Web Design Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

You want to create the best web design portfolio possible, right? If you answered yes, it’s time to start gathering up inspiration with these seriously impressive web design portfolio examples. Plus, don’t forget to take in our must-have tips to get your portfolio started off on the right foot.

April 12, 2023
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Theme used: Horizon

Taylor Horne is an American visual artist who combines Photography, Set Design and Fabrication. He began with a formal education in black and white film photography, but growing up building things led him to expand his career into Art Direction and Set Design. His fascination with creating environments led him to work under Set Designers like Mary Howard, and Production Designer Richard Hoover.

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Theme used: Sun
About HE—Studios

Harrison Scott Kuykendall is a New York based Retoucher and Art Director and the owner of post production house HE—Studios. Our clients include: Stella Artois, Target, Virgin Voyages, Todd Snyder, Champion, Bare Minerals, Variety Magazine, Tommy Hilfiger, Vera Wang, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Micheal Kors, Clinique, Allure, DKNY, Perry Ellis.

desktop browser window frameRashpal Gurm desktop
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Rashpal Gurm

Theme used: Peak
About Rashpal Gurm

Rashpal Gurm is a freelance creative image retoucher, working directly with ad agencies and photographers across the world. Taking a thoughtful, methodical approach in work to deliver innovative, premium images with a commercial finish.

desktop browser window frameHozan Zangana desktop
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Hozan Zangana

Theme used: Foreground
About Hozan Zangana

Hozan Zangana is inspired by language, tradition and rituals; essential elements in our world that do not occupy any physical space. Zangana’s objects offer a new life to old heritages.

desktop browser window frameJuliet June desktop
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Juliet June

Theme used: Sharp
About Juliet June

Blacklight creates handcrafted paper light shades. Folded simplicity, carefully and lovingly made.

desktop browser window frameedgar desktop
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Theme used: Sierra
About edgar

Edgar Ferrer is a motion designer and animator working for almost 15 years between Barcelona, Brussels, and Berlin. He loves telling stories through design and animation in 2D, 3D, or mixing both at the same time.


Web Design Portfolio Tip: Design and Navigation Are Key  

As a web designer, the last thing you want is a poorly functioning website that users struggle to navigate. You want to show potential clients that you know how to put together a visually appealing website that not only looks great, but also functions well. You need to consider both elements if you want to reel people in with your eye for design. For example, make sure users can easily navigate to various examples in your portfolio. In addition, don’t forget to make your contact information readily available for potential leads. Even something as simple as ensuring your navigation bar is front and center can make all the difference in ensuring that your website stands out as a web design portfolio example that other designers envy.

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desktop browser window framegwennwy desktop
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Theme used: Sharp
About gwennwy

Gwen is a motion designer, sketcher, and creative creator. Her work style is described as dynamic and sleek in motion, yet she is simultaneously raw and intense in her drawings with her expressive strokes.

desktop browser window frameMarius Wilkens-Zimmermann desktop
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Marius Wilkens-Zimmermann

Theme used: Frame
About Marius Wilkens-Zimmermann

Marius Wilkens-Zimmermann is a multi-disciplinary digital artist creating CGI for the world of cosmetics, products, and packaging. Based in Paraguay, South America, Marius brings invaluable studio and agency experience providing high end visuals for advertising clients. Specializing in the combination of CGI with 3D rendering, and post production retouching, Marius merges his artistic skills with technical accuracy to increase production value exponentially.

desktop browser window frameBANDINI BOOKS desktop
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Theme used: Kiln

BANDINI BOOKS is a publishing house, specializing in artists' books, prints and multiples. Working closely and in collaboration with artists, institutions, galleries, collectors and the general public, BANDINI PROJECTS will serve, in tangent to their publishing house, as a dynamic venue for the production and execution of art related exhibitions, installations and happenings.

desktop browser window frameRobert Dawson desktop
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Robert Dawson

Theme used: Ora
About Robert Dawson

Alice Lane is a team of experienced cabinetmakers, committed to creating beautiful interiors. We work closely with clients, architects, designers and builders to turn dreams into stunning homes. We do both manufacture and install high-end residential joinery.

desktop browser window frameVincent Corbière desktop
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Vincent Corbière

Theme used: Gloss
About Vincent Corbière

Vincent Corbière is a sculptor, designer, one of a kind furniture maker, master craftsman, bespoke, international clientele and private collectors.

desktop browser window frameGLASS HOUSE PARTNERS desktop
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Theme used: Horizon Left

GLASS HOUSE PARTNERS is a LA based interior design and real estate development company with over 20 years experience.


