Photography portfolio website examples.

Monica Lazar

“Monica Lazar is a beauty and fashion High-End Retoucher based in Bucharest, Romania. Her retouching style is completely non-destructive with an emphasis on retaining 100% of the natural skin texture. Monica loves working on projects that require pixel-level work. Communication, attention to detail and always respecting the deadline are as important to me as the quality of the service she provides for her clients.”

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Emma Grigoryan

“Emma Grigoryan is a conceptual/commercial photographer whose work focuses on fashion and portraiture. She has around 20 international awards in beauty, fine art, fashion, portrait, advertising and wedding photography, and her photos have been exhibited at Musée du Louvre (Paris). ”

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Talia Dinwiddie

“Named for her grandmother's street, where her love of color and craft began, Talia Manrique Dinwiddie is the photographer behind Maryvine Street. Based in Los Angeles, and educated at California State University of Long Beach, she has been learning and working in the field since 2008. Currently shooting for Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre.”

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“Edalin has been a freelance photographer for 3 years and has worked with many stock agencies from all over the world. Photography is Edalin's passion and they have a keen eye for detail and the unusual. Their ideal job is working with their favorite subject, which is food. In addition to food photography, Edalin also enjoys shooting still life, travel, and beautiful nature scenes.”

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Scott Fine

“Scott Fine has been a photographer for over thirty years. His devotion and eye for detail enables him to capture a creative edge to his work. Studied at RIT in the ‘70s he has seen the evolution of the photographic process. Now deeply entrenched in the digital world he is creating imagery that explores the world around him.”

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Katie Chase

“Katie Chase is a professional food photographer located in New England. Her love of lobsters, bright, rustic, and family dinner vibes come together for an endearing portfolio of commercial work. Katie is available for hire in home and on location for food photography, recipe development, and restaurant photography. ”

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Cindy Murray

“Cindy Rosten Murray was born in Syracuse, New York, and raised in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Prior to landing in Orlando, Florida, Cindy lived in New York City. Curiosity-driven, Cindy’s work explores cultural landscapes with an eye toward social observations, contrasts, and wit. If you, the viewer, gain inspiration or a new and different perspective from seeing Cindy's work, she believes the experience is collaborative and mutually rewarding. ”

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Achilleas Zavallis

“Achilleas Zavallis is a photographer & visual journalist focusing on long-term projects exploring conflict and post-conflict issues. Currently based out of Europe, Achilleas travels frequently to the Middle East, following developments on the ground, for a number of international publications and non-governmental organizations. Through the work, he attempts to shed a light on the complexities of the region, in an effort to better understand the reasons that drive conflict. ”

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Yen Duong

“Yen Duong is a Vietnamese photojournalist currently based in Ho Chi Minh city, whose work tends to drift to quiet moments in everyday life. Originally an investigative journalist, she has photographed many critical stories throughout Vietnam and elsewhere, exploring themes from human trafficking, environmental and natural disasters, to the impact of rapid urbanization on marginalized communities. She holds a Master of Arts in Intercultural studies at University of Vaasa, Finland. ”

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Kendall Warner

“Kendall Warner is a graduate of the photojournalism program at Western Kentucky University. Currently a multimedia intern with the Victoria Advocate in Victoria, Texas, Kendall started photography as a sophomore in high school when she shot and developed her own 35 mm black and white film. She then ventured into the world of photojournalism where it was meant to be. Telling stories through photos is Kendall's passion and what she will enjoy spending the rest of her life doing.”

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