The Best Illustrator Portfolio Examples of 2022

Get inspired with these illustration portfolio examples from all corners of the industry to create your show-stopping portfolio with a variety of templates.

October 13, 2021

If you’re a digital illustrator, your online portfolio can face as much scrutiny as the work itself. This is why seeing how other illustrators use their portfolios to showcase their work can be immensely helpful. Seeing illustrator portfolio website examples can help you decide what template is right for you and how to add your own personal touch to the site. Illustration is a diverse and immersive field, and get inspired to create your own is the first step to getting started.

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desktop browser window frameJane Cabrera desktop
phone window frameJane Cabrera mobile
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Jane Cabrera

Theme used: Order

Jane Cabrera is a well-known author and illustrator of children’s books. She has written and illustrated 59 books that have been translated into more than 25 languages. She has won awards in both the US and Europe. Jane’s books range from picture books to board books for babies. Jane designs her books from the initial concept, including novelty elements and hand typography. Many of her picture books are based on traditional nursery rhymes, updated with her own modern fun twist.
desktop browser window frameSid Sharp desktop
phone window frameSid Sharp mobile
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Sid Sharp

Theme used: Peak

Sid is an illustrator and comic artist whose drawings are usually irreverent and a little spooky. They live in Toronto, where they're working on a new graphic novel.
desktop browser window frameHenry Rivers desktop
phone window frameHenry Rivers mobile
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Henry Rivers

Theme used: Amazon

Best know for his playful, minimalist posters, Henry Rivers is an illustrator with a passion for travel. Working in a combination of hand-painted and digital techniques, Henry creates richly textured artworks with a sense of calm and escapism. Originally from the Isle of Wight, Henry is currently living and working in London. His artwork has been exhibited in 18 different countries and appeared on wine bottles, book covers and airline trolleys.
desktop browser window frameKevin Herrmann desktop
phone window frameKevin Herrmann mobile
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Kevin Herrmann

Theme used: Capture

Kevin Herrmann is a freelance animator and illustrator based in Germany. Currently, he is open to commissions and collaborations.
desktop browser window frameSara Sarhangpour desktop
phone window frameSara Sarhangpour mobile
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Sara Sarhangpour

Theme used: Peak

Sara Sarhangpour is a Toronto-based illustrator and artist. Her work reflects and intertwines her personal experiences with her love of all things cute (and sometimes creepy). She draws inspiration from nature, fantasy, city life, the mundane, and the occult. Her influences include Michael DeForge, FriendsWithYou, TokiDoki, Gary Baseman, and Takashi Murakami. She welcomes everyone into her whimsical and colourful world filled with quirky characters and crazy details.
desktop browser window frameTanya Denysenko desktop
phone window frameTanya Denysenko mobile
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Tanya Denysenko

Theme used: Peak

At the root of Tanya’s illustrations and design, there is always a story. Tanya believes it is this story that has the power to influence how a piece of work begins before it disappears or changes form. A person’s story, the dimensions of reality in his/her life and the confluence of rational and irrational in a person's mind all pose as subject matter for Tanya’s art. Tanya lives in Kiyv, Ukraine.
desktop browser window frameMiriam Galea desktop
phone window frameMiriam Galea mobile
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Miriam Galea

Theme used: Ora

Miriam Galea studied English and Art at the University of Malta, furthering her studies in Illustration at St Luc in Brussels. She also studied Theatre at MTADA, Malta. She performed with various theatre companies and founded her own theatre company Urbania in 2002. She currently lives in Brussels. Ever noncommittal, she evades definition, in the belief that the unspoken is often truer than the explained, opting instead for a wistful, elusive dreaminess.
desktop browser window frameJo Ley desktop
phone window frameJo Ley mobile
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Jo Ley

Theme used: Amazon

Jo Ley is a NSW-based illustrator working predominantly in digital. Jo Ley studied Illustration at the University of the Arts London. After the graduation show, he was offered a Junior House Artist job working with two sister studios, one making pre-visualisation artwork and the other finished illustration. Since then, he has moved to Sydney to work as a freelance artist and is represented by The Jacky Winter Group.
desktop browser window frameChris Rawding desktop
phone window frameChris Rawding mobile
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Chris Rawding

Theme used: Clarity

Rawding specializes in digital illustration, caricature design, branding, and book illustrations as well as screen printing and logo design. His distinctive comic art style combined with creativity and passion takes his subject matter to another level, creating edgy, eye-catching designs. For over 25 years, Rawding has taken risks and pushed his concepts beyond the ordinary with a knack for modern, bold, and organic design.
desktop browser window frameJordan Kressley desktop
phone window frameJordan Kressley mobile
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Jordan Kressley

