018 as a freelance photographer. Recently, he has worked in commercials and movies, while also participating in fashion photoshoots as a photographer and art director. In 2021, he started majoring in Cinema Studies in the American College of Greece.
desktop browser window frameSurrreal Studio desktop
phone window frameSurrreal Studio mobile
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Surrreal Studio

Theme used: Kiln

Surrreal Studio encompasses art, branding, and creative direction, as well as focusing on poetry, photography and video making. Artistic storytelling for fashion, commercial and professionals.
desktop browser window frameJulie Hoogstraate desktop
phone window frameJulie Hoogstraate mobile
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Julie Hoogstraate

Theme used: Curve

Jules is a visionary collage artist known for surreal creations that blend reality and imagination. Her thought-provoking work challenges perceptions, featuring dreamlike landscapes and impossible juxtapositions. With meticulous attention to detail, Jules crafts intricate montages that invite introspection and evoke emotions.
desktop browser window frameHayley Cranberry desktop
phone window frameHayley Cranberry mobile
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Hayley Cranberry

Theme used: Kiln

Hayley Cranberry is a chronically ill artist and urban planner based out of New York City. She is interested in how data, art, and sustainable urban initiatives can intersect to create community vitality. Her multi-disciplinary work explores relevant themes including the relationship between humans and their environment, and the sick/disabled experience.
desktop browser window frameConnor Czora desktop
phone window frameConnor Czora mobile
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Connor Czora

Theme used: Sun

Connor Czora is an artist, educator, and activist currently based in Washington, DC. Born in Rochester, NY, they received their BFA in Ceramics and Gender Studies from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2019. Czora’s work explores the relationships between imperial ceramics, cultural taste, and sociopolitical power structures in the United States. Tracing the history of Western decorative arts, their work interrogates how ideologies are embedded and perpetuated within cultural objects.
desktop browser window frameAustin Quintana desktop
phone window frameAustin Quintana mobile
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Austin Quintana

Theme used: Offset

Based in New York, Austin Quintana is a photographer and filmmaker using analog tools to create their work. Austin's photographic work consists of personal documentary and portraiture. Austin's recent project "Where The Valley Sings" is an exploration of their family's land, the people currently living on it, the people that came before them, and their relationship with the space.
desktop browser window frameBenoit Florençon desktop
phone window frameBenoit Florençon mobile
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Benoit Florençon

Theme used: Mode

Benoit Florençon specializes in architecture and design photography. From retail spaces to scenography and public or private interiors, his work focuses on space, materials, and design details. I work closely with my clients to deliver the best images of their work. I have photographed projects in France, Europe and Asia, working either directly with brands or with architects and event agencies.
desktop browser window frameJack Bardhamre desktop
phone window frameJack Bardhamre mobile
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Jack Bardhamre

Theme used: Horizon Left

Jack Bardhamre is a Swedish photographer active in the Värmland and Närke area. His journey with photography first started in the woods. Bardhamre fell in love with the art during many hikes through the Scandinavian and American mountains. He loves the play between light and dark, the feeling and contrast that happens in between. Bardhamre has always preached for a simple life and finds art and inspiration through his love for nature and the universe.
desktop browser window frameCy Gilbert desktop
phone window frameCy Gilbert mobile
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Cy Gilbert

Theme used: Foray

Cy has 32 years' experience as a classically-trained flutist, which translate into the clean, "harmonious" lines and compositional techniques with which he imbues architecture and real estate photography. Already published in Atomic Ranch Magazine and the New York Times, Mr. Gilbert is fully immersed in the combination of art and science that becomes the beautiful imagery to which his many followers and clients demand and respect.
desktop browser window frameMatthew Heritage desktop
phone window frameMatthew Heritage mobile
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Matthew Heritage

Theme used: Medium

Matthew Heritage is an Exeter, Devon-based architecture and interior photographer working all over the UK and abroad. Matthew studied Media at Leeds Met University where he nourished my love of photography. He started shooting student homes for estate agents and slowly began to pick up more glamorous places to add to my portfolio. He soon realized that he loves the challenge of architectural photography and it's been a 9-year learning experience to get to this point.
desktop browser window frameMindaugas Lapinskas desktop
phone window frameMindaugas Lapinskas mobile
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Mindaugas Lapinskas

