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Lavana Dancer

“Hopefull romantic filling her mind, memory cards and clients with the magic of their magnetism. Currently working on a big island and a littler one, down under in Australia and in the South Pacific ocean in Fiji. Milks the happy moments to make them last longer. Favourite place to be is n the sweet spot, of anything. ”

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Sudeep Studio

“Award-winning Ann Arbor Wedding and Portrait photography—fresh, modern, photojournalistic style. Serving Michigan and beyond. With a background in painting, Sudeep creates artistic photos using light, location, and mood—capturing your moments that tell your story. Keeping it real, but also real pretty!”

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Thinking Chair Studios

“Thinking Chair Studios is the brainchild of Gerard Aquino and Apa Bawagan. They’re a small team of photographers molded by creativity and innovation where their passion lies in creating uniquely personal and emotion filled photos. They work to understand who you are and how you see yourself. The name "Thinking Chair" was inspired by the idea that everyone needs a thinking chair—a moment where you visualize your thoughts and turn these creative concepts into reality.”

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Chris Mongeau

“Chris is a freelance photographer based in Rhode Island specializing in journalistic wedding photography. After starting out his photo career in the music industry touring with bands, his love of travel took his focus in a direction more focused on the outdoors. When not working at home, Chris can usually be found pushing his limits in a remote corner of the world and documenting wild landscapes. His work spans continents and subject matter, but his focus throughout is to always tell a story.”

Template: Sun

Alt Wedding Studio

“Alt Wedding Studio located in Montreal is offering you a professional photo and video services. Our images tell your story and our video offers not just a reportage, but a history. We are focusing on details, emotions and ambiance. One of the best international award winning wedding photography and videography studio in Montreal.”

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Mark Pace

“Mark Pace was born in 1974 and has been curious and fascinated by photography since his early teens. What started out as a hobby, has now developed into an overriding passion and a profession. As a style, Mark likes to define his photography as dynamic, alive and natural, attempting to keep away from the conventional and traditional but loading his images with a personal touch. Two of his favourite personal projects were part of his degree studies, entitled ‘Obsura’ and ‘Streets of Malta’. ”

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Christina Best Thomas

“Christina is a fun wedding and portrait photographer who loves connecting with people and capturing bright, fun, and timeless photos. She lives in Sacramento, CA with her wife, Anna, and their three cats, Big, Boat, and Boy. Christina has been taking photos for years and took her business, Christina Best Photography, full time over a year ago.”

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Justin Element

“JustinElement Productions has been in the wedding industry since 2009, providing a unique perspective to wedding photography. While based in the Los Angeles/Orange County area, we’ve travelled all over the world catering to brides and grooms with different stories. We're committed to producing composition-centric compelling images and utilizing our environment around us to tell those stories.”

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Isaac Vaughan

“Wedding photography that is raw, honest and relaxed. Based in Yorkshire, England - Isaac Vaughan absolutely love travelling the world and being able to capture and provide lovely couples with the most beautiful photographs. It really is the best feeling in the world and can't think of a better job.”

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Jo Szymkiewicz

“Jo is a London based wedding photographer. Her style is predominantly documentary with a good dose of artistic and creative portraiture. She loves working with diverse couples who appreciate photography and want to get cool photos while having a relaxed wedding themselves.”

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Updated on October 16, 2019 | By Steph Davidson

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