Wedding Photography ideas

Wedding Photography Ideas to keep you inspired

As a wedding photographer, you’re photographing one of the most important days of your clients’ lives. Try these creative wedding photography ideas to keep your photos fresh and interesting.

What is Wedding Photography?

Wedding photography refers to photography capturing the wedding day from start to finish. It’s about a lot more than just taking romantic bridal portraits of your couple on their special day. A wedding photographer must tell the story of the wedding day, photographing the real, candid moments, capturing the feeling of the day through images.
As a wedding photographer, you also have a knack for understanding your client’s needs, understanding their vision, and making sure you work that in with your style. After all, that’s likely a big reason why they chose you as their photographer.

Wedding photography is all about capturing everything surrounding a wedding — from the preparations to the nuptials, to the celebrations, and any other activities surrounding the big day. The need for wedding photographers now goes far beyond the wedding and often starts with the engagement itself or with an engagement photoshoot. On the day of the wedding, oftentimes photographers start clicking their cameras the second the bride or groom wakes up and don’t stop until the lights on the dance floor shut off. Not to mention the time spent on the editing process in post-production. One of the most important things a wedding photographer can do to be successful is to plan in advance. Having an unlimited number of ideas of what to photograph for your wedding photoshoot is important, which is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ideas. If you need more inspiration, check out the best wedding photographers on Format.

It’s important to remember that the demand for wedding photographers will continue to grow and so will the need to creatively find your niche. How can you be unique in sharing the couple’s story? In showing their deep love? Photographing a day as monumental as someone’s wedding comes with great responsibility. To start, it is important to get to know the couple or the bride and groom as much as possible before the big day. You’ll want to ask a lot of questions about them, their story, their expectations, or some of their hopes for their wedding day. Gathering this information will help you be the best possible wedding photographer.

8 Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Picture this – the wedding portraits you take on someone’s big day will be sitting on mantles or hanging in the hallway of the family’s home forever. Too much pressure? Weddings are big and important moments in people’s lives to capture, and at the same time, they are really special to be a part of. While there are a number of elements of the wedding day that you’ll capture as a photographer, we are going to focus on the wedding portraits themselves and share some photoshoot ideas to get different shots.

Like any photoshoot, the pre-planning part is an important piece of the puzzle. You’ll want to know whether these photos will be taken indoors or outdoors. If you haven’t been to the location, it may be a good idea to do a site visit so you know what to expect and have ideas of what you want to do on the wedding day or what different equipment you’ll need in terms of lenses, lighting, etc. You’ll also want to talk to the couple about the photos they are expecting. To add another element into the mix, if the wedding is all outdoors you’ll have to be aware of the unpredictable weather that you may see — from rain to snow to wind, etc. As you become established as a wedding photographer, you’ll have some classic poses you will always go to but like anything else, it’s important to always strive to be more creative. So let’s get started with eight wedding photoshoot ideas. If you need more inspiration, check out the best wedding photographers on Format.

1. Nose To Nose

A great pose to capture during a wedding photoshoot is one where the couple is nose to nose. You can do this one in a number of different ways – choosing to use it as a playful one where the couple is sharing a laugh or one that is more of an intimate moment between them. Play with different angles for this wedding photoshoot pose, both with close up shots and ones that show the full backdrop. Format member Rubén Díez has captured an excellent example of this.


Photo credit: Ruben Diez

2. The Forehead Kiss

The forehead kiss is a classic pose and should be a staple in all of your wedding photoshoots. The forehead kiss is a great display of love and intimacy between the couple – there is a special softness to this one. Angling both with overhead views, straight on, and shooting upwards all make for photographs in this pose. This photo from Format member Brittany Borders is an excellent example and it uses a black and white theme to add to the artistic image.


Photo credit: Brittany Borders

3. The Dip

For this pose, have one partner dip the other partner and give them a kiss. Oftentimes the person being dipped may want to raise one leg up for comfort and to add to the pose. This wedding photoshoot pose can be a great way to highlight the dress in the photo. This pose may be a new one for the couple, but makes for a very beautiful photo. This photo from Format member Melanie Basaysay is a great example.


