Maximilian Schulz's Anonymous Mirrored Images

Photographer Maxmilian Schulz finds magic in the small details of industrial spaces.


Maximilian Schulz’s mirror photos look like optical illusions at first glance. But a closer look reveals that these are simply very well-arranged photos of mirrors situated in unexpected places.

Schulz, who is currently studying photography in Essen, Germany, specializes in carefully lit portraits. He brings the same eye for composition to his personal projects, as Mirrors demonstrates.

Schulz positions mirrors in settings that have an anonymous, industrial feel, reflecting the rigid lines of metal stairs, wooden railings, and subway tiles. Vivid shades of burgundy, turquoise and orange add interest to the images, creating another level of unexpected contrast. Schulz draws attention to the small details we often miss in the environments around us, finding interest in the most mundane corners of manmade spaces.

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