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Kayla Polan

“Kayla Polan is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist working across traditional and new media. She is a current MFA Candidate at the University of Waterloo. She received her BFA from the Ontario College of Art & Design University. Her practice melds feminism and popular culture to investigate contemporary ideas about domesticity, the home, and consumer culture. In her current work, Polan aims to deregulate notions of appropriateness surrounding bodies.”

Theme: Ora

Olivia Grace Di Gregorio

“Olivia Di Gregorio is an emerging Canadian artist who visits expressions about femininity, childhood, and melancholy in oil painted subjects, integrating contemporary ideals and identities into a classic mythological framework. Her major inspirations are derived from exploring relationships between personal writings, reflections on inclusive ideologies, and the historical process of painting.”

Theme: Foray


“A self taught painter, history hoarder and canvas tent enthusiast Sara is directly descended from legends of the old frontier– including Wild Bill and great grandfather Sequah who toured with Buffalo Bill Cody. Her ancestry stretches to the eastern woodlands where her grandfathers were the literal inspiration for J.F. Coopers “Last of the Mohicans” tales. She says she works between yesteryear and tomorrow, on an antique easel, that holds a new canvas and it is a good place to be.”

Theme: Peak

Idris Mootee

“Idris sees his work as a movement to reflect the technolization of our lives and to manipulate a sense of reality while re-contextualizing what is considered “normal.” They are mash-ups sometimes accented with post-impressionist explosions of colors and textures. Many of his works question and blur the boundaries and intersections between the real, unreal, and the semi-real; they are a profound artistic interpretation and an edgy reflection of our modern-day life”

Theme: Offset

Dana Gilchrist

“Dana creates in a variety of styles exploring various mediums, tools and techniques for mark-making. Inspired by a love of music and rhythm, she creates in a spontaneous fashion, layering materials and then scraping, scratching, rubbing or sanding to reveal elements below. Details exposed through a worn surface honour the idea of beauty rediscovered through the endurance of time or circumstance. She often incorporates sentimental, found or discarded materials into her mixed media collage work.”

Theme: Foray

Johann Krammer

“Johann Krammer is a illustrator and painter from the Chiemgau (South Germany). His main motifs are people from his surroundings. People with something extraordinary in their faces, which is perhaps only visible through a painted picture. Mostly Johann Krammer draws with pencil or charcoal or paints with oil paint in a larger format. In addition to his portraits, he also paints astronomical objects that can otherwise only be observed through large telescopes.”

Theme: Grace

Katherine Strause

“Katherine is a painter living in Little Rock, Arkansas. She is Professor of Painting and Chair of the Art Department at Henderson State University. In college, Katherine learned good design, color, and the spirit of being an artist. Katherine has been at HSU since 2007, where she continues to impact young art students and directs a successful studio program. She has been nominated for a Joan Mitchell Painters and Sculptors Grant and her paintings have been featured in over 60 exhibitions. ”

Theme: Foray

Beth Rhodes

“Beth Rhodes spent her life in the coastal town of Biloxi, Mississippi until she moved to Starkville to earn her BFA at Mississippi State. In 2012, she set off on a journey to explore how painting and design fit into modern life. After starting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, then meandering through Alabama, she has ended up in Miami, Florida. Her body of work is centered around exploring the connections, or lack of connection, that we have with each other and the world around us.”

Theme: Peak

Updated on July 25, 2019 | By Steph Davidson

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