Editorial Photography Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Get inspired by these amazing editorial photography portfolio websites and discover how you can create a stunning portfolio to showcase your editorial photography projects.

October 1, 2021
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Darrell Jackson

Theme used: Peak
About Darrell Jackson

Darrell Jackson is an experienced portrait and editorial photographer based in Los Angeles. Darrell is well versed in digital and film formats. Client's include Google, PUMA, and Dockers.

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Katelyn Cavaleri

Theme used: Frame
About Katelyn Cavaleri

Katelyn Cavaleri is a brand & dditorial photographer specializing in product, still life & lifestyle imagery in Missoula Montana.

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hannah brown

Theme used: Horizon Left
About hannah brown

Hannah Brown is an editorial and portrait photographer based in Suffolk, England. Hannah has a consistent and sustained vision, which is evident through her refined colour palette and her attention to detail, which allows her photographs to be clean and refined. Hannah’s muted visual approach to her photography enhances the nostalgic, melancholy feel of her images. Through working with a subdued colour palette, she is able to portray a calm and serene mood throughout her work.

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Caitlin Ochs

Theme used: Peak
About Caitlin Ochs

Caitlin Ochs is a photojournalist based in New York covering feature stories and breaking news. Her ongoing documentary of water shortages on the Colorado River is a 2022 Covering Climate short feature finalist. A regular contributor to Reuters, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, she loves exploring the world through the edges of her viewfinder and considers it a privilege to document the major issues and events of our time.

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Theme used: Horizon Left
About James

James Garcia is a freelance photographer specializing in lifestyle and portraiture and is based in the Bay Area California. Servicing the local area of San Jose and the surrounding areas.

desktop browser window frameChristopher Valentine desktop
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Christopher Valentine

Theme used: Gloss
About Christopher Valentine

Christopher Valentine (b. 1992, Buffalo, NY) is a photographer living full-time on the road exploring the United States. Christophers photographic work is made through a constant resourcefulness to his surroundings and is cultivated through a heightened attention to detail. He specializes in creating abstract representations of daily life through a weaving together of landscapes, still-life, and portrait imagery to create an evocative web of narratives.


Editorial Photography Tips: All About The Brand

An important skill of an editorial photographer is to be able to capture the essence and personality of the brand without having the brand in the photo. Having a deep understanding of the brand will allow you the foundation to stem your creativity.

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desktop browser window frameTania Ruda desktop
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Tania Ruda

Theme used: Order
About Tania Ruda

Tania Ruda is a Ukrainian photographer, specializing in portrait, family and editorial photoshoots.

desktop browser window frameChristian Carroll desktop
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Christian Carroll

Theme used: Horizon Left
About Christian Carroll

Christian Carroll is a fashion/editorial/portrait photographer based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. They are also an award-winning feature film director (Out of Breath, Suicide or Lulu and Me in a World Made for Two). Inspired by the French New Wave and cinematic photography Carroll is inspired to make expressive, experimental, and character-driven photos and films.

desktop browser window frameRyin Baskins desktop
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Ryin Baskins

Theme used: Obsidian
About Ryin Baskins

Ryin Baskins is a Photographer from Queens, NY based in Atlanta, GA.

desktop browser window frameKamil Kotarba desktop
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Kamil Kotarba

Theme used: Sierra
About Kamil Kotarba

Kamil Kotarba is a visual artist, photographer and art director. Sleeping and food lover. Master's degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. His work isn’t dominated by any visual style, it’s more about conceptual exploration. Works between art, fashion and commercial stuff. Addicted to images. Taking a lot of photos. Lives and works in Warsaw.

desktop browser window frameBrian Siambi desktop
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Brian Siambi

Theme used: Panorama
About Brian Siambi

Brian Siambi is a photographer based in Nairobi, Kenya focusing mainly on fashion and travel photography. Brian started photography about 4 years ago with his phone and from there it grew more into fashion photography. Currently Brian is working on a personal project titled 'The Dark Matter Project' which is a collaborative project focusing on African models, fashion designers documenting their work through creative forms of editorial photography.

desktop browser window frameCommonuncommon desktop
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Theme used: Iris
About Commonuncommon

Commonuncommon is content and creative production team based in Milan. Substantial cross-sector experience, fashion, arts and design. Also creates street style and video storytelling.