Photo credit: Melanie Basaysay

4. Laughing Together

Having the couple laugh together for your wedding photoshoot portraits of the couple is very cute. You can ask the couple to fake laugh to get the photos started, but often these poses lead to candid moments shared. You’ll notice with these ones that you’ll have all different poses with how their faces or eyes connect with each other as they laugh – all of which make for beautiful photos. Here is an excellent example from Format member Michael Bennati.


Photo credit: Michael Bennati

5. “You May Now Kiss The Bride”

Or, you may now kiss your partner! This photograph should be a staple in every wedding photography shoot that you do as it happens in almost every single wedding ceremony. You are going to want to plan beforehand where you want to stand to best capture the moment, so knowing the venue and the schedule of events for the ceremony is important. This photo from Format member Alba Photographers is a great example.


Photo credit: Alba Photographers

6. The Hand Hold

During your wedding photoshoot between the couple, be sure to shoot some photos of the pair holding hands. You can turn this idea in a number of different ways, such as using straight on shots, having the couple look towards the camera or at each other, the newlyweds walking away, or having the couple run. Format member Hrvoje Mareković has captured this pose well.


Photo credit: Hrvoje Mareković

7. Gazing At Each Other

Make one of your wedding portraits one where the couple gazes into each other’s eyes. This pose can be done with any background and with any couple but it really does create a beautiful moment between them. Your job is to capture the raw emotion of weddings so the simplicity of the two newlyweds taking a moment to be locked in a gaze can bring laughter or tenderness into your shot. This photo from Format member Adam Wilson is a beautiful example.


Photo credit: Adam Wilson

8. The First Dance

The first dance between the newly married couple is an important piece of your wedding photography. To set yourself up for success, make sure that you have the right shutter speed to capture the moving couple. Make sure to try and get facial expressions, different angles, and play with the coloring — all while staying within the limits of the song. This photo from Format member Przemek Bednarczyk illustrates this well.


Photo credit: Przemek Bednarczyk

8 Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding photography isn’t just about taking pictures of the brides and grooms and couples – it’s everything surrounding the wedding from the getting ready, to the bridal parties and groomsmen, to capturing moments with families and friends, to incorporating children or pets. When you are getting ready to shoot a wedding, it’s important to have a bunch of different ideas where you can capture both funny and romantic moments. There is a lot that goes into the day of a wedding, beyond the “I do’s”, which means there are lots of opportunities for picture taking and also usually lots of expectations on the photographer to do so.

Meeting with the couple in advance is one of the most important things you can do. This will help you create a schedule for the day or when and where you’ll need to be there. For example, you are going to want to know when the make-up artists will be there, any activities of the groomsmen, how much time you have between the ceremony and the celebration, etc. The planning stage is where you can gather ideas, understand wants, and also set realistic expectations. To get you set for the big day, we’ve compiled a list of amazing wedding photography ideas you have to add to your repertoire. If you need more inspiration, check out the best wedding photographers on Format.

1. Getting The Groom Ready

When you plan out your schedule for the wedding day, more often than not you are going to want to spend time capturing the couple getting ready separately with their respective wedding parties. When shooting the groom getting ready, you can capture any pre-wedding activities, things like getting shoes tied, or moments between groomsmen when they are helping each other with their ties. These photos are great to be made playful but also can capture some beautiful friendship moments. Here is a great example from Format member Nick Raz Photography.


Photo credit: Nick Raz Photography

2. The Family

Almost always, you are going to want to be including the family in your wedding photos. There are all kinds of family dynamics that can be involved in these photos, so it is always important to ask the type of photos the couple is looking for and if there are any family dynamics to be aware of. The most important thing is to find ways to capture the family’s love for one another in the picture. Format member Melanie Basaysay has taken an excellent example with this one.


