Creative Art

Roarie Yum

“Passionate co-creator & Muse by nature Roarie Yum's approach to modeling is collaborative and offers a wealth of her experiences paired with curiosity. She creates learning atmospheres, exposing you to new techniques, styles of lighting, ways of visualizing spaces, and new methods of creative problem-solving. ”

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paul youenn

“Paul Youenn is an artist-designer fascinated by vibrations, rituals, and gestures. He focuses his approach on the combination of high-technology and old craftsmanship. His fascination for vibrations is born from his will to understand and feel systems, matter, cultures... Instinctively, when he tries to understand, he "zooms in". By focusing on the scale of atoms, he realized that absolutely everything around us is composed of energies and vibrations.”

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Par Nair

“Par is an Indian born Canadian maker. She lives and works in Toronto. Her paintings are based on the societal perceptions of the millennial generation.”

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Nick McGovern

“Wave Above Sea Level (WASL) is the creative project of Melbourne, Australia based graphic designer / graphic artist Nick McGovern. WASL specialises in high quality fine art prints and usable and wearable products for you.”

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Leigh Wells

“Visual artist Leigh Wells constructs abstract collages and drawings of found materials, paper, and fabric with painted accents and interventions. As an internationally exhibiting artist, her work has been shown in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Hamburg and Amsterdam. Bay Area solo shows include Gregory Lind Gallery, Ampersand International Arts, and Gallery 16 in San Francisco. ”

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Shae Gregg

“Shae Gregg is an emerging artist from the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Gregg comments on ideas surrounding consciousness, spirituality, the human condition and the world around us. Images that explore the quality of life: innocence and experience, dreams and nightmares, fantasy and fact, beauty and ugliness; scenarios that trusts the viewer into a dislocated surreality where 'good' and 'bad' are on an equal plane. Gregg has exhibited nationally and internationally. ”

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Jonjo Lowe

“Jonjo is a multidisciplinary creative and video director, based in South East London. He wears a few hats as a video director, editor, producer and general post wizard — his core skills crossing video editing, writing, animation, graphic and print design. He is currently working alongside Burning Reel as a music video and commercial director, as well as editing and post-producing stills and moving image for clients crossing the arts, charity and dance.”

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Jatniel Lopez

“Jatniel Lopez is a photographer and illustrator specializing in portraiture, fashion, events and architecture. Born and raised in New Jersey, now based in New York, Jatniel’s work has been heavily influenced by the environment and community he grew up in. Much of his photography, therefore, focuses on the beauty of art, lifestyle and people at the center of urban culture. His illustration work is inspired by people he meets and his dreams.”

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Emma McCabe

“Emma is a multidisciplinary illustrator holding a BFA in illustration from the Maine College of Art. Her experience lies in storytelling, installations, marketing and design. She currently lives in Midcoast Maine and is the second half of Ginsu Media, owned with her partner and ultimate collaborator, Nishant John.”

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Aine Sandford

“Aine Sandford practices art as a way of life and is constantly exploring different styles and mediums as a means of expression. Her portfolio includes commercial art, screen printing, logos, greeting cards, album covers, and murals created in both studio and live settings. She believes in the meditative and therapeutic power of art to facilitate transformation, growth and healing. When painting she becomes focused, curious, and playful.”

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Updated on July 29, 2021 | By Steph Davidson

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