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Aiden Harmitt-Williams

“In his works, Aiden Harmitt-Williams strive to evoke more than shallow beauty. He look to deliver something more akin to when you taste a dish (not porcelain but the food atop it) and notice a spice you favour, subtly applied but giving you more than you came for. He has discovered the reward of a slow cook, taking time to compose, angle and most importantly not to waste.”

Template: Horizon Left

Alun Be

“Alun Be is an artist who strives to portray African modernity. Born Alioune Ba in 1981 in Dakar, Senegal, Be credits the development of his oeuvre largely to his French, American, and West African upbringing. Be’s parents did not believe art was a stable career, pushing him to pursue an M.A. in Architecture. After two years as an architect in Senegal, a move to Denmark sparked his love for photography. Since then, Be has exhibited at the Milan Universal Exposition, and the Dakar Biennale.”

Template: Amazon

Charlotte Hodges

“Born to French American parents and brought up traveling the world with a home base in Mexico, CHACHA could truly be considered a citizen of the world. Fluent in multiple languages and cultures, themes of inter-connectivity, solidarity, and responsibility for the environment are common in her work. On the floor and walls of her home, in countless journals, and recently through various expositions and publications, CHACHA has created as she lives, laying bare the evolution of her mind and art.”

Template: Mica

Shane Dedman

“Shane Dedman is a an artist that blends image, audio, and transpoetics into paint, print, screen, and exhibition. They have been published in Wussy Mag, Oz Magazine, fLoromancy, and Analog Cookbook. He lives in NYC. ”

Template: Meander

Junghun Kim

“Junghun Kim (South Korea, 1991). His work researches the effects of economic and technological development on peoples' perception and attitudes in relation to the contemporary world. By observing transformative dynamics in the natural world, Kim's works are conceived as activation systems which look to stimulate a critical reflection towards the reality we live in. ”

Template: Horizon Left

“It seems like an excursion through art history, sometimes chronological, sometimes suddenly leaping in time. Icons of our unconscious world, that carry Elizabeth Koning's personal picture language. The portraits have been photographed with a great deal of consideration and they are automatically examined with much attention. The persons seem very lifelike because she slightly make use of the sfumato technique amongst other things, but also because they are extremely realistically photographed.”

Template: Amazon

Anique Jordan

“Anique Jordan is a multi-disciplinary artist, award-winning writer, scholar and social-entrepreneur. As an artist, her artwork plays with the aesthetics found in traditional Trinidadian carnival and the theory of hauntology challenging historical narratives and creating, what she calls, impossible images. Her art creation processes are guided by the questions: What stories do we tell that go unchallenged? And in how many ways can we know a thing?”

Template: Order

Raquel Da Silva

“Raquel Da Silva is a Toronto creative, working primarily in painting and design. Focused on creating environments with her paintings and sculptures, Raquel has collaborated with clients such as Nike Air Jordan, Adidas Original and Reebok. ”

Template: Fabric

Mollie Serena

“Mollie Serena is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York City's Lower East Side. Serena works in photography, sculpture, light art, installation and film. ”

Template: Ora

Aliya Kahsay

“Aliya Kahsay is a creative artist based in Toronto, Canada. Kahsay showed an early interest and talent in the arts since a child. She credits her time travelling and completing her BFA at Concordia University as her opportunity to come into her own. ”

Template: Peak

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