Theme used: Industry

Mindaugas Lapinskas is a photographer from Vilnius, Lithuania, specializing in Real Estate and automotive photography. Lapinskas started their photography journey almost 30 years ago as a teenager, so he remembers the magic in the darkroom waiting for that elusive image to appear. In late 90's Lapinskas produced and hosted alternative music TV show and later worked as a movie translator. But 8 years ago he turned back to photography, this time professionally.
desktop browser window frameJonathan S. Measor | Photography desktop
phone window frameJonathan S. Measor | Photography mobile
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Jonathan S. Measor | Photography

Theme used: Offset

Jonathan S. Measor is a lover of photography, architecture, and innovation. His style finds its inspiration from having been a radio technician. It is intended to be as direct and as clear as the eye would see it; with a very easy-to-follow and quiet, "here it is," vibe. Measor likes to describe their style as technical. Please enjoy this showcase selection from the many real estate listings he has captured so far.
desktop browser window frameJad Cheikh desktop
phone window frameJad Cheikh mobile
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Jad Cheikh

Theme used: Amazon

Jad Cheikh is a Canadian UI/UX Designer & Production Artist, currently living in Lebanon. With years of experience in the fields of Branding and Digital Design, Cheikh’s skill is evident in his collective body of work.
desktop browser window framePoon, Val  desktop
phone window framePoon, Val  mobile
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Poon, Val

Theme used: Point

Val Poon is a product designer whose purpose is to craft digital user experience that feels essential, intuitive and desirable. At work, she is mindful of how every click of a button equates to making a decision. She believes that design plays a key role in ensuring we clearly communicate with our users.
desktop browser window frameYanina Fiorillo desktop
phone window frameYanina Fiorillo mobile
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Yanina Fiorillo

Theme used: Amazon

Yanina Fiorillo is a UI / UX Product Design Lead. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with over 18 years of professional experience, she designs in the digital field for brands like Coca-Cola, Sony, Lancome, Cisco, Georgia Pacific, Chubb, as well as many innovative startups.
desktop browser window frameRazane Hanna desktop
phone window frameRazane Hanna mobile
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Razane Hanna

Theme used: Shift

Razane Hanna is a UX/UI Designer with a background in landscape architecture. Raz's work and design puts users at the center of every project she undertakes. She strives to create exciting and innovative products that people love to use while bringing aesthetic value and attention to detail to the table.
desktop browser window frame梅可嘉|Kejia Mei desktop
phone window frame梅可嘉|Kejia Mei mobile
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梅可嘉|Kejia Mei

Theme used: Ambience

Kejia Mei, worked as an architect at Origin-architect and was responsible for and completed projects that were shortlisted for WAF2020/2021, the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, etc. Mei, independently planned and shot the exhibition video for the Biennale project. Later, Mei became an independent architectural photographer, engaged in professional architectural photography work.
desktop browser window frameGarcês desktop
phone window frameGarcês mobile
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Theme used: Offset

Sérgio Garcês Marques (b.1982) is a specialized architectural photographer, based in Lisbon, Portugal. Since 2011 he has worked with architects, designers, and artists, helping them to document and communicate their work. His mission is to create powerful images that are both artwork and specific communication tools. Before becoming a full-time photographer, he finished his Architecture studies (FA UTL 2006), and worked in several studios as architect.
desktop browser window framemarjolein martinot desktop
phone window framemarjolein martinot mobile
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marjolein martinot

Theme used: Cover

Marjolein is a Dutch photographer, based in France. Her photography touches on the poetic, while striving to remain authentic and true at the same time. She aims to evoke sentiments by using and mixing different photographic approaches and analogue cameras. The prime focus of Marjolein’s work is on everyday life: family, friends, and the places and things that touch her. Her most recent project is called “Riverland”(2023-Finalist - The Sony World Photography Awards, Professional Competition).
desktop browser window frameZander Raymond desktop
phone window frameZander Raymond mobile
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Zander Raymond

Theme used: Sharp

Zander Raymond is an artist and synthesist who lives and works in Chicago, IL. His work investigates the physical experience of the world, and the feedback loops within his own practice that follow through improvisations in drawing, printmaking, sound, and sculpture. The source materials for his work tend to be fragments of something larger, marks unintentionally made on a landscape, and artifacts of a post-natural city environment. His full statement published on his site.
desktop browser window frameFergus Hurst desktop
phone window frameFergus Hurst mobile
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Fergus Hurst

Theme used: Gloss

Fergus Hurst is a film and digital photographer who captures landscapes, wildlife, portrait, commercial and documentary images. He fell in love with photography at a young age, and always learning new ways to capture the world around him.

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