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20 Travel Photography Portfolios From Around the World

These travel photographers streamline their adventures into stunning portfolio websites.

Creating a travel photography portfolio presents a unique challenge because travel photographers tend to have large portfolios with many photos from different locations. How can you make sure that your best images stand out, but still demonstrate your versatility and get a chance to share all the different places you’ve documented?

We rounded up 20 outstanding travel photography portfolios that hit a sweet spot between too many photo galleries and too few—they include just enough images to keep viewers wanting to see more. Simple menu navigation and basic layouts tend to be the preferred choice of travel photographers, who know that their eye-catching photo work is more than enough to give personality to their online portfolio.

Documenting landscapes, street scenes, and people everywhere from Iceland to Japan, these travel photographers all have photo galleries that will make you start searching for airfare deals. Some are established pros, while others are emerging photographers who prove you don’t have to be a professional to show off your travel photography—all you need are some vacation snaps.

Check out these 20 incredible travel photography portfolios, and find more portfolio design ideas here.

1. Jack Moriarty

Based in California, photographer Jack Moriarty has an eye for shooting forest landscapes. His photography is full of natural light and lots of leaves. Moriarty keeps his portfolio simple by showcasing just one gallery of his best images. A classic serif font gives his website a polished look.

Format Theme: Slate

2. Morgan Wood

Currently based in Sydney, Australia, photographer Morgan Wood has documented incredible natural landscapes all over the world. She has so many diverse galleries of work that she’s arranged them by continent, with more specific galleries for certain locations. Wood uses a full-screen horizontally scrolling theme to showcase her photos in as large a format as possible.

Format Theme: Panorama

3. Michael Novotny

Czech photographer Michael Novotny has spent the past few years living what he calls a “half-nomadic life,” visiting over 40 countries. Shooting only analog photos, Novotny captures evocative images of landscapes from Alaska to Hawaii.

Format Theme: Horizon Left

4. Viktoria Braun

Germany-based photographer Viktoria Braun excels at capturing lush, grainy landscapes, especially coastal scenes and mountain ranges. Whether she’s shooting in Iceland or Italy, her travel photography makes you feel like you’re right there admiring the scenery with her. Braun uses enigmatic titles (“Haze,” “North”) to add mood to her photo galleries.

Format Theme: Offset

5. Tom Powell

English photographer Tom Powell has lived all over the world, and is currently based in New Zealand. Powell’s colorful film photographs will make you feel like you’re on the road with him, as he documents the small moments of travelling life: cooking, setting up tents, meeting new friends, biking along an open road. Powell’s images fill up the entire screen, giving his online portfolio an immersive feeling.

Format Theme: Horizon

6. Jason Charles Hill

Based on Australia’s East Coast, Jason Charles Hill has shot travel photography for a wide range of tourism campaigns (from Dubai to Vancouver to Kenya) as well as for airlines like Air Asia and Jetstar Australia. His lush landscape photos take over the screen with his vertically scrolling, minimal theme.

Format Theme: Sierra

7. Ruairidh McGlynn

With high profile clients like Facebook, Instagram, and Apple, it’s safe to say that Ruairidh McGlynn knows his stuff when it comes to travel photography. The Scottish photographer excels especially at capturing empty, desolate landscapes, like deserts and mountain ranges. He includes very little text on his profile, letting the images speak for themselves.

Format Theme: Ora

8. Thibault Charpentier

Based in Paris, travel photographer Thibault Charpentier uses a neat grid theme to arrange his different trips into galleries. Shots of historic sites, favorite restaurants, and photogenic desserts abound, from Japan to Italy to Brazil.

Format Theme: Sierra

9. Virginie Chabrol

Known as LP1N Photography, Virginie Chabrol is originally from France, but is based in Glasgow. Her travel photography focuses on Scotland, but also includes stunning galleries of work shot all around the world, in Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, and more. Mountains and forest landscapes are Chabrol’s specialties. She organizes her galleries by location, and adds further information with brief text captions under her photos.

Format Theme: Offset

10. Dove Schwencke

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Dove Schwencke is a writer and photographer who’s a pro at capturing the unique mood of different cities. From Sri Lanka to America to Japan, Schwencke’s travel photography has a lighthearted feel and is always full of memorable characters. She showcases her many different photo galleries with a grid-style landing page.

Format Theme: Horizon

11. Mahnoor Malik

Mahnoor Malik is an internationally-published photographer based between Washington, DC and Montreal. She’s been featured by VSCO and The Wall Street Journal. Malik’s travel photography is sharply focused and color saturated.

Format Theme: Offset

12. Brendan McElligott

Ottawa-based photographer Brendan McElligott specializes in wintry landscapes and aerial views. McElligott neatly balances his brand work and travel photography on his portfolio, while keeping his galleries on the shorter side to make sure that his best work shines. McElligott uses a distinctive custom logo to add personality to his website.

Format Theme: Horizon

13. Tad Cooke

Based in Vermont, photographer Tad Cooke has a knack for capturing snowy scenes, usually shot on 35mm film. His photos of ski trips in Alaska are especially captivating. Cooke uses a vertically scrolling theme to organize his portfolio.

Format Theme: Ora

14. Laura Emery

Multilingual photographer Laura Emery is currently based in Berlin. Her creative online portfolio features a travel gallery that pairs images from different locations for a unique viewing experience. Including captions with dates and locations helps add context to the work. Emery makes sure she’s easily reachable by including her contact info right on her home page.

Format Theme: Foray

15. Tess Janssen

Freelance photographer Tess Janssen has a background in journalism, and has shot a wide variety of editorial and personal projects. On her online portfolio, her travel photography stands out as full of detail and vibrant color. Janssen organizes her photos into galleries sorted by date and location, keeping all her work clearly labelled.

Format Theme: Offset

16. John Zada

Toronto-based photographer and writer John Zada has travelled widely as a photojournalist, covering the refugee crisis on the Syrian border and exploring remote parts of Jordan and the Yukon. He has worked for CBC News as well as al-Jazeera English.

Format Theme: Horizon Left

17. Virginia Mastrostefano

Originally from Rome, Italy, photographer Virginia Mastrostefano is now based in Brighton, UK. Grainy analog photography, most often of street scenes or peaceful landscapes, fills her online portfolio. Locations range from France to Italy to her home base on the British coast.

Format Theme: Offset

18. Amelia Johnston

Based in British Columbia, Canadian photographer Amelia Johnston organizes her richly colorful travel photography into galleries based on location, from South America to the the Caribbean, and then includes some more general food and lifestyle galleries to give a basic overview of her work. A grid theme lets viewers get a broad look at Johnston’s travel photography.

Format Theme: Order

19. Michelle Ferng

Freelance photographer Michelle Ferng is currently based in Malawai, but has travelled all over the world documenting people and places. Her photography has a humanitarian focus, aiming to tell stories that other people might miss. Ferng uses a click through theme to display each of her photos one by one.

Format Theme: Offset

20. Hemad Nazari

Iranian photographer Hemad Nazari is currently based in Vietnam. Nazari captures people and places in stunning color and black and white alike, with an ongoing series “Himalayan Life” documenting the mountainous region’s communities and landscapes.

Format Theme: Horizon Left

Cover image by Michael Novotny.

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