Member link: Melanie Basaysay

3. The Dress

Taking photos of the highly anticipated dress hanging before the big day is a fantastic wedding photography idea. This one is a perfect way of capturing all the elements that go into the wedding day. Let’s face it, the dress is something that costs a lot of money and deserves to be highlighted. As a photographer, think about how best to showcase the beautiful detailing of the dress. This photo creatively framing the wedding dress from Format member Ariadna Romo is a perfect illustration of this.


Photo credit: Ariadna Romo

4. The Rings

Photographing the rings is a classic wedding photography idea. There is a lot of freedom in how you capture the rings, but for this one, you want to make sure that you choose different angles that can display them well. Try adding in other details from the wedding like invitations or elements of the ceremony or reception space as part of your backdrop. Shots of the rings can look great in black and white or different color tones. This photo from Format member Nick Raz Photography is a great example of this.


Photo credit: Nick Raz Photography

5. The Walk Down The Aisle

Capturing the walk down the aisle makes for shots that bring out true emotion, regardless of which way you are pointing your camera. This wedding photography idea is great to be able to capture the emotion of whoever is giving away the bride, the people in the audience, or the groom waiting at the end of the aisle. If you can, try and ask people to put their phones away for you to best capture your photo. This picture from Format member Thomas Townsend is a beautiful showing of a father with his daughter.


Photo credit: Thomas Townsend

6. The Nuptials

Your wedding photography repertoire should involve capturing the nuptials and the official signings of all documents. When the couple reads their nuptials to each other there is a lot of opportunity to capture some candid and beautiful moments between them. You will see a lot of raw emotions like laughter or crying. These special moments can live on forever with your photos. This photo from Format member Thomas Townsend illustrates this well.


Photo credit: Thomas Townsend

7. Getting Into The Dress

During the wedding preparation process, try getting different photos of the bride getting into her wedding dress. These photos can be a beautiful way to showcase the parents or wedding party center around the bride to get her ready for the big day – to highlight their relationship with one another and the raw emotion involved in this monumental moment. This photo from Format member Hrvoje Mareković illustrates this perfectly.


Photo credit: Hrvoje Mareković

8. Candid Moments From The Reception

The reception makes for fantastic wedding photography opportunities – make sure you have your camera ready to shoot the facial expressions of the couple or the family during the different speeches. It’s also great to get the couple or the people giving the speeches. You’ll get laughs and tears and raw displays of emotion. Format member Azzurra Biagi Photography did a wonderful job at capturing candid moments from this wedding reception.


Photo credit: Azzurra Biagi

8 Creative Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Did someone say fun? Creative wedding photoshoot ideas can help you stand out amongst other photographers, and let’s face it – they are fun. There are so many ways you can channel your artistic abilities into fresh, fun, and creative photos. This means thinking outside the box in ways you can capture different moments by varying the focal points, the colors, and the poses. You can also bring different props, things that make smoke, or certain umbrellas. One of the best things about creative wedding photography ideas is that there isn’t a specific time or place for when these are best – sometimes it is at home when the parents see their daughter in the dress, or sometimes it is using light streams at the end of the night for group shots, or sometimes it is different angles in capturing the couple. One of the best things you can do is just try new things and see what lands. Different venues or sites will be easier to play with or sometimes you’ll luck out with cool fog or interesting sun streaming trees.

So let those creative juices flow and think about how you can best use these eight creative wedding photoshoot ideas. If you need more inspiration, check out the best wedding photographers on Format.

1. An Empty Venue

Capturing the couple in an empty venue is a creative way to showcase the wedding location and all the decorations. This wedding photography idea is especially great if the venue is stunning. Try taking this photo before all the guests arrive and everything is still in order – this idea will help the couple remember all the details of their wedding, but it can also bring along an element of intimacy with just the couple in an empty reception hall. Format member, Alberto Quero, did a fantastic job at capturing the moment.


