12 Best Wedding Photography Templates For Photographers

Improve your professional wedding photography portfolio by exploring the best wedding photography website templates to showcase your creativity.

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Perfectly capturing the essence of what is supposed to be the most magical day of a couple’s life is a skill unique to wedding photographers. The work of a wedding photographer lives well beyond the wedding event and photographs end up being viewed by hundreds or thousands of friends and family members. While photographers are only one part of the wedding business, they are responsible for capturing memories that will live beyond the big day. Wedding photographs become special memories passed down through generations, shared with family near and far, and are displayed in homes, in photo albums, and on social media for years to come. As a photographer, some of these photographs will also become part of your wedding portfolio website and presented to potential clients as they plan for their special day.

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All portfolio templates allow you to create a website that’s optimized for mobile, built for SEO performance, has built-in booking systems, different website navigation designs, and fully customizable without having to code (although custom code integration and custom HTML are an option if that’s your thing). Photographers using the themes for their online portfolio can use a simple page builder with over 65 website custom page elements and do not need to double as a web designer for their wedding photography portfolio to be displayed to its full potential. Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned wedding photography professional, these website themes will allow your wedding photography portfolio to stand out in a competitive market.

Format Website Template Converge

Designed to quickly catch the eye of potential clients, the editorial-like design that the website creates allows clients to view photos in a single row while scrolling horizontally through the slideshow. The horizontal scroll feature on the homepage layout puts your work front and center, letting clients quickly familiarize themselves with your unique brand of modern photography. Slideshows such as these featured in the template are also proven to keep visitors engaged with your content and leaves them wanting more. Dynamic spacing within the template puts your portfolio into focus and allows visitors to spend plenty of time on all images. The gallery layout is good for all image orientations but especially makes portraits shine. The high-quality image rendering feature that’s present in all wedding photography templates, has added impact in the Converge template and allows your wedding photography website to shine.

Format Website Template Carousel

Using Carousel, you can use the gallery feature to categorize photos by wedding event, however, this could also be used to build galleries based on photography theme or image type. An easy to use and pre-built design that’s customizable through the page builder, Carousel lets you compose a portfolio that attracts clients for years to come.

Format Website Template Illuminate
Format Website Template Reflection
Format Website Template Dusk
Format Website Template triptych
Format Website Template Cover
Format Website Template Daylight
Format Website Template Fullframe
Format Website Template Halogen
Format Website Template Sun
Format Website Template Ambience

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