Tips on Editorial Photography: Have Your Own Style

Finding your niche or style will help you steer your creative ship. Photographers need to find their own distinct style or feel. This will help you with the scope of your work – including your creative directions, the type of work you pursue, and the style of your online portfolio. Your style is like your signature.

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desktop browser window frameMox Santos desktop
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Mox Santos

Theme used: Skyline
About Mox Santos

Mox Santos is a 26 year-old International Fashion Photographer who established himself in the UAE. He has been flying between Hong Kong, Morocco, India, and Dubai pursuing the career of being a Fashion Film Maker and Fashion Photography.

desktop browser window framejessica candradi desktop
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jessica candradi

Theme used: Fabric
About jessica candradi

Jessica Candradi is a self-taught photographer and a former pastry chef. It was 2012 in Melbourne while undergoing pastry and culinary studies when she bought her first camera and discovered her predilection towards the languages of photography. Irrevocably drawn to portraits and fashion editorials, she decided to the bullet before becoming a full-time photographer, she has been one ever since.

desktop browser window frameRonald Patrick desktop
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Ronald Patrick

Theme used: Horizon
About Ronald Patrick

Ronald Patrick grew up in Chile and now based he is between Switzerland and Germany. After studying Business and Economics, and working in the corporate world for 3 years, he undertook his passion for photography. Ronald has centered his work in the documentary field but have mixed it with corporate projects.

desktop browser window frameLanna Apisukh desktop
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Lanna Apisukh

Theme used: Kiln
About Lanna Apisukh

Lanna Apisukh is a portrait and documentary photographer based in New York City. With a background in skateboarding and gymnastics, she is drawn to documenting youth and unique individuals walking their own path. Her work explores place, identity and individuality through colorful and honest stories she strives to create in her images.

desktop browser window frameDavid Velez desktop
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David Velez

Theme used: Amazon
About David Velez

David Velez is a portrait, fashion, and lifestyle photographer from Portugal, whose work focuses more on the male form, body, and beauty. David is photographing portraits, lifestyle,s and fashion.

desktop browser window frameEmilia Staugaard desktop
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Emilia Staugaard

Theme used: Horizon Left
About Emilia Staugaard

Emilia is a danish photographer. Her love for theatrics translated into her photography and evolved into a cinematic and romantic style, through which she tells intriguing stories, capturing her subjects with honesty, rawness and personality. The type of projects that excite her the most are the shoots where she gets the opportunity to work with storytelling in an intimate way, hereby tapping into her love of capturing who her subjects truly are.


Editorial Photography Tips: Tell A Story

An editorial photography shoot revolves around telling a story that can either be placed beside the text or stand alone. The stories will then be shared in magazines, blogs, and other forms of new media. The story should be at the center of everything when it comes to editorial photography.

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desktop browser window frameMahdi Atif desktop
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Mahdi Atif

Theme used: Curve
About Mahdi Atif

Mahdi Atif is a Milwaukee-born photographer, currently working in the Midwest. Mahdi's work lends a realistic, yet picturesque vision of the people and places that populate a collective cultural experience. Through a blend of portraiture & photojournalism, he is seeking to define the Black Midwestern identity.

desktop browser window framePeter Westrup desktop
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Peter Westrup

Theme used: Sierra
About Peter Westrup

Peter Westrup is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Malmö, Sweden. Some of his clients include SAS, IKEA, SJ, Probi, eOn, Norwegian and Riksbyggen.

desktop browser window frameZandra desktop
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Theme used: Foreground
About Zandra

Zandra Jungell was born between the valleys and mountains of Northern Sweden. Her works are concept-driven photo narratives, often inspired by her memories of growing up in Scandinavia with its contrasting periods of light and darkness. In 2017 Zandra received her BFA in Photography at the School of Visual Arts, New York City and since then she has been publishing and exhibiting her work.

