Sculptor Art

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Kent Laforme

“Kent Laforme completed his Fine Arts D.E.C in Montreal and completed his B.F.A at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Studying under John Greer, Kent fell in love with carving stone and immersed himself in the world of marble carving in Pietrasanta, Italy. His studio is on Vancouver Island.”

Template: Spruce

Mark Grey-Smith

“For five decades, Mark Grey-Smith has been making drawing-sand sculptures that embody his love of nature, science, mathematics, and the ways of knowing our world that is implicit in an understanding of the natural world. He has created a body of works that speak eloquently of the underlying geometry that informs us and teases us with hints of mysteries yet to be revealed.”

Template: Amazon

Filipa Cruz

“Filipa is an artist, researcher, and professor. Since 2012, has held individual and collective exhibitions and participated in numerous international conferences as Speaker. Filipa relates sculpture, installation and literature in a sculptural image that is both eternal and ephemeral.”

Template: Order

Yuri Zatarain

“Born in Mazatlan Sinaloa, México. Yuri is a Painter and sculptor. From an early age he was attracted to art, at the age of 6 he won his first painting competition, which woke up the beginning of a passionate international career. Yuri has become an icon of art worldwide. He has participated in more than 250 exhibitions around the world.”

Template: Amazon

Ned Jackson Smyth

“Ned has been involved in the realm of Public Art for a number of years and has successfully completed over fifty public commissions. These artworks have ranged from community-based projects, authority commissions and private commissions placed in Ireland, and Europe. Ned’s artworks range from ephemeral to permanent public art works. The underlying concepts are informed by the qualities of place, the interactions inherent in the specific space and the concerns of the human spirit.”

Template: Foray

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How to create an sculptor art portfolio website.

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