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“Katherine Mitchell DiRico uses drawing, sculpture, light, and sound elements to create multimedia installations that investigate how we negotiate connectivity and sense perception in today’s networked world.”

Template: Horizon Left


“Kiara "Aris" Florez is an illustrator who works primarily in acrylics and inks to create abstract artworks. Since drawing professionally at 16 years old, her works have always strived to create stories, play with vibrant colors, and develop a unique style. After some years of studying realism, Aris has taken her works into a more semi-abstract design that is often most recognized by wavy lines and wild bold colors. ”

Template: Monocle

Carla Fache

“Carla Fache is a chilean born, Miami-based visual artist who explores through her paintings the frontiers of color, space, balance and matter. Her work unfolds the juncture of different scenarios occurring simultaneously in parallel realities, providing interconnected timelines through her canvas, as portals to new dimensions. ”

Template: Order

Kais, Nataly

“Nataly Kais is a Toronto based creative interested in sustainability, human connection and mindfulness. Her practice includes painting, 2D work, 3D work as well as animation. ”

Template: Amazon

Abdo Hassan

“Abdo Hassan is a Junior Art Director, based in Cairo, Egypt. Specialized in digital visual arts, digital collages, and mixed media, joined international exhibitions, and got featured in various books and mags. ”

Template: Order

Alexandra Diez de Rivera

“Alexandra Diez de Rivera is a visual artist based in London working with photography. Her portrait work has been included in publications such as Vanity Fair, FT Magazine, Shanghai Daily, and Le Point and she is represented in private and public collections in the UK, China, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece and Dubai. Diez de Rivera has been pushing the boundaries of digital photography with her theatrical tableaux and staged portraits.”

Template: Grace

Lisa Daniels

“Lisa Daniels is an artist and creator. Having a background in Music & Human Genetics, her work is guided by the principle of Identity, Evolution, & Expression. "All living creatures have omnipresent uniqueness- a code- that gives us the integral backbone of our physical being. Combined with the ability to evolve & expand each day, we can rise to capacity to express our true individuality and identity. This whole process can be raw & uncharted, but it is always natural & beautiful." -Lisa”

Template: Albers

Kama Rosinska

“Kama Rosinska, born 1976, Lublin. Graduated from Academies of Fine Arts in Gdansk and Poznan, Poland (MFA in Photography, 2006). Among others, she presented her works at Dakar Biennale OFF, Senegal, X Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art, Young Art summer exhibitions at historic Galeria Pod Baranami, or Fotogen Gallery, Wrocław. In 2016 awarded The President of the Jury's Honorary Mention at International Contest of Digital Photo-Creation CYBERFOTO, Czestochowa, Poland for her cycle“Dancer”.”

Template: Obsidian

T. Sydney Bergeron Mikus

“T. Sydney Bergeron Mikus is an award-winning cultural worker based in New York City. They create work driven by healing activism, art and narrative as tools for change, and self-care as disruption. Sydney has written or provided interviews for i-D, PAPER, NYLON, and more, and contributed to Teen Vogue, them., Planned Parenthood of NYC, and Beauty Bakerie.”

Template: Sun

De Vil

“De Vil is a British artist. He produces digital art with a devilish sense of humour. Taking well known images he edits and adds to produce surprising and evocative work. He created his first piece of art in early 2018 titled 'Banana Gun', as a present for his father's birthday. De Vil is inspired by street art and the modern world. The name De Vil is his wife's surname and he uses it as a credit to her for giving him the courage and support to follow his dreams and become an artist. ”

Template: Kiln

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