Illustrator Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

We all know the saying, "images are worth a thousand words." Let us help you get your illustrations noticed with these top portfolio tips for illustrators.

June 18, 2021
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Kaelen Elise Felix

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Steve Adams

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Baxevanakis, Dina

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Fernando Volken Togni

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Carly Gledhill

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Illustration Portfolio Tips: Start With Clear Goals

Starting a website can feel intimidating, especially when you don't know where to start. The best way to establish your professional illustration portfolio is a clear goal in mind and a plan. Here’s where you can start: what's the purpose of your website? It's likely to attract new clients or show off your creative work for job opportunities. In that case, you want to craft a plan that will get you the results you want.

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desktop browser window frameMadelyn Cordeiro
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Madelyn Cordeiro

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Ofobuike Okudoh

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Cyrielle Viany

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Nicki Startek

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desktop browser window frameGeorgia Woodhall
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Georgia Woodhall

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Illustration Projects For Portfolio: Highlight Your Best Work

Rather than sharing every artwork work you've ever done, think about curating your portfolio to showcase your best work instead. We've said it before plenty of times, but your illustration portfolio is only as strong as your weakest work, which means you want your best work to shine through. Cluttering your website with subpar projects will only bring down your overall achievements. If you're not sure what to include in your portfolio, consider the type of work you'd like to do and cater your website to appeal to those types of projects. Don't forget to ask colleagues who will give you honest and constructive feedback about your chosen pieces. 

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desktop browser window frameAlexander Breden
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Alexander Breden

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desktop browser window frameKatie Mulligan
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Katie Mulligan

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desktop browser window frameRyan Hodge of Woof Portrait
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Ryan Hodge of Woof Portrait

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Anne-Cécile Lafourcade.

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Allison Hall

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Illustration Tips For Beginners: Create Consistently

Whenever you plan a creative portfolio, we ask beginner illustrators what type of work they'd like to get into. Often, the answer is "I don't know." The best way to get around this is to try a breath of projects and see what area of illustration you enjoy working in. The truth is, the only way to find out is to produce work consistently and to try a wide range of styles and project types from comics, product illustrations, book covers, and animations. 

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desktop browser window frameMarie Rougevin-Baville
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Marie Rougevin-Baville

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desktop browser window frameGeorgia Sofokleous
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Georgia Sofokleous

Theme used: Peak About Georgia Sofokleous
desktop browser window frameFrancesco Paonessa
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Francesco Paonessa

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desktop browser window frameMirco Steckhan
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Mirco Steckhan

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desktop browser window frameWendy Wong
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Wendy Wong

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desktop browser window frameAnna Sorokina
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Anna Sorokina

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Digital Illustration Tips: Regularly Update Your Portfolio

Your life experiences, artistic influences, and project work will continue to shape your creative style, which is why you must regularly update your digital illustration portfolio to reflect your work. Stylistic trends will also change over time, so you want to show potential clients that you can maintain relevance in your work. Try to keep your portfolio pieces recent within a 2–3 year timeframe. 

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Alexis Eke

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Fátima Bravo

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desktop browser window frameClémence Thune
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Clémence Thune

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desktop browser window frameVicky To
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Vicky To

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desktop browser window frameMelissa Guachun
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Melissa Guachun

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Illustration Tips For Beginners: Take On Work That Aligns With You

If a project comes your way that you're truly not excited about, learn how to pass it up gracefully. While it may feel like you need to take on all the projects that come across your desk as you start your career as an illustrator, you must learn to only take on work that aligns with your goals. Otherwise, you risk producing sub-par work for projects you're not as excited about, and it won't be helpful to building your portfolio. 

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