Web Design Ideas: Don’t Forget About The Principle Elements of Design

Your portfolio needs to be a reflection of your skill as a designer, and that means keeping all design principles in mind as you go about building your website. Colors, spacing, typography, branding, and even logo design; no detail is too small when it comes to designing your website. While you’ll certainly find that different clients have different preferences and tastes, staying true to your own unique aesthetic will help ensure you attract the right clients to your work. You should always feel confident enough to step outside the bounds of convention as a designer, but it’s also important to cultivate an awareness of when sticking with classic design principles might serve you best. Continue to practice your craft, and you’ll likely struggle much less when making this call.

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desktop browser window frameZineb Hamza desktop
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Zineb Hamza

Theme used: Exposure
About Zineb Hamza

Zineb Hamza is a Digital Artist and Multidisciplinary Designer based in Tangier, Morocco. Zineb holds a diploma of Design and a degree in Philosophy from the National Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan. Zineb captures things that are pure and simple. She is fascinated by the details. Graphic design and digital art are Zineb’s ways of expression in the creative world: they are the connection and the union of her approach to the several disciplines in which she practices.

desktop browser window frameEarly Cloud Design desktop
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Early Cloud Design

Theme used: Order
About Early Cloud Design

Early Cloud Design Integration Limited is a creative design integration company from Macau. The designer members are mainly from Macau, Taiwan and Malaysia. Their work focuses on using rigorous market research and analysis methods, unique design methods, and innovative thinking to help customers successfully develop their brand business.

desktop browser window frameAhmed Bokhari desktop
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Ahmed Bokhari

Theme used: Horizon
About Ahmed Bokhari

Ahmed is a versatile and creative young professional who is passionate about various forms of design such as Architecture, Interior Design, Environmental Design, and Spatial Design. With experience in the Architecture and Interior Design industry, Ahmen is eager to build a career with the DGC with a focus on Set Design. Ahmed’s experiences as a multifaceted designer give him the right tools to jump into any project.

desktop browser window frameArnis Putnins desktop
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Arnis Putnins

Theme used: Order
About Arnis Putnins

Arnis’s work focuses on research-based design: photography, film, illustration, sculpture, and typography. Arnis is a graphic designer experienced in brand identity, creative direction, photography, film video production, illustration, and website design. He leverages graphic design communication knowledge combined with public relations agency work experience to help understand client interests in a broad context.

desktop browser window frameTena Tso desktop
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Tena Tso

Theme used: Ora
About Tena Tso

Tena is a talented designer whose collective work has been recognized with various International accolades and awards. With a passion for design, Tena is a natural collaborator and has worked with a library of noteworthy clients.

desktop browser window frameRachel Eck desktop
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Rachel Eck

Theme used: Order
About Rachel Eck

Rachel Eck is a designer and letterer from the NY/NJ metro area. She earned her art degree from Rutgers University and went on to work across many design mediums over the past 15 years. Starting in Brooklyn at a boutique custom font and typesetting shop in Park Slope, Rachel went on to do international brand guidelines, campaigns and event activations with brands like Verizon, Citi bike and Lyft.

desktop browser window frameEszter Zámori desktop
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Eszter Zámori

Theme used: Ora
About Eszter Zámori

Eszter has been a contemporary jewellery designer for more than 10 years. Eszter’s jewelry is made of materials that stand the test of time: precious metals, gemstones, and exotic wood. Eszter believes that an object prepared with the utmost attention will preserve the imprint of the moment years to come. The materials Eszter uses encapsulate just that. Eszter believes that the purpose of jewelry is to slow down time, to awaken passion, and to provide pleasure, just like a piece of candy.

