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Simas Lin’s Spooky Photos of Vilnius At Night

A photo series that captures the glowing industrial zones of Lithuania’s capital city.

Photographer Simas Lin describes the process behind his latest nighttime series as “four months of sleepless nights and a lot of exploring.” Lin explores the industrial edges of Vilnius by night, snapping atmospheric photos that are surprisingly colorful, with red light creating a moody contrast against the purplish blue of the sky.

“I wanted to visit the spookiest places in my city,” Lin says. His portrait of Lithuania’s capital is definitely eerie, and also disorienting. Vilnius, a medieval-era city, is known for its striking baroque architecture. But these photos, with their illuminated drainage ditches and towering streetlights, could just as easily have been shot in middle America as in the Baltic.

Exact time is hard to place in Lin’s night photography. Although they were clearly shot after sunset, the vibrant colors of the skies in Lin’s images make it impossible to tell if these photos were taken shortly after darkness fell, or right before dawn. Light pollution, seeping into these quiet industrial vistas from the nearby city, adds a strange brightness to the sky.

See more of Simas Lin’s photography at his online portfolio, built using Format.

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