desktop browser window frameC-reel desktop
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Theme used: Coral
About C-reel

C-reel is a French photographer based between Bali & Paris specializing in fashion editorial, commercial and lifestyle photography. Clients include a variety of local and international brands and magazine publications. Available for projects on any continent.

desktop browser window frameWolf Matthewson desktop
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Wolf Matthewson

Theme used: Horizon Left
About Wolf Matthewson

Wolf Matthewson is an award winning editorial and fine art photographer based out of New England. Rooted in natural landscapes, he has traveled extensively across the United States capturing the majesty and wonder of the national parks and much that lies between. His editorial work is featured in Magazines from his home state of Rhode Island and was recently recognized by the Rhode Island Press Association with five 2018 Editorial awards.

desktop browser window frameJames Campbell desktop
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James Campbell

Theme used: Horizon Left
About James Campbell

James is an award-winning photographer based in Dublin, Ireland who works Internationally on an array of projects. James specialises in commercial, editorial & travel photography.


Tips for Editorial Photography: Network

Getting yourself published as an editorial photographer is a big part of editorial photography, so your ability to network and sell your photographs is everything. Whether it is using LinkedIn, emailing brands, or attending different events and conferences, find ways to develop connections in the industry and pitch ideas

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desktop browser window frameTom Willis desktop
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Tom Willis

Theme used: Offset
About Tom Willis

Tom Willis is a photographic artist working in London and around the South of England. He makes social documentary work that currently centres around unseen manifestations of Britishness, through the use of considered portraiture, contemporary landscape and still life imagery. Willis gets drawn to the communities he captures through a desire for the exploration of people and places that seem to go unnoticed, and the spaces they occupy within wider British culture.

desktop browser window frameveronique vial desktop
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veronique vial

Theme used: Peak
About veronique vial

Award-winning French photographer, Veronique Vial’s first celebrity portraits appeared in A Day in the Life of Hollywood. Veronique Vial lives between LA, NY, and Paris, working on capturing moments for editorials and continuing to create new exciting ideas for books.

desktop browser window frameToby Blench desktop
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Toby Blench

Theme used: Gloss
About Toby Blench

Toby Blench is a London-based photographer whose work focuses on portraiture and editorial. Tory aims to bring an unusual point of view to creating portraits with an emphasis on the use of shadow. Tory has had editorials featured in Ellements Magazine, Sticks And Stones, Dreck Magazine, Haute Punch, and Bae Magazine.

desktop browser window frameOliver Doran Photography desktop
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Oliver Doran Photography

Theme used: Gloss
About Oliver Doran Photography

As an internationally acclaimed commercial, editorial, and portrait photographer, Oliver Doran divides his world between Jersey, London, and Dubai. With more than 15 years of experience, Oliver is often found at the crossroads of cinematic and theatrical explorations of human conditions, as he photographs some of the most recognizable faces on the planet.

desktop browser window frameMatt Pluz desktop
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Matt Pluz

Theme used: Frame
About Matt Pluz

Based in Miami Beach, Matt Pluz is a fashion, beauty, and photographer who has shot dozens of editorials and covers for a variety of illustrious publications. His photographs aim to create a natural feeling filled with rebellion, youth, and a sensuality that’s built on joyousness rather than the desire to possess or to be possessed. Having come from a corporate business background, Matt applies his analytical and marketing skills to his work.

desktop browser window frameRick van der Vlies desktop
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Rick van der Vlies

Theme used: Iris
About Rick van der Vlies

Rick started building his career, young and ambisious as a street photographer in Rotterdam and London. The streets still form his inspiration - the fashion that you can find out there, the shapes that can be created by harsh sunlight, the place where colours can come to life. Besides the streets, He also draws inspiration from martial arts, passionate about the aesthetics, the intimacy and the dynamics in this sport.


Tips for Editorial Photography: Practice Opens Doors

You’ll need to build a top-notch portfolio to land publications while keeping in mind that editorial photography is very popular! Set yourself up for success by taking on smaller projects or brands to help you build a portfolio that will get you more exposure.

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