Photo credit: Alberto Quero

2. Eating The Cake: Lady And The Tramp Style

Put a creative spin on cutting the cake by having the couple eat the same piece at the same time – similar to the iconic Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene. These photos can be playful and fun and sometimes will also allow you to capture some brilliant candid moments between the couple. Here is a great example from Format member Brittany Borders.


Photo credit: Brittany Borders

3. Through A Car Window

There are many times when some type of car is a part of the wedding photoshoot and when there is, it gives you lots of room as the photographer to play! Try framing the couple using the window. When you are using an old or fashionable car this also gives you the ability to showcase the car in an artistic way. Alberto Quero, a Format member, illustrates this idea very well.


Photo credit: Alberto Quero

4. Standing On The Car

Another fun way to capture a car in your wedding photos is to have the bride and groom stand on top of the car, on top of the hood of the car, or standing up in a convertible. Safety should always come first in these instances so if the bride is wearing heels it is a good idea to have her take them off. Get creative with these photos and take them at different times of the day. This photo from Format member Inez Joewono illustrates this well and with the added creativity is taken at dusk.


Photo credit: Inez Joewono

5. Crowd Surfing

You would be surprised how often crowd surfing can break out at weddings, whether it is on the dance floor or otherwise, and it really does make for great pictures. Try shooting this one from the ground to be able to showcase the hands or facial expression of the bride or groom. While sometimes this happens organically during the celebration, try staging this for a shot with the groom and his groomsmen. This fun photo from Format member Michael Bennati is an excellent example of this creative idea.


Photo credit: Michael Bennati

6. The Church

The two most common locations for the actual ceremony part of the wedding are in churches/places of worship or in an outdoor setting – both of which make equally gorgeous backdrops for your photos. Get creative in your photos of the couple within the church and try to find ways where you can highlight the architecture and wedding at the same time. Format member Alba Photographers offers a beautiful shot of the couple with the stained glass windows of the church.


Photo credit: Alba Photographers

7. End Of Night Fireworks

Whenever there are end of night fireworks or the opportunity to use sparklers when the lights go down that always leaves for great opportunities for creative photos. Try different poses and ideas, like framing the fireworks with the couple, involving other members from the wedding — like the wedding party, friends and family, and the couple. Make sure you bring the proper camera and lens that will be able to capture the fireworks in the dark sky. This example from Format member Azzurra Biagi Photography is an excellent example.


Photo credit: Azzurra Biagi Photography

8. Photos On Photos With The Girls

Taking photos with the bridal party is always an important part of wedding photography. A fun idea for a creative photo is to take a picture of the bridal party taking pictures of the bride. We know how that sounds, but trust us when we say the photos are unique and awesome. You’ll also be able to capture some great emotion and expression from the crew. This photo from Format member AKINTAYOTIMI is a good illustration.


Photo credit: AKINTAYOTIMI

8 Wedding Photography Blog Ideas

Creating a wedding photography blog is a great way to continue to build your website and your online presence. A wedding photography blog is also great to help you build your search engine optimization or SEO because of the content you’re adding to your online portfolio — to break that down, the higher the SEO means that your website will move to the top of different search results when someone googles about wedding photographers. Your blog is also the perfect place to share your creative process or share wedding photography ideas that you haven’t done yet but want to. It’s also a way for you to build connections with potential readers, who may become future clients.

If you do plan to add a wedding photography blog to your website, it is important to be consistent with updating it with new and fresh content. This means that you’ll need to come up with a number of wedding photography blog ideas so that you have things to write about. To get your creative juices flowing on how to get started, we’ve developed eight great wedding photography blog ideas. If you need more inspiration, check out the best wedding photographers on Format.

1. Venue Ideas

Writing a blog post about wedding venues is an excellent way to showcase your wedding knowledge. It is also a way for you to partner with different venues that you may want to work with. Put yourself in the couple’s shoes and think about the things you’d want to know if you were choosing a venue. You can also use your blog post as a way to share ideas with other photographers of creative shots you’ve gotten inside that venue. This photo from Format member Nico and Tate is a great example of how you can showcase venue photos in your blog post.


