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Want to contribute to Format Magazine? Here’s what you need to know.

Format Magazine is a creative’s interest publication dedicated to sharing the work and experiences of photographers, designers, illustrators and artists around the world.

Whether we’re exploring breaking news, trending stories or industry advice, Format Magazine views the world through a creative lens. Our articles are for people who judge a restaurant by the font on their menu, doodle on the napkins, sneak a few candid photos of the chef and briefly consider a conceptual series about the environmental impact of food production.

This is life with eyes wide open and a mind always spinning.

Want to submit your creative work?

We’re always on the lookout for photography, artwork, and graphic design to feature. We love work that tells personal stories and explores new perspectives. To submit your work for publication, please send images and an explanation of the series to Be sure to include a brief bio and link to your website. We do give preference to people who are using Format to show their work online.

Please note: At this time we do not offer compensation for previously published work. All work will be credited and linked directly to your website. Although we appreciate and look at every single submission, we unfortunately are not able to reply to every one.

Want to write for Format Magazine?

We’re accepting pitches for any article you think our readers would love. Whether it’s a new study on creativity, high profile interview, or how-to resource, send your ideas to

Before pitching, please read through Format Magazine to get a sense of our style and editorial direction. We’re interested in smart, concise writing with a strong angle.

Ready to get exclusive with your images?

Do you have an idea for an original photo, illustration, art or design series? Send your pitch to with a link to your portfolio and all the information we need to know for consideration.

About submissions:

Accepted submissions may be edited and published at any time. Writers will be paid upon publication by direct deposit. All compensation will be on a per-article basis based on experience. Format Magazine retains the right to also publish content on other sites.

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