The 21 Best Wedding Photography Portfolio Examples of 2022

Putting together your wedding photography portfolio doesn’t have to be difficult. Use these wedding photography portfolio examples to inspire you.

Last Updated February 8, 2022

As more and more photographers find success providing wedding photography services, the more difficult it becomes to separate yourself from the crowd. This is where having an impressive wedding photography portfolio can help you attract the attention of clients. A wedding photography portfolio not only gives you the opportunity to show your potential clients what you can provide, but it can also help you define your aesthetic, your style, and your brand. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of putting together your portfolio, use some of these wedding photography portfolio examples as a jumping-off point.

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Alberto Quero

Theme used: Amazon

Since 2009, Alberto Quero has worked as a professional photographer. Striving to challenge his clients with creativity, Quero is not a traditional wedding photographer. He is passionate about everything that is original and creative, which continually leads him to experiment with the latest techniques and trends. His work is not only based on capturing beautiful photos, but also on capturing emotions.
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Melanie Basaysay

Theme used: Dusk

Melanie Basaysay fell in love with weddings because real emotions are always present - genuine smiles and love beaming through their eyes are what captures her to present it through her photographs.
desktop browser window frameThomas Townsend
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Thomas Townsend

Theme used: Point

Thomas Townsend loves portraiture in any form. Be it weddings, families, or solo portraits; they all fill him with a sense of joy and connection with everyone he photographs. It is this connection and feeling he uses to edit and process the photos.
desktop browser window frameJessica Levin
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Jessica Levin

Theme used: Clarity

Jessica Levin is a Chicago based photographer. Her photography focuses on the character of an individual. She shoot portraits with an emphasis on the simple, intimate and emotional, celebrating women through the cinematic beauty of film.
desktop browser window frameAlba Photographers
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Alba Photographers

Theme used: Vignette

Alba Photographers is a Honduran photography boutique created by two inseparable friends, Cinthia Casco and Dany Barrientos. These two photographers believe that wedding images should be exclusive pieces of art. Cinthia Casco brings to the duo an energetic creativity that often leads to a newfound friendship with the couples. Meanwhile, Dany Barrientos, and his experience abroad, brings an accurate touch to building memorable images.
desktop browser window frameHrvoje Mareković
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Hrvoje Mareković

Theme used: Slate

Since 2007, Hrvoje Mareković has dedicated his career to wedding photography. He approaches each wedding individually. Using a high fashion/documentary style, he aims to capture every crucial moment, the entire atmosphere, and the aesthetics of your wedding.
desktop browser window frameAzzurra Biagi Photography
phone window frameAzzurra Biagi Photography
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Azzurra Biagi Photography

Theme used: Rhythm

Azzurra Biagi a portrait and destination wedding photographer. She enjoys capturing emotions and sharing intense moments. Her style is fresh, intimate, and poetic, with a journalistic approach made of moments and careful to detail.
desktop browser window frameAdam Wilson
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Adam Wilson

Theme used: Daylight

Adam Lloyd Wilson is a London-based wedding photographer. Beginning his career as a travel photographer, he has shot in over 20 countries. Since then, he has specialized in photographing weddings. He takes great pleasure in the craft of wedding photography, honing a relaxed, story-telling approach to capture your special day.
desktop browser window frameAKINTAYOTIMI
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Theme used: Dusk

Passionate about documenting people's most special moments and being a part of their journey, lead photographer, Akintayo, lives and breaths for photography. He is constantly improving his skills, from learning how to pose a couple to the best lighting techniques. He leaves no stone unturned in trying to ensure he gives his clients the very best.
desktop browser window frameYOLAVI
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Theme used: Iris

Based in Madrid and London, Yolavi is a photography studio brought to you by photographers Laura and Maider. They value ethics, leading them to provide photographs that are genuine, diverse, and personal. Breaking away from derivative clichés and avoiding pre-established ideals, YOLVANI serves groups like the LGBTQ+ community, ensuring that these groups are fairly portrayed and represented in accordance to the world we live in.
desktop browser window framePrzemek Bednarczyk
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Przemek Bednarczyk

Theme used: Albers

Przemek Bednarczyk is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Warsaw and traveling worldwide. His photos have been published in publications like Gazeta Wyborcza, Dziennik, Newsweek, Przekrój, and numerous wedding magazines.
desktop browser window frameChristian cassiel
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Christian cassiel

Theme used: Foreground

Originally from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Christian Cassiel has been working as a photographer in London for the past 6 years. With his main body of work consisting of portraiture, fashion, and editorial, he has recently ventured into the field of weddings, applying his signature style to his new wedding projects.
desktop browser window frameBreanna Missen
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Breanna Missen

Theme used: Foray

Moments by Bree is a wedding and event photography service that also specializes in documentary photography and photojournalism. Breanna Missen provides her wedding and event photography services to Gippsland and the surrounding areas in Victoria, Australia.
desktop browser window framePaolo Loss
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Paolo Loss

Theme used: Daylight

Thanks to his father's passion for photography, Paolo Loss began his photography career with a Canon 35 mm and a 50 1.4 when he was only 6 years old. Now a professional photographer since 2010—registered with industry associations—he dedicates himself almost exclusively to wedding reportage and portraiture.
desktop browser window frameEye of the Tyne Photography
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Eye of the Tyne Photography

Theme used: Amazon

Pete Robinson is a North East Wedding Photographer based in North Tyneside Business Centre, in North Shields. In 2000, he trained as a photographer in the Royal Air Force at The Defence School of Photography. From there, he went on to have his photography featured on the front pages of National Newspapers.
desktop browser window frameKostas Apostolidis
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Kostas Apostolidis

Theme used: Triptych

Since 2011, Kostas Apostolidis has been working as a destination wedding photographer in Greece. With a dedicated team, he offers a wide range of photography and cinematography services. He aims to provide creativity, professionalism, and photos that deliver an emotional impact.
desktop browser window frameLaura Diliberto
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Laura Diliberto

Theme used: Amazon

Laura Diliberto focuses her art on capturing your love connection and emotion. She enjoys working with clients who wish to have joyful and intimate weddings, elopements, family/kid sessions, and anything in between. Featured in multiple online and print publications such as Offbeat Bride, Junebug, Cake and Lace, Carats & Cake, Ruffled, NPR, Elegant Magazine, The Guardian, among others.
desktop browser window frameDavid Aelbrecht
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David Aelbrecht

Theme used: Gloss

A self-made image-maker, David Aelbrecht values the art of photography, not fancy awards or prestige. He seeks to frame people and places in a genuine manner. Based in Belgium, he largely focuses on wedding and commercial photography projects.
desktop browser window framePixel Photography & Filming
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Pixel Photography & Filming

Theme used: Cover

Pixel studio is based in Hanoi and is available anywhere in Vietnam. They strive to provide clients with their vision of “Asian Rustic Weddings”. In other words, a combination of the traditional rustic wedding with a hint of nature that will remind you of Southeast Asia.
desktop browser window frameRachel V King Lifestyle
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Rachel V King Lifestyle

Theme used: Dusk

Rachel V King provides luxury destination wedding and lifestyle photography. As an artist with a BFA and experience with documentary photography, King has always loved being a storyteller and helping her clients see how other people view them.
desktop browser window frameBence Fejes
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Bence Fejes

Theme used: Daylight

Bence Fejes is a wedding, street, and press photographer based in Budapest. With a vision to capture the real story of your wedding, he’s a detail-oriented photographer. He combines both artistic and documentary styles, with a goal to provide his clients with a beautiful set of photographs they can look back on with happiness and joy.

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