10 Writers with Portfolios that Stand Out

These freelance writers know an attention-grabbing portfolio is a key factor when it comes to landing gigs. Check out these tips to create a killer portfolio.

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One of the most important tools a freelance writer or editor can have when it comes to networking online is a well-made writer website. Twitter is a great place for making new connections and finding out about gigs or a potential client, but a professional online portfolio is a must when you’re reaching out to pitch new article ideas or apply for jobs.

A great writer website doesn’t have to be complicated. Your online portfolio website can be as simple as a biography introducing you and your work and a list of links to published clips. Or you might want to go more in-depth and include a CV of your accomplishments, some personal projects and job to give your website more personality. You may also share a blog post or two that you’ve published to showcase your writing.

Our Pick of the Best Writing Portfolio Examples

Whether you keep your writing portfolio brief or decide to make it more detailed, good design is key to ensuring that your work shines. We’ve put together a list of some of the best writer websites built using Format to help get you inspired.

As a writer, you are used to weaving your way with words to express yourself. A writing portfolio allows you to build upon this, visually expressing your work in more ways than one. However, Just like starting a book, it can be difficult to start from scratch. This is where tried and tested writers’ portfolio samples can help.

Whether journalism or creative writing is your calling, or you simply need a great portfolio to improve your college prospects, our collection of online writing portfolios will give you the inspiration you need. Format’s easy-to-use website builder combined with these writers’ portfolio examples brings you the perfect recipe for success in your writing career.

Take inspiration from these writing portfolio examples to think about any topic or piece you may want to add to your own portfolio. These writers cover everything from journalism to fiction to fashion, and all of their online writing portfolios stand out just as much as their work.

Find more website design ideas at our round-up of the best online portfolios built using Format.


Jennifer Fernandez

Brooklyn-based writer Jennifer Fernandez uses a grid-based theme to showcase a range of links to writing samples, including a thumbnail image and title for each one. Fernandez has been on staff at Travel + Leisure, Architectural Digest, and Martha Stewart Weddings, and has worked for business clients including Zappos and Brooklinen. She organizes her writing website into categories of Design, Travel, and Lifestyle content to make browsing easy and to showcase the type of writing she has experience in.

Format Theme: Hue


Akwaeke Emezi

Award-winning Igbo and Tamil writer and artist Akwaeke Emezi keeps things simple on their writing portfolio with a text-focused design and lots of information about their work. Their debut autobiographical novel FRESHWATER was critically acclaimed by publications like The New Yorker and NPR, and they also have two new books forthcoming from Knopf and Riverhead Books. Their website is a simple way to put the main focus on their work.

Format Theme: Offset


Kristen V. Bateman

Fashion and culture writer and editor Kristen V. Bateman keeps her online portfolio visually interesting with a theme that introduces each of her published clips via an image and title. Bateman’s extensive portfolio can be browsed by publications (which include Vogue, New York Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and many more), as well as by category.

Format Theme: Coral


Elise R. Peterson

The work of New York artist and writer Elise R. Peterson has appeared in Paper Magazine, Lenny Letter, and Elle, among other publications. Her recent book with Feminist Press, How Mamas Love Their Babies, explores an inclusive idea of motherhood along with co-author Juniper Fitzgerald. Including a link to pre-order her book right on her sidebar menu ensures that visitors to Peterson’s site will be up to date on her latest work.

Format Theme: Ora


Rebecca Hobson

Freelance journalist and writer Rebecca Hobson introduces her online portfolio with a professional photograph of herself and links to different sections of her writing website. Based in Bristol, Hobson has also lived and worked in India. She has written for publications including the BBC, Vice, and The Times. Organizing her writing portfolio into different sections such as Content Marketing and Current Affairs, her freelance writing portfolio allows viewers to explore all the different facets of her work.

Format Theme: Peak


Alice Driver

Award-winning and widely-published journalist Alice Driver includes a detailed yet concise biography introducing who she is and what she does, a great way of allowing visitors to her site to quickly understand the focus of her work. An additional page of recent clips, organized with titles and thumbnail images, makes further reading of her published projects instantly accessible. Based in Mexico City, Driver’s work focuses on migration, human rights, and gender equality.

Format Theme: Mica


Tara Pixley

Los-Angeles based photojournalist and scholar Tara Pixley was a recent Visiting Fellow at Harvard’s Nieman Foundation, and has published her photography and writing on media in a range of publications such as Newsweek, New York Times, and ProPublica. Pixley’s online portfolio features a selection of her photojournalism as well as a section showcasing some of her published writing.

Format Theme: Horizon Left

Qin Chen Writer Website

Qin Chen

A Chinese writer and reporter based in Beijing, Qin Chen writes about Chinese society for English-speaking readers. With experiences as a senior video producer for The New Yorker and a documentary producer at CNBC, Qin’s online portfolio showcases her published writing and videography.

Format Theme: Order


Elaine Bleakney

Writer Elaine Bleakney introduces her works on her website with images of the book covers and recommendations from peers and critics. Her simple layout keeps the focus on her work, easily allowing visitors to follow links to her published work or consider purchasing one of her publications.

Format Theme: Mica


Scott Broker

Scott Broker’s writing website features a headshot and brief biography right on the homepage, instantly giving visitors a feel for who he is. Based in Ohio, Broker is currently an MFA candidate at Ohio State University, and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. His writing portfolio includes a selection of publications with a brief description of each one.

Format Theme: Mica

Tips for Building Your Own Killer Writer Portfolio Website

Now that you’ve reviewed the writer portfolio examples for inspiration, you can set up your own portfolio.