Photo credit: Nico and Tate

2. Wedding Decorations

One of the most beautiful things about weddings is that it is never one size fits all. Focus one of your blogs on different wedding decoration ideas and how they can be used to enhance your pictures. Lots of times the wedding decorations will become props or focal points in your photographs and also sometimes will theme the style of pictures you take as they will be a representative of the vibe of the wedding. Format member Nico and Tate captured a great illustration of this wedding photography blog idea.


Photo credit:

3. Engagement Photos

Engagement photos have become a staple in the wedding photography industry so creating a blog on engagement photos is an excellent topic to write about. You’ll often want these engagement photos to showcase the ring, but you’ll also want to simply show the couple, their love, and their personalities. Talk about some great ideas from the engagement photoshoots you’ve done and also share some of the things you want to do. This photo from Format member Inez Joewono would be a great addition to an engagement photo blog post.


Photo credit: Inez Joewono

4. Make-Up Artists

A wedding photography blog post idea about make-up artists is another great way to forge connections in the community with different people in the make-up industry. You can highlight some great connections of the ones that you have worked with and recommend, while also sharing photos from those different photoshoots. These connections within the community can also lead to more photography work through word of mouth between make-up artists. This photo from Format member Alba Photographers would be a great addition to a make-up artist blog post.


Photo credit: Alba Photographers

5. On Creative Wedding Ideas

Focus one of your wedding blog posts on some creative ideas that you have used or would like to use in your next wedding day photoshoot. These could include creative ideas on how to capture different moments, involve elements of the family, or some of the staple pictures no wedding should ever go without. Use this blog post as a way to highlight some of your best and most creative work. This family photo from Format member Adam Wilson would be great to showcase how to creative get everyone involved.


Photo credit: Adam Wilson

6. Bridal Gowns

Whether you are writing about top wedding gown boutiques or how to best photograph shots that highlight the gown itself, a blog about bridal gowns is a great way to showcase some of your wedding knowledge. Supporting local bridal gown boutiques is a great way for you to build your network and connections within the community. Gowns are often a large part of every wedding so there can never be too much of a focus on them. This photo from Format member AKINTAYOTIMI would be a perfect fit for this blog post.


Photo credit: AKINTAYOTIMI

7. Destination Weddings

A destination wedding is all about choosing a memorable location for the couple to tie the knot away from their hometown. This means that it will always require travel. Creating a blog about destination weddings is a good way to shed light for couples interested in having one for themselves or to open up the potential for you to be hired for one in the future. This photo from Format member Alberto Quero is ideal for a blog post on destination weddings.


Photo credit: Alberto Quero

8. Feature Former Clients

Spend time writing about former clients and any advice they have for brides and grooms to be. This is a chance to get them to highlight some of their biggest successes and anything they may have done differently. It’s also a great opportunity to have them pump your tires as a wedding photographer too. Ask them for some of their favorite photos from their wedding and be sure to include those in the blog post. This photo from Format member Inez Joewono could be a great example.


Photo credit: Inez Joewono

8 Wedding Photography Business Ideas

Getting into the wedding photography business means that you’ll be focusing your photography largely on all things weddings, including engagement photos, couple photos, venue photography, etc. If this is something you are interested in specializing in, feel confident in knowing that the wedding photography business is one that is in constant demand, so there is never a bad time to decide to get into it. And if you are thinking about getting started in wedding photography, you’ve come to the right place. While there are always countless numbers of couples getting married, there is always quite the competition in the sheer number of photographers out there so it is important to build a business that will stand out amongst the crowd. While you build up your wedding photography business, it is important not to undervalue your work by offering discounted rates, but instead secure yourself as a reliable and creative photographer who is the perfect choice to capture any type of wedding.

