Textile Art

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Balazs Viola

“Throughout her career, Balazs Viola has gained significant experience in pattern composition and placement on garments not only to cater to specific needs but also to achieve continuity by the seams and elevate the product. In recent times, she has mainly worked on digital printing projects, however, she also loves using manual techniques. Such as freehand drawing, painted elements, and dimensional structures. She finds making a pattern collection, the perfect way of telling a story.”

Template: Fabric

Faye Spearpoint

“In her personal work, Faye Spearpoint likes to use dye paints and print on open mesh screens. The outcome is unique and organic. When working on set projects, she has a variety of mediums she uses to create artwork, often switching between them for specific aesthetics. She uses watercolour, gouache, inks, dyes, and open mesh print techniques to develop artwork. Her portfolio explores hand painted artwork into products. ”

Template: Horizon Left

Hannah Lamb

“Hannah Lamb is a textile artist, lecturer and author, with a studio in Saltaire, West Yorkshire, UK. Her creative practice focusses on recording a sense of place through careful observation and material investigation. She works with a range of textile processes, including stitch, print and fabric manipulation, creating textile artworks from an intimate scale to larger installation works.”

Template: Horizon


“Anelia Victor is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on textile art and fashion whose practice explores sustainable textile practices while researching themes of Black histories, Queer histories, Afrofuturism, Caribbean Art histories, identity, race and the connection of people and the space they occupy. ”

Template: Post

Saskia Wassing

“Saskia Wassing's family lives across the globe and she takes comfort in the memories and connections. Originally from England, tea drinking is all-important. The teacups, the history, and the memory they hold. Birds capture her imagination with their colorful plumage, habitats, and rituals becoming playful characters connected to and intertwined with the places she travels. Her process of layering and stitching provides an expression of her personal language, embroidery.”

Template: Slate

eyeseepatterns / peggy kuo

“Peggy Kuo is a pattern and illustration designer based in Los Angeles. She is constantly inspired by the visuals around her — film, photography, music, and landscapes. As Diana Vreeland said, “the eye has to travel”.”

Template: Coral

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How to create an textile art portfolio website.

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