Family Photography Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Get inspired by these amazing family photography portfolio websites and discover how you can create a stunning portfolio to showcase your family photography projects.

October 1, 2021
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About Kerry-jayne

Kerry Jayne is a Dorset-based photographer with a wide-ranging portrait photography portfolio covering wedding photography, fashion photography, and even equine photography. Her work is often set in nature and features a mastery of working with natural light to create beautiful images.
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Camila Mendes

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About Camila Mendes

Camila Mendes is a nomad photographer specialized on lifestyle portraiture & weddings. She began my career in Toronto back in 2011. With time, Camila found her unique voice and developed her own way of capturing real emotions and retouching images.
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Sita Koning

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About Sita Koning

Sita Koning is a portrait photographer and make-up artist from the Netherlands. What started as a hobby once, grew into a business. She just loves to make pictures of people and have a connection with them.
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Katelyn Ferguson

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About Katelyn Ferguson

Katelyn is a portrait photographer based in the Twin Cities. She loves connecting with people and helping to tell even a sliver of their story. Ultimately, she loves photographing children admiring the pure and loving hearts they have. Being able to contain a certain expression, emotion, and memory in one single photograph is something Katelyn cherish the most.
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Susie Mann

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About Susie Mann

A vocal music graduate of Florida State University, Susie began her creative career as a musical theater actress in New York City where she performed in various regional theaters, cabarets, Disney World, Tokyo Disney, and Tokyo Disney Sea. She continuously photographed her everyday life and travels, as she performed across the world creating a love for photography.
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Emi Kakizaki

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About Emi Kakizaki

Emi Kakizaki is a Japanese photographer who has been shooting portraits, focusing on women and children, with full of soft light. Emi brings out natural and striking expressions from subjects, and takes dramatic photographs that lurk in everyday life.

Family Photo Tips: Camera Set Up For The Fam

Keep your camera in manual mode when you are shooting families so you have the most control over the shots. A low ISO is always a good choice as it allows for higher quality photos. A good base is ISO 400 – or somewhere between ISO 100 and ISO 400. If you are shooting in an area with low light, kick up to high ISO.

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Sarah Smith

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About Sarah Smith

Sarah Joy Photography is a Townsville based photographer, who aims to capture your memorable moment, ready to hang in your home. Available for portraiture, events, graduation portraits, editorial, beauty, weddings, products and food photography!
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Snaps by Enya

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About Snaps by Enya

Snaps by Enya is a full-time Creative currently based in Hong Kong. By trade, she's a UI & UX Designer and a freelance photographer. Enya has been behind the lens for over a decade and is specialized in portraits and societal photography.
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Chloe Ellul

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About Chloe Ellul

Chloe Ellul is a photographer based in North East Melbourne, Victoria, specializing in all things family, baby and kids. She always loved documenting life through photos. Inspired by her own family and wanting treasured memories and everlasting images, Chloe is delighted to help do the same for others.
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Lauren Sutton

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About Lauren Sutton

Lauren Sutton is a Canberra based photographer with a strong focus on photographing the people and landscapes that make Canberra special. After travelling overseas for most of last years is now spending more weekends traveling closer to home and exploring more of the bushland, mountains and even the coastline. My work has an emphasis on storytelling and attention to the details which make up parts of the whole story.
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Erich Camping

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About Erich Camping

Erich Camping brings a distinctively genuine approach to his photography, working hard and smart to achieve goals. Seeking emotion, light, and composition to build his photographs. All the while not being afraid to make mistakes.
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David Handley

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About David Handley

David is a long established and award-winning photographer specialising in children and baby fashion. Past merits include the title ‘Sony World Fashion Photographer’ amongst numerous awards. Clients includes Ralph Lauren, M&S, Boden, Next, White Company and Mothercare, shooting campaigns, brochures and advertising. David utilises both natural and artifical light to capture dynamic natural-looking images. David's experience and patience with children are amongst his greatest assets.

Tips for Family Photo Shoot: Choosing a Lens

Use a telephoto lens (70-100mm) for portraits. So you can get great close-up shots of kids, babies, and even pets without having to get in close. This can capture powerful emotions. When shooting outdoors, a 135mm lens works great, while indoors, a 50mm or 85mm lens works well.

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Vincent Hunter

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About Vincent Hunter

Vince is a DMV photographer specializing in both individual and family portraits, events, missions/outreach, and lifestyle images.
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Emmalaine Berry

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About Emmalaine Berry

Emmalaine is a Bay Area and Hawaii-based digital, children and family photograoher with a passion for working with families.
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Jennifer Cotman

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About Jennifer Cotman

Jennifer Cotman Photography is a Toronto-based portrait photographer. Jennifer specializes in maternity, figure, babies, kids, families, and headshots.
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Bloom Photography

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About Bloom Photography

Bloom Photography provides photography services for pre-wedding, couple's casual, actual day wedding, ROM, pregnancy, babies, families with children of all ages. At Bloom Photography, we wish to grow with your family and help document to celebrate the important milestones! We help capture create memories and keep the experience timeless.
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Emily VanderBeek Photography

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About Emily VanderBeek Photography

Emily is a portrait and family Photographer based in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. She tells the authentic stories of families and specializes in capturing these photos in a signature light + airy style.
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