Family Photography Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Get inspired by these amazing family photography portfolio websites and discover how you can create a stunning portfolio to showcase your family photography projects.

October 1, 2021
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Sarah Smith

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Snaps by Enya

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Nigel King

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valentina barreto

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Vincent Hunter

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MOVA Creative

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Family Photo Tips: Camera Set Up For The Fam

Keep your camera in manual mode when you are shooting families so you have the most control over the shots. A low ISO is always a good choice as it allows for higher quality photos. A good base is ISO 400 – or somewhere between ISO 100 and ISO 400. If you are shooting in an area with low light, kick up to high ISO.

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Regina M Cambria

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Tips for Family Photo Shoot: Choosing a Lens

Use a telephoto lens (70-100mm) for portraits. So you can get great close-up shots of kids, babies, and even pets without having to get in close. This can capture powerful emotions. When shooting outdoors, a 135mm lens works great, while indoors, a 50mm or 85mm lens works well.

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