The Best Student Portfolio Examples of 2023

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the arts, you need an amazing online portfolio. Here are some of our favorite student portfolios to inspire you.

February 8, 2022

As an art student, you probably already know the importance of having a standout online portfolio website to showcase your best work and to apply for future professional opportunities. What you may not know is what you should be including in your portfolio and how to format it to achieve the best results. If this is something you’ve been struggling with, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up some of our 14 favorite student portfolios and we’ll break down how these students use their portfolios, the website templates they use, and how they’ve crafted their About Me statements.

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desktop browser window frameFergus Hurst desktop
phone window frameFergus Hurst mobile
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Fergus Hurst

Theme used: Gloss

Fergus Hurst is a film and digital photographer who captures landscapes, wildlife, portrait, commercial and documentary images. He fell in love with photography at a young age, and always learning new ways to capture the world around him.
desktop browser window frameNiko Goga desktop
phone window frameNiko Goga mobile
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Niko Goga

Theme used: Kiln

Niko started his photography journey in 2012, via various workshops, photo clubs, college courses, and photographic organisations. He loves making memories with his camera. Memories that stay imprinted with people. Every time you click that shutter, you make a connection. A connection that lasts forever.
desktop browser window frameFranklin Yeep desktop
phone window frameFranklin Yeep mobile
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Franklin Yeep

Theme used: Sharp

Franklin Yeep is a black & white film portrait photographer based in NYC. Yeep shoot all things analog, which gives them a one-of-a-kind experience to the subject and the viewer. They believe the slow process allows the sitter to "breathe," enabling them to capture their portraiture in an honest, and transparent way. Everything is hand-processed by Yeep from start to finish without involving any photo labs, which allows them to have complete control over the creative process.
desktop browser window frameDarrell Jackson desktop
phone window frameDarrell Jackson mobile
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Darrell Jackson

Theme used: Peak

Darrell Jackson is an experienced portrait and editorial photographer based in Los Angeles. Darrell is well versed in digital and film formats. Client's include Google, PUMA, and Dockers.
desktop browser window frameJena Carlin desktop
phone window frameJena Carlin mobile
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Jena Carlin

Theme used: Amazon

Jena is a Midwest-based commercial food and lifestyle photographer, videographer, prop stylist, and art director. Over the past 13 years, Jena has been known for her elevated earthy, artistic photography style focused on appetite appeal and brand storytelling. She prides herself on building the community and knowledge of commercial food photography through her blog, summit & mentorship program. Selected clients inclue Ghirardelli, Martha Stewart, Kohl’s, Taste of Home, and Sam’s Club.
desktop browser window frameRoseanne Orim desktop
phone window frameRoseanne Orim mobile
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Roseanne Orim

Theme used: Amazon

Dubai-based advertising & commercial food photographer and recipe developer.
desktop browser window frameUlderico Granger desktop
phone window frameUlderico Granger mobile
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Ulderico Granger

Theme used: Amazon

Ulderico Granger is a freelance outdoor photographer originally from the Big Island of Hawaii who became enamored with photography at the age of 12. Growing up on an island in the Pacific, Granger developed a love and appreciation for the natural world that has only grown to this day.
desktop browser window frameRussell Holliday desktop
phone window frameRussell Holliday mobile
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Russell Holliday

Theme used: Fabric

Russell Holliday is a photographer based in California. By documenting surfing on the most remote coastlines in the world, Russell's life and work revolve around hunting a moment and letting it be just that: a split-second in time that you will never get back, but instead have a photograph that will remind you that it was really was as good as it was remembered to be.
desktop browser window frameJane Cabrera desktop
phone window frameJane Cabrera mobile
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Jane Cabrera

Theme used: Order

Jane Cabrera is a well-known author and illustrator of children’s books. She has written and illustrated 59 books that have been translated into more than 25 languages. She has won awards in both the US and Europe. Jane’s books range from picture books to board books for babies. Jane designs her books from the initial concept, including novelty elements and hand typography. Many of her picture books are based on traditional nursery rhymes, updated with her own modern fun twist.
desktop browser window frameJason Wood desktop
phone window frameJason Wood mobile
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Jason Wood

Theme used: Slate

Jason Wood is an Australian-based creative with a focus on graphic design and direction. Working with creative organizations and individuals for over twelve years across Europe and Australia. Specializing in brand identity development + application, creative direction, print, packaging, and image-making. Currently design director at Eskimo Recordings.
desktop browser window frameMaria Lax desktop
phone window frameMaria Lax mobile
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Maria Lax

