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Madeleine Hordinski

“Madeleine Hordinski is a freelance documentary photographer based in Cincinnati and a regular contributor to The New York Times and the Washington Post, covering stories throughout Midwest. Her work has also appeared in National Geographic, Die Zeit, and Teen Vogue, among others.”

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Amelie Raoul

“Amélie Raoul is a french filmmaker. She writes and directs music videos and short films, takes both live and staged photographs, and occasionally works in the camera department on short and feature films. She has an interest in experimental work, and the unusual in cinematography. ”

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Sonny Alejandra Sinclair

“Sonny Alejandra is a Mexican filmmaker and artist based in Europe. Her work has been part of international exhibitions and publications in Latin America, Europe and Asia. Her background in cinematography has led her to collaborate in several film productions and projects. Sonny’s work is influenced by ambiguous aesthetics and imagery that she often finds in the works of her favorite writers, painters, photographers, and cinematographers.”

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Steven Schmidt

“Steven Schmidt is an interdisciplinary and award-winning creative professional with a rich background in graphic design, marketing management and broadcast radio. His diverse set of skills and interests, ranging from history and science to sociology, music, architecture, design, and pop culture, lends a well-rounded, versatile and multidimensional approach to his work.”

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Robert James Johnson

“Robert James Johnson painted with oil colors for a number of years but he has always loved the look of woodcut and linocut art. Creating monotypes allows him to capture and combine some of the dynamics of oil painting with the monochromatic sharp linear character of a woodcut. Robert's recent exploration of Alternative Photography has let to the production of Cyanotypes via Digital and Pinhole photography.”

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Daniela Gutiérrez

“Daniela Gutiérrez is a Mexican-born, Spanish-based stylist and fashion consultant. On completing her studies at Istituto Europeo di Design, her career includes over 14 years in fashion publishing, her credits include styling at Elle Spain, Elle Kids, Elle Gourmet, Ego, Fotogramas, Hola Fashion, In Style, Mirror Mirror Magazine and fashion direction at Cosmopolitan Spain and currently fashion and beauty direction at Neo2 Magazine.”

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“Andrea Carandini is a spanish art director, graphic designer & illustrator specialized in fashion, color and trends analysis, currently living in Barcelona.”

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Peter Oey

“Cynosurabooks is a publishing atelier specialising in self-published, limited edition photography based artist books and zines. The artworks are made with love and care, perfect for collectors and book-lovers.”

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Alec Jesse Charlip

“Alec is a Freelance Creative Director + Co-Founder @ Born Artists. Alec also holds the title of NY Editor-at-large for Autre Magazine.”

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David Ctorza

“David Ctorza is a french Photographer / Film-maker based in Paris. He started working for fashion and jewelry brands in 2014. From 2015 to 2018 he traveled in the united state and Australia where he worked for artists and local brands. David's approach to photography and filming is part artistic and aims to create and get inspired everyday. Capturing the very best moment in each stills, he tries to create the absolute composition and colors.”

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Shot by member Mark Clennon