Multidisciplinary Art

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Jason Zante

“Jason Zante is a Filipino- Canadian multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada. His bold illustrations emphasize the use of colour as a visual language to communicate the emotions of the narrative in focus. His stylistic approach combines free-flowing abstract shapes and realistic elements as an interplay between lifelike and fantasy. Jason’s dreamlike and vibrantly colourwork focuses on the themes of ethereal beauty, everyday leisure, and Philippine culture. ”

Template: Horizon

Inga Gircyte

“inga gircyte is a multidisciplinary artist working in the field of painting, ceramics and sculpture. They received their education from OCAD University and currenly live in Elora, Ontario.”

Template: Peak

Malebona Maphutse

“Malebona Maphutse (b. 1994, South Africa) is a multimedia artist based in Johannesburg and Los Angeles. With a BA.FA from the University of Witwatersrand and an ongoing MFA in Filmmaking at the New York Film Academy, her works in painting, sculptural installations, and video art challenge historical narratives. Exhibited at prestigious events like the Bergen and Stellenbosch Triennials, her narrative explores the politics of space. Her residency stints span from Johannesburg to Brussels and Pari”

Template: Order

Mike Nguyen Van Le

“Mike Nguyen Van Le was born in Lagny-sur-Marne, to a Vietnamese father and a French mother fleeing the post-war chaos. While Vietnam was under American embargo, he spent his childhood in Val-de-Marne, where he was around the hip-hop scene for around fifteen years, first as an MC, the solo and also with a group. Attracted by comedy, Mike enrolled in a drama class and began her career in 2009. He also engages with photography and music”

Template: Slate

David Johnson

“David Johnson is an abstract pop artist living and working in Austin, Texas. Their work lies at the intersection of the organic, the geometric, the iconic and the abstract. Johnson's body of work can be encapsulated in three words :: abstraction, definition and deconstruction. They are most interested in exploring belief systems, and especially the birth and death of the American Dream and the validity of those desires.”

Template: Sun

Mikill Skugga

“Mikill Skugga creates analog collages. Always using just two clippings to make a picture. The aesthetic is very minimalistic. He thrives on the limitation that comes from the rule of connecting just two images. His pictures form a pair and there’s no space for overthinking, or for using tricks. It must be simple, strong, and honest to be effective.”

Template: Horizon Left

Charlot van Heeswijk

“Charlot is a freelance film and image-maker based in Berlin. She specializes in directing documentaries and music videos, figurative painting, and portrait photography.”

Template: Slate

Eric Oxford

“A connoisseur and creator of all things awesome. As we all need a break from the hyper-digital world we live in Eric Oxford strives to keep it tactile and real. Implementing stop motion animation & fabrication, original lighting, and sculpture work as well as interactive events with analog visuals, animation, music and more! If you want to make something cool and awesome, I'll help you make it a reality.”

Template: Grace


“Junshu Gu (kuulikki) is a London-based artist and writer. Her multimedia practice explores themes of identity, memory and social anxiety. Intersecting discourses around selective amnesia, collective memory and post-truth, her project is rooted in contemporary theory and draws from her own lived experience. Junshu’s work is situated within moving image, printmaking and installation. She is currently studying Contemporary Art Practice at the Royal College of Art.”

Template: Horizon

Melissa Godoy Nieto

“Melissa Godoy Nieto is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York City, born and raised in Mexico. Drawing and painting are Melissa’s primary practices, also used as dominant instruments for expanding into various formats such as performance, installation, sculpture, and video. In her work she investigates the relationship between experiences, feelings, unconscious thoughts, interpretations, and reality. ”

Template: Amazon

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