Editorial Photography Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Get inspired by these amazing editorial photography portfolio websites and discover how you can create a stunning portfolio to showcase your editorial photography projects.

October 1, 2021
desktop browser window frameCaitlin Ochs
phone window frameCaitlin Ochs
Preview Site

Caitlin Ochs

Theme used: Peak About Caitlin Ochs
desktop browser window frameChristopher Valentine
phone window frameChristopher Valentine
Preview Site

Christopher Valentine

Theme used: Gloss About Christopher Valentine
desktop browser window frameChristian Carroll
phone window frameChristian Carroll
Preview Site

Christian Carroll

Theme used: Horizon About Christian Carroll
desktop browser window frameRyin Baskins
phone window frameRyin Baskins
Preview Site

Ryin Baskins

Theme used: Obsidian About Ryin Baskins
desktop browser window frameJohn Harvey Borja Lesmes
phone window frameJohn Harvey Borja Lesmes
Preview Site

John Harvey Borja Lesmes

Theme used: Sierra About John Harvey Borja Lesmes

Editorial Photography Tips: All About The Brand

An important skill of an editorial photographer is to be able to capture the essence and personality of the brand without having the brand in the photo. Having a deep understanding of the brand will allow you the foundation to stem your creativity.

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desktop browser window frameBrian Siambi
phone window frameBrian Siambi
Preview Site

Brian Siambi

Theme used: Panorama About Brian Siambi
desktop browser window frameCommonuncommon
phone window frameCommonuncommon
Preview Site


Theme used: Iris About Commonuncommon
desktop browser window frameAlyssa Lecompte
phone window frameAlyssa Lecompte
Preview Site

Alyssa Lecompte

Theme used: Gloss About Alyssa Lecompte
desktop browser window frameMox Santos
phone window frameMox Santos
Preview Site

Mox Santos

Theme used: Skyline About Mox Santos
desktop browser window frameRonald Patrick
phone window frameRonald Patrick
Preview Site

Ronald Patrick

Theme used: Horizon About Ronald Patrick
desktop browser window frameLanna Apisukh
phone window frameLanna Apisukh
Preview Site

Lanna Apisukh

Theme used: Kiln About Lanna Apisukh

Tips on Editorial Photography: Have Your Own Style

Finding your niche or style will help you steer your creative ship. Photographers need to find their own distinct style or feel. This will help you with the scope of your work – including your creative directions, the type of work you pursue, and the style of your online portfolio. Your style is like your signature.

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desktop browser window frameDavid Velez
phone window frameDavid Velez
Preview Site

David Velez

Theme used: Amazon About David Velez
desktop browser window frameEmilia Staugaard
phone window frameEmilia Staugaard
Preview Site

Emilia Staugaard

Theme used: Horizon Left About Emilia Staugaard
desktop browser window frameMahdi Atif
phone window frameMahdi Atif
Preview Site

Mahdi Atif

Theme used: Peak About Mahdi Atif
desktop browser window framePeter Westrup
phone window framePeter Westrup
Preview Site

Peter Westrup

Theme used: Sierra About Peter Westrup
desktop browser window frameNEIL WATSON
phone window frameNEIL WATSON
Preview Site


Theme used: Vignette About NEIL WATSON

Editorial Photography Tips: Tell A Story

An editorial photography shoot revolves around telling a story that can either be placed beside the text or stand alone. The stories will then be shared in magazines, blogs, and other forms of new media. The story should be at the center of everything when it comes to editorial photography.

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desktop browser window frameColin Dutton
phone window frameColin Dutton
Preview Site

Colin Dutton

Theme used: Horizon Left About Colin Dutton
desktop browser window frameAdrian Tuazon
phone window frameAdrian Tuazon
Preview Site

Adrian Tuazon

Theme used: Horizon Left About Adrian Tuazon
desktop browser window frameBrooke Warren
phone window frameBrooke Warren
Preview Site

Brooke Warren

Theme used: Sun About Brooke Warren
desktop browser window frameWolf Matthewson
phone window frameWolf Matthewson
Preview Site

Wolf Matthewson

Theme used: Horizon Left About Wolf Matthewson
desktop browser window frameJames Campbell
phone window frameJames Campbell
Preview Site

James Campbell

Theme used: Horizon Left About James Campbell

Tips for Editorial Photography: Network

Getting yourself published as an editorial photographer is a big part of editorial photography, so your ability to network and sell your photographs is everything. Whether it is using LinkedIn, emailing brands, or attending different events and conferences, find ways to develop connections in the industry and pitch ideas

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desktop browser window frameTom Willis
phone window frameTom Willis
Preview Site

Tom Willis

Theme used: Offset About Tom Willis
desktop browser window frameRick van der Vlies
phone window frameRick van der Vlies
Preview Site

Rick van der Vlies

Theme used: Iris About Rick van der Vlies
desktop browser window frameStephen Paul
phone window frameStephen Paul
Preview Site

Stephen Paul

Theme used: Peak About Stephen Paul
desktop browser window frameJoelle St. Julien
phone window frameJoelle St. Julien
Preview Site

Joelle St. Julien

Theme used: Horizon Left About Joelle St. Julien
desktop browser window frameSteven Meidenbauer
phone window frameSteven Meidenbauer
Preview Site

Steven Meidenbauer

Theme used: Amazon About Steven Meidenbauer
desktop browser window frameLindsay Lauckner Gundlock
phone window frameLindsay Lauckner Gundlock
Preview Site

Lindsay Lauckner Gundlock

Theme used: Peak About Lindsay Lauckner Gundlock

Tips for Editorial Photography: Practice Opens Doors

You’ll need to build a top-notch portfolio to land publications while keeping in mind that editorial photography is very popular! Set yourself up for success by taking on smaller projects or brands to help you build a portfolio that will get you more exposure.

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desktop browser window frameJonas Yuan
phone window frameJonas Yuan
Preview Site

Jonas Yuan

Theme used: Amazon About Jonas Yuan
desktop browser window frameOscar Munar
phone window frameOscar Munar
Preview Site

Oscar Munar

Theme used: Horizon About Oscar Munar
desktop browser window frameStella Bonasoni
phone window frameStella Bonasoni
Preview Site

Stella Bonasoni

Theme used: Horizon Left About Stella Bonasoni
desktop browser window frameAndrew Rashotte
phone window frameAndrew Rashotte
Preview Site

Andrew Rashotte

Theme used: Horizon Left About Andrew Rashotte

Tips for Editorial Photography: Think Details

An editorial spread may contain several different pictures all telling the same story. Every little detail in editorial shoots is important, from make-up to hair and the posture of the models. Remember to take into consideration all the details – like the textures you want, the lighting, etc.

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