To effectively showcase your work as a writer, you must also have an eye for design. When constructing your portfolio, use a website builder that is simple to use and offers many theme options. Website builders like Format offer numerous writing portfolio samples to inspire your digital adventure.

A well-structured and original writing portfolio site allows you to showcase your work in the best possible way. At Format, we’ve compiled the key ingredients for a stunning writer portfolio that sets you apart from the crowd.

Brainstorm Creative Portfolio Titles

A writer’s portfolio is never complete without a creative and catchy title. Writing portfolio titles can be challenging, but are an important first step in creating a great portfolio site. Titles are the first thing a prospective client reads, so you must grab their attention if you want them to read on. A well-conceived creative portfolio title should be big, bold, and highly targeted to the audience you write for.

It is important to consider the tone you are setting when writing a portfolio title and how that relates to the message you want to send with your work. Thus, always include your name in the title, so that the reader will remember who you are from the start. Also, bear in mind how the title will look before selecting a font for your writing portfolio site.

How to Make a Good Writing Portfolio

You might be wondering, “what does a writing portfolio look like?” Common elements that you should always include in your online portfolio are examples of your work, an about me section, and ways for clients to get in touch with you. Finding the right writing portfolio format to showcase your work is also a great way to find engaged clients. The best writer portfolio sites such as Format can help you do this, with a range of templates and an advanced drag and drop builder.

Creative Writing Portfolios

The most fundamental element of a strong creative writing portfolio site is the portfolio itself. When building your writer portfolio, look for a website builder that allows you enough customizable features to make it your own and accurately convey your work. A writer portfolio website builder should also be easy enough to edit and change as you continue to build up your portfolio of work.

Format’s feature-rich portfolio site builder is designed for creative writers so that you can spend less time web designing and more time writing for clients. If you are struggling for ideas, Format’s range of templates and writers’ website examples will set you on the right track.

Creative Writing Portfolio Examples

We’ve compiled some of the most striking creative writing portfolio examples on the web, so you can get your creative juices flowing. Our recommendations above highlight Rebecca Hobson and Elise R. Peterson as creative portfolio writing samples that hit the right level of charm, sophistication, and individuality. Like what you see? Use Format’s website-building platform to set up a beautiful creative writing portfolio that exhibits the best of your work, just how you wanted it to look.

Freelance Writer Websites

The best writer websites express the writers’ flexibility and competency across a broad range of writing contexts. Bringing together examples of work produced for various sectors and requirements is crucial to conveying your writing abilities. However, It is also important to consider your personal skills and tailor your portfolio to highlight your strengths and industry-specific experience. Our pick of great writer website examples, such as Elaine Bleakney and Akwaeke Emezi, find the right balance of personal writing skills and subject-focus.

Journalism Portfolio

Your online journalism portfolio should serve as a brief overview of your career and achievements thus far as a journalist, including experts of your work. Regardless of whether your experience resides in print, broadcast journalism, or online articles, a journalist website can help you reach new heights in your career. In order to present yourself in your best light to news agencies, only the best website for a journalism portfolio will do. Format’s template builder will help you effectively convey your skills and experience as a journalist.

Journalism Portfolio Examples

Looking for examples of some of the best journalist websites to spark your creative mind? We’ve identified Tara Pixley, a Los-Angeles-based photojournalist, and scholar, as a case in point of a journalist site that uses photography as a method to engage clients with her journalistic competencies.

Similarly, award-winning journalist, Alice Driver, uses her online journalism portfolio to help clients understand more about her career and her areas of focus as a journalist. Both of these journalists, among many others, rely on Format as the best website for journalism portfolios.

An appealing online portfolio for journalists should feature your best and most recent work, as well as a list of the news agencies you have written for. If you haven’t got any published articles yet in your repertoire, that’s no problem at all. You can write several articles right on your new site. Just ensure that they are formatted like a real news article and have no grammar or spelling mistakes.

How to Make a Writing Portfolio for College

A well-formatted writer portfolio can give you that added boost for your college applications and help you stand out from the rest of the competition. Moving your existing portfolio online can make it easy for college admission departments to see the depth and breadth of your work. The best way to do this is to use a dedicated writers portfolio website such as Format, which is built to help writers network put their talents on full display. We have writers portfolios examples and intuitive templates to help you get started.

How to Share Your Online Writing Portfolio and Gain Traction

Once you have built your writer portfolio website and feel happy with the aesthetic, it is time to get the word out. The best websites online writing portfolio examples are also highly integrated with social media and are SEO-friendly. Format benefits from all of the latest SEO tools as well as social sharing features. This ensures that your personal brand stays at the top of the search results, making it easy for potential clients to find you.

Which Writing Portfolio Website Should I Use?

A comprehensive website builder can help bring your content writer portfolio website to life. While there is no “one size fits all” option, the best portfolio sites for writers are fast, easy to use, and feature a range of tools to help you communicate with your clients. Format has a range of fully customizable templates and digital marketing tools to help you set your writer portfolio apart.

Writing your portfolio online can be challenging, especially when you are not sure of the best ways to present your work to potential clients. Complicated website builders can leave you wondering how to create an online portfolio for writers. If you are looking to take your writing career to the next level, only the best portfolio sites for writers will do.

At Format, we make it simple to create an online writing portfolio. Our straightforward platform allows you to create an online writing portfolio in no time, so you can showcase your work to the world. Don’t spend all of your time writing portfolio sites, use Format to spread the word. There’s no wonder we’re voted among the best portfolio sites for writers.

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