Your ability to succeed in the wedding photographer business will be largely based on your ability to succeed in freelance. You’ll need to land new clients, develop a good reputation in the community, and forge solid relationships with other businesses in the wedding industry. If you need more inspiration to help you get started, check out the best wedding photographers on Format.

1. Get Your Gear

If you are serious about getting into the wedding photography business, it is important to equip yourself with the proper gear. You don’t have to get crazy and make expensive purchases, but you will want to make sure that you get a good camera as well as a couple of lenses. To start, get yourself a nifty-fifty, 50mm f/1.8 lens, as well as a macro lens, a basic zoom lens, and a flash. Your gear will help you take breathtaking wedding photos, like this one from Format member Yulia Longo.


Photo credit: Yulia Longo

2. Gain Experience

Gaining experience actually shooting weddings is an important part of building your wedding photography business. You can’t learn without doing so get snapping. These photos will act as a learning experience for you, in terms of how and what to shoot, as well as the editing process necessary for weddings. You’ll also want to be using these photos in your online website portfolio. This photo from Format member Matias Faundez is a stunning example of the kinds of photos you’ll want to take.


Photo credit: Matias Faundez

3. Shadow or Second Shoot

One way to gain experience is to assist an established wedding photographer, shadow another wedding photographer, or work as a second shooter – this means that there will already be a main wedding photographer covering the wedding so it won’t be as much pressure but you’ll be there to learn, build your portfolio with shots, and get a handle on some of the ins and outs of the day. Typically primary wedding photographers will hire second shooters to make sure they get all of the angles and cover as much of the day as possible. Second shooters will typically already have some wedding experience and are there representing the primary photographer’s brand. Really take advantage of this time by asking questions and soaking in the movements of the wedding photographer. Here is a great example from Format member Ariadna Romo.


Photo credit: Ariadna Romo

4. Practice On Friends and Family

To start building up your clientele for your wedding photography business, you are going to need to rely on social media, word of mouth, and using your online portfolio website as a way to build up a client base. Offering your services to friends and family can help you ease into this, by relieving some of the pressure while still allowing you to gain experience. Here is a lovely picture from Format member Brittany Borders of the types of photos you’ll want to be capturing.


Photo credit: Brittany Borders

5. Perfect The Editing Process

The post production of the wedding photography business includes lots and lots of photo editing. You are going to need to purchase a photo editing software that will allow you to edit photos. You don’t realize how important this part of the process is as a casual viewer and good photographers are able to edit without you really realizing it has been done. But you certainly will know if it hasn’t. This photo from Nick Raz Photography was touched up in the editing process to color correct and bring out the proper colors, tones, and style.


Photo credit: Nick Raz Photography

6. Engagement Photos

Shooting engagement photos is an important part of any wedding photography business as many couples use these for save the dates, in their wedding invitations, or as a way to announce their engagement on social media. Many times, engagement photographers can end up being chosen to shoot the wedding, especially if the couple is happy with the pictures. Because of these reasons, getting into engagement photos is a great way to build your clientele. This beautiful photo from Vanessa Tellez is a beautiful illustration of this.


Photo credit: Vanessa Tellez

7. Find Your Style

Finding your style as a wedding photographer should be looked at as establishing your own signature. Sometimes you can look at a photograph and tell who took it just by the style of the photo – that is a huge compliment. Take some time to figure out what you want that style to be, it can be in how you take photos or how you edit them. Your stylistic approach to wedding photography will help with your creativity. This photo from Format member Inez Joewono is the perfect example, with their photography style very clearly displayed.


Photo credit: Inez Joewono

8. Build An Online Website Portfolio

Creating an online website portfolio is an important part of any wedding photographer’s business. This highlight reel of your work is going to be a place where people can get an idea of your talents, fall in love with your photography, and reach out to you about shooting their wedding. Format has a number of beautiful, easy to use, and well laid out templates for you to use to build your wedding photography online portfolio. This photo from Format member Alberto Quero is an excellent example of what you want to fill your online portfolio with.


Photo credit: Alberto Quero

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