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Eden Knutilla

“Eden Knutilla is a non-binary, Oakland-based artist who creates small contemplative sculptures and claymation films based around beach and street litter. Their work investigates intersections of trash, queerness, spirituality and consumer culture. They see working with trash as an opportunity to re-frame our responsibility to our objects and each other, and to create narratives that inspire different ways of considering what we might have seen as disposable.”

Theme: Peak

Sonia Haberstich

“Sonia Haberstich was born in Quebec City in 1960. She obtained a BFA in Studio Arts in 2004 and an MFA in Painting from Concordia University in 2008. She presented her work in numerous solo exhibitions nationally and internationally, she also took part in many group shows in Quebec and around the world. She has received many grants and produced many public works. She is very active in her community with teaching and cultural mediation. Articles and publications around her work abound.”

Theme: Monocle

Stella Morais

“Renowned Photographer and Art director with 10+ years of experience, Stella works in a variety of sub-sectors within the creative industry. She is a Brazilian visual artist based in London and available upon request Internationally. Her collaborations include some of the leading global fashion brands and magazines such as Wonderland Magazine, Hunger Magazine, Chanel and Bimba Y Lola.”

Theme: Kiln

Gershon kreimer

“Gershon Kreimer (U.S.A., b. Lima, Peru) lives and works in Los Angeles. He graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. His photographic nudes - stark, unadorned and unabashedly austere; ensure that the emotional connection with the viewer of every image remains intact, integral and entirely reflective of both Kreimer and the subject. Kreimer’s images, stripped away of any distracting adornments, are testimonies and tributes to the power of a singular emotion. ”

Theme: Coral

Lavender Chang

“Lavender Chang's focus lies in conceptual photography. Reflection of the sensitivity towards the surrounding nuances creates an extended canvas allowing contemplation and leaving behind traces of her mortality through the passage of time. Exhibited at Singapore Art Museum, Sundaram Tagore Gallery NYC, Mizuma Gallery, The Arts House, Gajah Gallery Yogyakarta, Alliance Française de Singapour. She won Noise Singapore Prize, France+ Singapore Photographic Art Awards and President Design Award.”

Theme: Ora

Matt Lee

“Matt Lee is an artist, illustrator and educator. His work has exhibited across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, including the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Mall Galleries in London. He uses drawing, collage, photography and video to examine processes for constructing, framing and manipulating visual messages.”

Theme: Ora

Mariana Coló

“Mariana Coló, born in December 1986 / Based in Buenos Aires. As an anthropologist and artist, she intends to apprehend the world in a way that goes beyond superficial observation. Her artistic work takes the form of watercolour paintings and embroideries; a hybrid body of work that weaves theory with fiction, informal fieldwork with poetic sensibility, mythology with personal narrative. In order to represent an intimate visual ethnography animated by subtle flows of fragmentation and mutation.”

Theme: Mica

Shawn Mathis Gooden

“Gooden creates mixed media drawings and installations where the materials used switches as often as the visual story being conveyed. Yet the touch and the correlation of that piece to a personal experience is always present. Also providing a different form of delicacy through their varying mediums. There are underlying tones of storytelling, intimacy, and nostalgia. Each piece is triggered by either by a piece of literature or aspects of the many communities of which Gooden belongs. ”

Theme: Grace

Jean-Michel Garachon

“Jean-Michel Garachon is a Parisian painter who mixes artwork, calligraphy, humor and poetry in his works. He begins his artistic work in stained glass and art restoration in various workshops, and then on his own in original creations. During the 1990s, Jean-Michel developed a passion for interior architecture and design. He creates many pieces of furniture with curves that are out of the ordinary, bright colors and singular style.”

Theme: Foray


“A self taught painter, history hoarder and canvas tent enthusiast Sara is directly descended from legends of the old frontier– including Wild Bill and great grandfather Sequah who toured with Buffalo Bill Cody. Her ancestry stretches to the eastern woodlands where her grandfathers were the literal inspiration for J.F. Coopers “Last of the Mohicans” tales. She says she works between yesteryear and tomorrow, on an antique easel, that holds a new canvas and it is a good place to be.”

Theme: Peak

Updated on August 13, 2019 | By Steph Davidson

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