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June 17, 2021
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Nikita Raja

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Brittany Borders

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Alina Raducea

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Junior Almajor

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cherise richards

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Sarah Bodri

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Wedding Photography Ideas: Capture the Small Details

In the hustle and bustle of a wedding, it can be hard to pause and gaze at small perfections. Wedding photography can be a big undertaking, but sometimes the best photos are the ones that capture the small details. Think captures of the rings, close-up shots of flower petals, capturing table settings, cake decorations, lace on dresses, close-ups of shoes… the list can go on.

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Franck Gazzola

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Chris Ellis

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Lily Puscas

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James Wong

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Sam Houghton

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Lavana Dancer

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Wedding Photos Ideas: Use Diffused Light

The ability to diffuse a flash will create a soft, flattering light often seen in perfect captures. To achieve this, avoid shooting with a bare flash and instead, diffuse it to spread out the light. There are many types of flash diffusers available. The key is to use one that’s larger than your flash head to achieve the ideal effect.

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Sudeep Studio

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Thinking Chair Studios

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Chris Mongeau

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Alt Wedding Studio

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Mark Pace

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Christina Best Thomas

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Creating Ideal Wedding Pictures: Balance Lighting With a Reflector

Reflectors are perfect to use when shooting outdoors or capturing images on sunny days. Reflectors help bounce the surrounding light towards the scene. They allow for greater exposure between the subject and background, creating a flattering result. They’re also perfect for blocking out any unnecessary light, ensuring the perfect highlight around the image’s focal point.

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Justin Element

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Isaac Vaughan

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Jo Szymkiewicz

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Jaymel Capinpin

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Stephen NG

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Meghan Klein

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Great Wedding Picture Ideas: Use the Right Background

Finding the perfect background can be a challenge when shooting wedding photos. You’ll want to create a setting that’s free of distractions, that complements the subjects, and that’ll allow you to maintain proper lighting. This is especially important when capturing any formal shots of the bride and groom or when shooting family group photos. For best results, be sure to scope out the scene ahead of time. Look for shaded or intimate spots and try to avoid wide spaces.

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