desktop browser window frameRitesh Gupta desktop
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Ritesh Gupta

Theme used: Balance
About Ritesh Gupta

Ritesh Gupta is empathetic, creative, and mission-driven. He builds products, rebrands companies, produces effective creative outcomes, finds product-market fit, and builds internal teams.

desktop browser window frameAle Washington desktop
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Ale Washington

Theme used: Clarity
About Ale Washington

Ale Washington has a BFA for Product Design and works with a vast range of different mediums; from product development, creative direction and fine arts. She grew up in different countries, including Mexico, France, and the United States. She believes that diversity, cultural awareness and the ability to be uncomfortable are crucial traits when it comes to creation, or life for that matter. Her work is often influenced by behavioral and cognitive tendencies, organic imperfections, and the ridic

desktop browser window frameBen Dory desktop
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Ben Dory

Theme used: Order
About Ben Dory

Ben Dory is specialized in stainless steel granulation, welding individual spheres to surfaces to create ornate patterns. He currently maintains a studio and teaches in Little Rock, AR.

desktop browser window framePom Pom Factory desktop
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Pom Pom Factory

Theme used: Monocle
About Pom Pom Factory

Karen Hsu is the founder and creative director of Pom Pom Factory. Karen started making pom poms as visual merchandising props for independent shops in East London. Since then, she’s turned her papercraft into large-scale installations made from paper flowers of all varieties. Always experimenting with new techniques, colour combination and arrangement styles, Karen works closely with clients to create something special.

desktop browser window frameEric de Bruijn desktop
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Eric de Bruijn

Theme used: Monocle
About Eric de Bruijn

Eric de Bruijn's wish has always been, and always will be, the creation of an artistic habitat that fully fits in its surroundings. He likes to see his guests completely happy and comfortable by giving them an intense and safe welcome. Surrounded by beautiful design, great art, healthy food and happy smiling service.

desktop browser window frameHenning Kunow desktop
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Henning Kunow

Theme used: Shift
About Henning Kunow

Henning Kunow is a German rug and interior designer. He is working and living in Curitiba Brazil for 9 years. Creating ergonomic Interior designs, and furniture for residential and commercial spaces. working as Color consultant Creating individual Rug designs for architects to fit perfectly in their color range.

desktop browser window frameBaşak Kılıçbeyli desktop
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Başak Kılıçbeyli

Theme used: Horizon Left
About Başak Kılıçbeyli

Basak Kilicbeyli is from Istanbul, Turkey, and was born in Moscow, Russia in 1992. She received her BFA in Graphic Design from Yeditepe University in 2015. Until 2019, she worked as a freelance Graphic Designer. After earned a merit scholarship from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 2019, she came to the US and got her MFA degree in Studio Art in 2021. Basak Kilicbeyli currently lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

desktop browser window frameSimone Hummel desktop
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Simone Hummel

Theme used: Sierra
About Simone Hummel

Simone's work is exciting and fresh. Her ability to tell stories in innovative ways shows innovations in rethinking content marketing, events, and design. Bravo!

desktop browser window frameElora Crawford desktop
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Elora Crawford

Theme used: Horizon
About Elora Crawford

Elora Crawford is a brand and communications designer based in Montréal, Canada.

desktop browser window frameRich Heaton desktop
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Rich Heaton

Theme used: Horizon
About Rich Heaton

Rich Heaton is a commercial photographer with a love for Beauty, Fashion, and Advertising Photography. He has been featured on billboards for New York Fashion week among other print and web-based publications.

desktop browser window frameTonica Pitman desktop
phone window frameTonica Pitman mobile
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Tonica Pitman

Theme used: Array
About Tonica Pitman

Founder of TYPFFE, Tonicia Pitman is a designer, mom of two, and successful businesswoman. When she started TYPFFE, she set out to discover what would make her clothing different than every other clothing brand. The result is trendy designs that are fit for the everyday working woman, whether she is a mother or a boss lady juggling many projects. TYPFFE provides clothing that gives you the freedom to go about your business comfortably, while still looking great.


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