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Emma Grigoryan

“Emma Grigoryan is a conceptual/commercial photographer whose work focuses on fashion and portraiture. She has around 20 international awards in beauty, fine art, fashion, portrait, advertising and wedding photography, and her photos have been exhibited at Musée du Louvre (Paris). ”

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Laurent Marc Meri

“French and Spanish origin, Laurent makes the discovery of photography through polaroids, first concrete shots of his sensitive vision of the world. Passionate since childhood, Laurent graduated from the Ecole Louis Lumière in 2006. For 15 years, he has successively explored various fields of graphic arts such as development, cinema, painting or photography. Fourteen years of modeling will bring him this particular intuition of harmonious beauty.”

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Simone Lezzi

“Simone Lezzi lives and works in London, Milan and Genoa. co-founder and director of Cre8 Studio & The Heath², professional photographic studios inLondon. He has recently exhibiting "The Faces of the Port" in collaboration with JR Artist's InsideOut Project and Zone Portuaries. Awarded in 2012 the European Work Award by the Department of Culture and the City of Genoa, by the Mayor. He is a member of the British Association of Photographers. ”

Theme: Kiln

Brix & Maas Photography

“Aglaja and Florian are young photographers and artists, born in Hamburg, based in Berlin / Germany. Knowing each other from university, they began to work together as a team in 2014. Since then, they produced editorials for several magazines and worked for various commercial brands. Winner of awards such as the GoSee Award, Art Directors Club Germany and shortlisted at the D&AD Next Photographer Award. Locations: Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, London”

Theme: Ora

Dariane Sanche

“Dariane Sanche is a young woman photographer based in Montreal, Canada. Photography bring her to works in the United states and in Europe. At only 27 years old she is a professional photographer specializing in fashion, portrait and beauty photography. Dariane already has nearly 10 years of experience in photography and photo editing. Well known in the Montreal fashion industry, she works in collaboration with Montreal's most renowned and skill artist and designers.”

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Shan Benson

“Fashion and Beauty Photographer based in San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. Shan is experienced in studio and on location photography for fashion, fashion editorial, and beauty cosmetic production. Her background is photographing conceptual fashion editorial stories and have been published with magazines internationally, and expanding her skills to beauty and cosmetic photography. ”

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Maryn Haertel

“Maryn Haertel is a fashion, beauty and advertising photographer. Driven by a creative thirst, she took her first steps in professional photography at the age of 17 and has been creating work all over the globe ever since. Specialising in people photography, Maryn loves exploring colours and techniques. She also loves working with a team and keeps an open attitude towards both improvisation and improvement at all times. ”

Theme: Amazon

Karina Ordell

“Karina is a US-born, EU-based, world-traveling fashion photographer with a special focus on black and white. Her approach is intimate, highlighting her subjects' individuality, subtle moodiness and sensuality. She especially loves photographing men and continues to work on her long-term project, "Boys At Home". ”

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Danielle Rueda

“Danielle Rueda is a fashion photographer who shoots fashion, lifestyle, and editorials. Danielle embraces candid elements in photography - capturing moments of truth and beauty. Her photographs depict intimate moments of solitude, making the viewer a voyeur. Her photography is soft and ethereal - which brings the tranquility of nature to her work.”

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Timmothy Lee

“"A representation of anything to the mind; a picture drawn by the fancy; a conception; an idea.Image making is what he does with passion." Timmothy Lee is an international photographer that is specialized in Fashion, Beauty, Portrait & Product photography. He is currently residing in Hong Kong, With a strong background of west & east culture influences. he has both a graphic design diploma from Niagara college, and an illustration degree from Ontario Art and Design University. ”

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