Theme used: Clarity

Maria Lax is a London-based photographer originally from a small town in Northern Finland. She is known for her use of color and experimental camera techniques. Recent clients include British Telecom, Virgin Records, Glass Magazine, Panasonic, and Maya Njie perfumes. Her work has been exhibited and published worldwide. Maria is one of the winners of British Journal Photography’s Female in Focus awards 2019, a finalist for PHMuseum Photography grant 2020, and the LensCulture Portrait Awards.
desktop browser window frameJames Barkman desktop
phone window frameJames Barkman mobile
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James Barkman

Theme used: Horizon Left

James Barkman is a photographer who draws much of his inspiration from the mountains and the sea. No stranger to the open road, his work, travels, and expeditions have taken him from the Arctic Circle to Afghanistan. His passion for honest storytelling and drive for genuine adventure has led him to work with a diverse and unique range of clients. A climber, motorcycle enthusiast, and writer, James is based on the Central Coast of California.
desktop browser window frameJessica desktop
phone window frameJessica mobile
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Theme used: Cover

Jessica Abby specializes in photographing the raw feelings and emotions that are happening at any given moment throughout wedding days and engagement sessions. Photographing over 250 weddings throughout Australia and worldwide, she has developed a serious flair for showcasing each individual love story through romantic and natural imagery.
desktop browser window framebrandon gorrie desktop
phone window framebrandon gorrie mobile
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brandon gorrie

Theme used: Reel

Brandon Gorrie is a photographer based in Austin, TX who loves to capture images that pose more questions than provide answers. Much of Brandon's work is inspired by Soviet and Western Cinema from the 60's until present- his favorite cinematographer being Sven Nykvist who worked with Ingmar Bergman and Andrei Tarkovsky. .
desktop browser window frameSarala Bhukal desktop
phone window frameSarala Bhukal mobile
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Sarala Bhukal

Theme used: Horizon Left

Sarala Bhukal is an emerging photographer based Etobicoke, Ontario. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, she immigrated with her family to Canada in 1995 at the age of five and earned a Bachelor of Design in Illustration from OCAD University in 2014. Through Bhukal's photographic practice, she seeks new iterations of her identity she has yet to find or understand. Bhukal currently studies photography at Seneca College and is a member of the Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography.
desktop browser window frameGiovanni Capriotti desktop
phone window frameGiovanni Capriotti mobile
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Giovanni Capriotti

Theme used: Horizon

Giovanni Capriotti specializes in long-form post-documentary explorations that examine how time and the inevitability of compromise shape individuals, communities, history, culture, and the human condition. Through the integration of photography, moving images, audio, experiential prose, and personal testimonials, he strives to deepen his understanding of worldly affairs and the role of contemporary documentary practice.
desktop browser window frameJason Ward desktop
phone window frameJason Ward mobile
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Jason Ward

Theme used: Hue

Jason Ward is an LA based street, documentary, and portrait photographer.
desktop browser window frameFilipe Lucas Frazão desktop
phone window frameFilipe Lucas Frazão mobile
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Filipe Lucas Frazão

Theme used: Peak

Filipe Lucas Frazão is a photographer based in Portugal. He lives between Lisbon and Pico, an Island in the Azores Archipelago located in the North Atlantic. With a background in Fine Arts, he is constantly drawn to a minimal style with his work. Inspiration comes at the intersection of all his passions in life — food, ocean, surf, jazz. Filipe is available for client work and commissions.
desktop browser window frameSonny Thakur desktop
phone window frameSonny Thakur mobile
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Sonny Thakur

Theme used: Amazon

Sonny Thakur is an commercial and editorial food and travel photographer in Manila, Philippines. His work is an exploration of the people he meets around the world and the 7000+ islands in the Philippines and the food they feed him. He has worked for publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Forbes, Esquire, Travel + Leisure.
desktop browser window frameMarius Wilkens-Zimmermann desktop
phone window frameMarius Wilkens-Zimmermann mobile
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Marius Wilkens-Zimmermann

Theme used: Frame

Marius Wilkens-Zimmermann is a multi-disciplinary digital artist creating CGI for the world of cosmetics, products, and packaging. Based in Paraguay, South America, Marius brings invaluable studio and agency experience providing high end visuals for advertising clients. Specializing in the combination of CGI with 3D rendering, and post production retouching, Marius merges his artistic skills with technical accuracy to increase production value exponentially.
desktop browser window frameSid Sharp desktop
phone window frameSid Sharp mobile
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Sid Sharp

