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Jack Davolio

“International destination wedding photographer for people who love to laugh out loud and their unconventional, one of a kind weddings.”

Template: Mica

Alina Raducea

“Alina Raducea is an international documentary photographer based in London, specialising in dreamy bohemian wedding photography. Alina’s love for her craft makes her always take time understanding each couple’s uniqueness and creating a tailored experience for each wedding, whilst maintaining her signature style which results in soulful, candid yet timeless images. ”

Template: Mica

Junior Almajor

“Junior E. Almajor is a versatile photographer who explores many areas of photography, such as, people, commercial, scenic and night. He is self taught and very passionate about the art, turning any moment into an opportunity to capture life. ”

Template: Peak

cherise richards

“Primarily based in Atlanta, Cherise Richards specializes in weddings and portraits. Periodically, she dabbles in corporate photography along with behind the scenes work. What is important to Cherise in the final image is the lighting and emotion. Cherise enjoys using off-camera lighting to separate herself from her photography peers and to give her clients an image that makes them feel as though they just stepped out of a magazine.”

Template: Amazon

Sarah Bodri

“Sarah Bodri is a self-taught film photographer specializing in intimate weddings and portraiture. Sarah loves working with chill and adventurous couples who are as madly in love with each other as she is with nature. Sarah's goal in photography is to connect with people more deeply and to depict peoples' connections with each other sincerely. Big rocks and bodies of water are her (literal) touchstone. ”

Template: Amazon

Franck Gazzola

“Franck Gazzola is a French-born, Sydney-based wedding photographer that is AIPP Accredited (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). To Franck, wedding photography not just about freezing a moment, but also about capturing the vibe of this special day, through the emotions of the couple of course, but also through the venue, the decoration details, ...all those little things that make a wedding a very personal moment. ”

Template: Horizon

Chris Ellis

“Born and raised in Pasadena, Chris Ellis calls Los Angeles home. His two passions in life are photography and cars. Nowadays, Chris splits his time between working in advertising and shooting weddings, with the occasional last minute trip to recharge. Chris has been shooting for more than 10 years and has shot over 100 weddings during that time. He shoots primarily with Canon cameras and lenses and only uses the best professional-grade gear. ”

Template: Horizon Left

Lily Puscas

“Lilia Pușcaș-Racovița is a portrait, wedding, and family photographer with 10 years of experience. She is based in the beautiful city of Bern, Switzerland, but also finds herself travelling to remote locations for various photoshoots. Lilia started her adventure in the world of photography at a young age and is very much inspired by her father who was her first teacher. Her work focuses on capturing a moment in time, whether it’s portraiture, weddings, emotions or just the perfect light.”

Template: Ora

James Wong

“As a working photographer since 2011, James Wong combines classic portraiture with a documentary approach. In addition, James handles all editing and post-production of all of the images. He offers a bespoke service that tells a little story of that moment in time and something about the people in it. ”

Template: Amazon

Sam Houghton

“Wedding photographer based in the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire area of the UK.”

Template: Amazon

Updated on February 26, 2020 | By Steph Davidson

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