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Olivia Grace Di Gregorio

“Olivia Di Gregorio is an emerging Canadian artist who visits expressions about femininity, childhood, and melancholy in oil-painted subjects, integrating contemporary ideas and identities into a classic mythological framework. Her major inspirations are derived from exploring relationships between personal writings, reflections on inclusive ideologies, and the historical process of painting.”

Template: Foray

John Good

“Known as “Duke” to friends and associates, John Wesley Good is an Arkansas-born artist. The inception of his art career can be traced to a high school English assignment that required a book report. As fate would have it, Good chose Irving Stone’s “Lust For Life”, the biography of painter Vincent Van Gogh. So moved was Duke by the stirring account of the artist’s life that after spending twenty years as a musician, Duke returned to his first love and has been painting ever since.”

Template: Order

Jonathan Charlebois

“Jonathan Charlebois is an American artist most known for his loose brush strokes, abstract creations, and repetitive text-based works. The works of Charlebois aims to communicate both complex and basic emotions, ideas, or stories to the viewer in an honest matter. ”

Template: Post

John Irick

“John Irick is a Seattle-based artist whose work focuses on the existential. John is currently working on a series of paintings having to do with the future and inventions.”

Template: Grace

Kevin Lynch

“Kevin Lynch is an artist currently working in Massachusetts. Kevin is known for urban and domestic landscapes, where he captures movement and atmosphere through chaotic brushstrokes and lines. Kevin's work is influenced by busy city streets and large oversized buildings. ”

Template: Mica

Cassandra Rees

“Cassandra Rees is an emerging self-taught artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Since 2018, Rees has completed 3 murals in LA. Filled with curiosity, Cassandra endlessly explores new techniques and styles. Taking advantage of a sprouting passion for painting impasto, she puts her palette knife to work. She prefers a generous amount of paint delivering organic detail and lively texture to catch the viewers full attention. ”

Template: Ora

John Haynes

“John Haynes is an Oxfordshire-based landscape and seascape artist, his paintings inspired by scenes of beauty and interest, relishing each new challenge to capture the mood, atmosphere, and realism in minute detail with accuracy and precision. His oil paintings depict the beauty of the Greek Islands, specializing in Skiathos, the great British coastline, and the Cotswolds. His favorite part of any painting is water reflections, which can be seen in vivid detail in many of his latest works”

Template: Amazon

Vilte Fuller

“Born in Klaipeda, Lithuania, Vilte Fuller lives and works in London. She graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2018. Vilte works primarily in painting inspired by her Baltic heritage, science fiction storytelling and horror manga; she creates surreal narratives that feature characters in disturbing hues that appear both glamorous and repulsive. ”

Template: Horizon Left

Efe Kurt

“The Clique is an innovative artist team led by Efe Kurt based in New York City. The Clique performs production on visual arts. It aims to reveal the tactility, spatiality and sensation in the visual. The Clique argues that narratives over context should be an aftershock rather than a premise. The Clique is located at the intersection of the actual and the virtual. The place where this intersection becomes concrete is where art becomes eternal. ”

Template: Amazon

Stella Schwake

“Stella Schwake is an artist based in Berlin and London. Her artistic works are characterized by strong colors in symbiosis and contrast. In the use of color and form, she seeks contrary and new ways of representing feminism and the doom of planet earth. It is about new forms as symbolizing necessary change, about the process of finding form, expression, and what you discover. ”

Template: Amazon

Updated on July 26, 2021 | By Steph Davidson

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