Theme used: Peak

Sid is an illustrator and comic artist whose drawings are usually irreverent and a little spooky. They live in Toronto, where they're working on a new graphic novel.
desktop browser window frameAmr Alfiky desktop
phone window frameAmr Alfiky mobile
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Amr Alfiky

Theme used: Sun

Amr Alfiky is an Egyptian award-winning documentary photographer and filmmaker based in New York City. He studied medicine at Alexandria University in Egypt and assisted as a field medic during the 2011 Egyptian revolution. Shortly afterwards he began photographing and in 2013 Amr co-founded one of the prominent visual arts studios - Janaklees for Visual Arts, in Egypt.
desktop browser window frameSander Alblas desktop
phone window frameSander Alblas mobile
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Sander Alblas

Theme used: Clarity

Sander Alblas likes to take pictures. He would say his work is characterized by using shallow depth of field to draw the viewer's eye to a particular point in the image. Sander likes to shoot with prime lenses and analog equipment to keep it as basic as possible.
desktop browser window frameMagali Polverino desktop
phone window frameMagali Polverino mobile
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Magali Polverino

Theme used: Clarity

Magali Polverino is a food and still life photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Using her deep love for lighting and colors, Magali finds beauty in everyday objects and aims to share her love for food by highlighting the many textures of eatery.
desktop browser window frameAaron Cohen desktop
phone window frameAaron Cohen mobile
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Aaron Cohen

Theme used: Skyline

As a native New Yorker Aaron had the privilege of being exposed to artist from all walks of life, from graffiti to Neoclassicism and everything in between. These interactions had a profound impact on him and led him, in his own right to become a multi disciplined artist. Aaron is an accomplished musician, sound designer, photographer, painter and programmer.
desktop browser window frameHenry Rivers desktop
phone window frameHenry Rivers mobile
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Henry Rivers

Theme used: Amazon

Best know for his playful, minimalist posters, Henry Rivers is an illustrator with a passion for travel. Working in a combination of hand-painted and digital techniques, Henry creates richly textured artworks with a sense of calm and escapism. Originally from the Isle of Wight, Henry is currently living and working in London. His artwork has been exhibited in 18 different countries and appeared on wine bottles, book covers and airline trolleys.
desktop browser window frameNicklaus Walter desktop
phone window frameNicklaus Walter mobile
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Nicklaus Walter

Theme used: Gloss

Nicklaus has been obsessed with photography since he was 16 years old. At the time, his main interest was capturing photos of his friends skateboarding in his hometown. Nicklaus's work has been licensed by some of the world's biggest brands including Apple, Conde Nast, Facebook, Amazon, Spotify, American Express, AT&T, Cosmopolitan, Walmart, Allergan,, Invesco, Healthline, John Hancock,, and Bauer Media.
desktop browser window frameJagoda Lasota Lasotyzm desktop
phone window frameJagoda Lasota Lasotyzm mobile
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Jagoda Lasota Lasotyzm

Theme used: Meridian

Jagoda Lasota is a biotechnologist by education and training, graphic designer/retoucher by profession, and photographer by passion. Always looking for the human aspect in photography, Jagoda has published in journals about fashion and traveling. She was selected as 30 under 30 most emerging women photographers by Artpil magazine (2019). Jagoda lives and works in Wroclaw, Poland.
desktop browser window framePhilip Nguyen desktop
phone window framePhilip Nguyen mobile
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Philip Nguyen

Theme used: Exposure

Phil Nguyen is a commercial photographer and videographer specializing in travel, lifestyle, and brand narrative and is a proud member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective. Born in Houston, Texas and based in Los Angeles, California, Phil adopted photography to visually interpret his changing environments and the people around him with an emphasis on storytelling and emotion while retaining a unique aesthetic.
desktop browser window frameKristine Kilty desktop
phone window frameKristine Kilty mobile
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Kristine Kilty

Theme used: Horizon Left

Kristine Kilty is an international Creative Fashion Director. She is known for an artistic yet sexy aesthetic that is injected with attitude. A maximalist at heart, who loves the dark as much as the exuberant. Kristine's work spans across celebrity portraits, advertising campaigns, fashion editorials, music videos, artistic exhibitions and more! Kristine has worked with Lewis Hamilton, Coco Rocha, Nick Jonas, Naomie Harris, Boy George, Liam Gallagher and Leona Lewis, to name a few.

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