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Madeleine Hordinski

“Madeleine Hordinski is a freelance documentary photographer based in Cincinnati and a regular contributor to The New York Times and the Washington Post, covering stories throughout Midwest. Her work has also appeared in National Geographic, Die Zeit, and Teen Vogue, among others.”

Template: Offset


“Holly Anderson works primarily with painting as a practice for investigating anxious bodily and psychic sensations. An awareness of the body as a form messily embedded within threatened ecologies belies this interest. With continual reference to the bathers and sunlit landscapes of classical romantic landscape painting, various ways the body might be more strangely implicated in these systems are tentatively explored.”

Template: Meander

Sonny Alejandra Sinclair

“Sonny Alejandra is a Mexican filmmaker and artist based in Europe. Her work has been part of international exhibitions and publications in Latin America, Europe and Asia. Her background in cinematography has led her to collaborate in several film productions and projects. Sonny’s work is influenced by ambiguous aesthetics and imagery that she often finds in the works of her favorite writers, painters, photographers, and cinematographers.”

Template: Grace


“Lena Kolb was born and raised in South Philadelphia where she currently lives. The focus of her art practice is using weaving, dying and image making to reflect on the power of fantasy and memory to shape our understanding of the world and our place within it. She currently is a professor in the Fibers and Material Studies departments at Tyler School of Art and Architecture and University of the Arts in Philadelphia. ”

Template: Amazon

David Sirgany

“David Sirgany is a visual artist interested in aesthetic principles that directly alter the way we see. Their current series of ‘Unified-Field Compositions’ illustrates this through the use of mirror symmetry. Each composition is built from a single photographic image. The final image remains faithful to the visual accuracy of the original photograph, yet an entirely different visual experience unfolds.”

Template: Foray

Andrea Rojas

“Andrea Rojas is a Mexican visual artist based in Berlin working at the intersection of photography and videography. Their work thrives on telling stories through surrealist, extravagant, colorful, joyful, emotional, queer, and dramatic perspectives. ”

Template: Ora

Genie Tran

“Genie Hien Tran (Trần Phan Minh Hiền) is a visual artist and designer from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and currently based in Minneapolis, MN.”

Template: Kiln

Katharina Reinsbach

“ Katharina Reinsbach is a Berlin-based artist. Currently they are studying Painting/Fine Arts at Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin with Prof. Pia Linz and Prof. Friederike Feldmann. Katharina loves drawing because it is the easiest and cheapest way to make adventures every day.”

Template: Kiln

Icaro Kosak

“Icaro Kosak is an artist whose career encompasses photography, textile design and interior decoration. Born in Rome, he trained as a fashion designer in the atelier of his mother, Boža Košak. He went on to study architecture, and art history in Tübingen, Munich and Rome.”

Template: Albers

Ines Silva

“Ines Silva is an artist dedicated to abstract geometric art and research of new materials. They developed an inclination for arts, since her student days at the faculty of Architecture and Urbanism (FAU) of the Central University of Venezuela. After her graduation with honors in 1992, she decided to focus on art, based on the study of geometry, proportion, and color to permanently explore new creative possibilities, in formal, material and technical aspects.”

Template: Peak

Shot by member Mark Clennon