Theme used: Amazon

Jordan Kressley is a pastel artist specializing in traditional portraiture, fantastical realism, pop surrealism, narrative works, and illustrated poetry. She is also a muralist and sign painter operating out of Philadelphia. She has always been heavily influenced by his observations of the natural world and considers his work to be a study of the interactions and conflicts therein. Jordan works traditionally in chalk pastel.
desktop browser window framePatrick Butler desktop
phone window framePatrick Butler mobile
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Patrick Butler

Theme used: Ora

Patrick Butler finds inspiration from his neighborhood; the natural spaces, urban parks, trails and trees of the Don River watershed. Patrick studied illustration at Sheridan College and art history at the University of Toronto. He lives, works and teaches in Toronto and writes the art education blog Split Complementary. Patrick’s images have been used by the Toronto Star, Kodak Canada, Toronto Community Gardens, Society6, Collective Arts Brewing and Michael Roger Press.
desktop browser window frameClive McFarland desktop
phone window frameClive McFarland mobile
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Clive McFarland

Theme used: Ora

Clive McFarland is a children's book author and illustrator. Clive was raised in County Tyrone before studying art in Derry and Liverpool. His first and second picture-books were both shortlisted for the AOI World Illustration Awards, and 'One Leaf, Two Leaves, Count with Me!' was chosen for Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. Clive's clients include HarperCollins, Penguin US, Templar, Froebel, and Marks & Spencer. He lives in Northern Ireland.
desktop browser window frameAndrei Nicolescu desktop
phone window frameAndrei Nicolescu mobile
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Andrei Nicolescu

Theme used: Gloss

Andrei Nicolescu is a 28 year-old visual artist living and working in Bucharest, Romania. Andrei is passionate about all art and design. He’s dedicated to creating strikingly minimalist images infused with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. Andrei works primarily in the fields of editorial illustration, animation, album artwork, and book cover illustration artwork.
desktop browser window frameDot. Tayla Maree desktop
phone window frameDot. Tayla Maree mobile
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Dot. Tayla Maree

Theme used: Triptych

Tayla Maree is a multidisciplinary artist in rural Queensland, Australia. Soft landscapes, plant/animal studies, and some quirky digital illustrations can all be found throughout her works.
desktop browser window frameFrank Dormer desktop
phone window frameFrank Dormer mobile
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Frank Dormer

Theme used: Aperture

Frank Dormer is the author and illustrator of books like The Sword in the Stove, Click!, Socksquatch, and The Obstinate Pen. He is also the illustrator behind many other children's titles, including the Aggie and Ben, and Adventures Jo Schmo. His book Firefighter Duckies was released in 2017. It was then followed by two more illustrated books, Octopus Escapes, written by Nathaniel Lachenmeyer, and Ebenezer Has a Word for Everything, written by Chelsea Rowe, which were published in 2018.
desktop browser window frameFiona McDonnell desktop
phone window frameFiona McDonnell mobile
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Fiona McDonnell

Theme used: Peak

Fiona McDonnell is an Irish illustrator from Belfast with a distinct and colorful style of work. Often accompanied by commentary and self-reflection on social issues, music, film, or whatever else she may be interested in at the time.
desktop browser window frameArt Studio Yuko desktop
phone window frameArt Studio Yuko mobile
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Art Studio Yuko

Theme used: Peak

Yuko is a fashion Illustrator working in New York City. Her favorite mediums are ink, watercolor, oil pastel, and colored pencil as well as paper collage. She especially enjoys doing live-drawing, live-portrait at events or drawing sessions.
desktop browser window frameAllie Ballesteros desktop
phone window frameAllie Ballesteros mobile
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Allie Ballesteros

Theme used: Amazon

Allie is a Peruvian-Cuban American Illustrator and Artist based in Manhattan. She is currently working as a Junior Illustrator at Rockstar Games. Allie's goal with her creative work is to empower women of color to embrace their power and be proud of where they are from.
desktop browser window frameCaitlin Duennebier desktop
phone window frameCaitlin Duennebier mobile
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Caitlin Duennebier

Theme used: Peak

Caitlin works in painting, drawing, sculpture, and animation. She creates surreal narratives that focus on a cast of oddball characters. Drawn in a crude and illustrative manner, her scenes commingle threat and sly humor, showing everyday life tainted with the disappointments of violence and body image.

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