The 15 Best Editorial Photography Portfolio Examples of 2021

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October 13, 2021

Editing your best images into a single online portfolio website is the perfect way to present your work in a professional way that will stand out from the crowd. Whether you're an experienced photography or someone looking to dip their toes into the world of editorial work for the first time, take a look at these beautifully designed editorial photography portfolios featured by creatives who are already enjoying success on Format.

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desktop browser window frameOmar Khaleel
phone window frameOmar Khaleel
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Omar Khaleel

Theme used: Frame

Omar Khaleel is a British-Yemeni, born and raised in Birmingham, UK. Currently living in London. Omar is a visual artist specializing in photography digital, editorial and film within his commercial & portrait work.
desktop browser window frameMarcus
phone window frameMarcus
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Theme used: Fabric

Marcus Solomon is a Sydney-based photographer. Marcus' photography focuses on the arrangement of the human body and simple changes that upset the traditional notion of a portrait.
desktop browser window frameveronique vial
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veronique vial

Theme used: Peak

Award-winning French photographer, Veronique Vial’s first celebrity portraits appeared in A Day in the Life of Hollywood. Veronique Vial lives between LA, NY, and Paris, working on capturing moments for editorials and continuing to create new exciting ideas for books.
desktop browser window frameToby Blench
phone window frameToby Blench
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Toby Blench

Theme used: Gloss

Toby Blench is a London-based photographer whose work focuses on portraiture and editorial. Tory aims to bring an unusual point of view to creating portraits with an emphasis on the use of shadow. Tory has had editorials featured in Ellements Magazine, Sticks And Stones, Dreck Magazine, Haute Punch, and Bae Magazine.
desktop browser window frameMatthew Odom
phone window frameMatthew Odom
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Matthew Odom

Theme used: Peak

Matthew Odom is an award-winning editorial portrait, commercial advertising, industrial, and sports photographer out of a southern town just a few minutes south of Atlanta called Macon. He's worked with National Geography, Google, ESPN, New York Times, The Associated Press.
desktop browser window frameSonny Thakur
phone window frameSonny Thakur
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Sonny Thakur

Theme used: Horizon

Sonny Thakur is an editorial and portrait photographer living in Manila, Philippines. His work is an exploration of the people he meets around the world and the 7000+ islands in the Philippines. He has worked for publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Forbes, Esquire, Travel + Leisure.
desktop browser window frameMaggie Naylor
phone window frameMaggie Naylor
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Maggie Naylor

Theme used: Grace

Maggie Naylor is an editorial photographer and videographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is passionate about the everyday hidden stories in Canadian society and the world. She has been to many corners of the country for this purpose, from meeting new immigrants to the metropolitan of Toronto to living in the secluded camps of Canadian Treeplanters.
desktop browser window frameJemima Marriott
phone window frameJemima Marriott
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Jemima Marriott

Theme used: Gloss

Jemima Marriott is an editorial portrait photographer based in London. Jemima achieved a First Class BA Hons in Photography & Media at UCCA Maidstone in 2006. Kent-born, Jemima moved to London 6 years ago and continues to work with some of the most prestigious brands and faces in fashion and music.
desktop browser window frameDarrell Jackson
phone window frameDarrell Jackson
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Darrell Jackson

Theme used: Amazon

Darrell Jackson is an experienced portrait and editorial photographer based in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Darrell is well versed in digital and film formats. Darrell's work has been published in Local Wolves, Mad Sounds, and placements on Vogue Italia’s photovogue platform.
desktop browser window frameEdouard Nguyen
phone window frameEdouard Nguyen
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Edouard Nguyen

Theme used: Fabric

Edouard Nguyen is a self-taught photographer based in Paris. After spending six years in the army as an assault squad leader, he decided to embrace a freelance career as a professional photographer, striving for the raw beauty of things. Edouard Nguyen has worked with brands such as IINDACO, Ingie Paris, and Givenchy.
desktop browser window frameOliver Doran Photography
phone window frameOliver Doran Photography
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Oliver Doran Photography

Theme used: Gloss

As an internationally acclaimed commercial, editorial, and portrait photographer, Oliver Doran divides his world between Jersey, London, and Dubai. With more than 15 years of experience, Oliver is often found at the crossroads of cinematic and theatrical explorations of human conditions, as he photographs some of the most recognizable faces on the planet.
desktop browser window frameLauren Jones
phone window frameLauren Jones
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Lauren Jones

Theme used: Horizon Left

Lauren Jones is an East Coast-based artist and designer best known for her colorful, surreal images and graphic set designs. Lauren's work is inspired by color theory, humor, Renaissance paintings, and empowering women. Whether it be beauty, still life, or editorial, she loves projects that tell a story but turns reality on its head.
desktop browser window frameMatt Pluz
phone window frameMatt Pluz
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Matt Pluz

Theme used: Slate

Based in Miami Beach, Matt Pluz is a fashion, beauty, and photographer who has shot dozens of editorials and covers for a variety of illustrious publications. His photographs aim to create a natural feeling filled with rebellion, youth, and a sensuality that’s built on joyousness rather than the desire to possess or to be possessed. Having come from a corporate business background, Matt applies his analytical and marketing skills to his work.
desktop browser window frameShanita L Sims
phone window frameShanita L Sims
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Shanita L Sims

Theme used: Panorama

Shanita Sims is a freelance photographer based in NYC. Self-taught, she started shooting street-style stories for clients such as ELLE, Glamour, and Teen Vogue. Her work later evolved into portrait, style features, and then editorials. Her mission is to not solely produce a beautiful photograph, but an image that evokes emotion or thoughts that transcend the image itself.
desktop browser window frameMohamed Khalil
phone window frameMohamed Khalil
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Mohamed Khalil

Theme used: Peak

Mohamed is a fashion, beauty and still life photographer based in Paris working for luxury brands such as Cartier, Chanel, Dior, Elie Saab, Givenchy, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Kenzo.
desktop browser window frameLusha Alic
phone window frameLusha Alic
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Lusha Alic

Theme used: Slate

Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Lusha Alic is a photographer, director, and filmmaker. Inspired by the dynamic of her creative family and the beautiful surroundings of former Yugoslavia, Lusha was able to hone in on her passion for photography from an early age. Lusha's work explores themes of sensuality, the unfamiliar qualities of the human form, and her interest in ‘otherness’,

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