The Best Fashion Photography Portfolio Examples of 2024

We’ve developed a list of 10 of our favorite fashion photography online portfolios for you to scroll through and pull inspiration from.

February 8, 2022

A fashion photography portfolio is essential in landing new photoshoots and growing your clientele. Format has put together a guide to fashion and photography design as a starting point for fashion photographers. Having an online portfolio will help you build your online portfolio by getting your work behind the camera! It all comes full circle. The 10 selected photographers of the different fashion photography portfolios range in style and offering. Each of the portfolios looks a little different – from layout to tone, and specialty. They also all have commonalities; they are all perfectly executed examples of how powerful and captivating your online portfolio can be. Each unique site is uniquely beautiful. In no particular order, here are our Format-approved fashion photography websites.

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Maryn Haertel

Theme used: Amazon

Maryn Haertel is a fashion, beauty and advertising photographer. Driven by a creative thirst, she took her first steps in professional photography at the age of 17 and has been creating work all over the globe ever since. Specialising in people photography, Maryn loves exploring colours and techniques. She also loves working with a team and keeps an open attitude towards both improvisation and improvement at all times.
desktop browser window frameAlexander Karlov desktop
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Alexander Karlov

Theme used: Amazon

Alexander Karlov is an fashion and portrait photographer based between Canada and Europe. He first found himself interested in photography at 17 and realized that capturing faces of people and creating fashion images was his passion. In his fashion work he tries to bridge the gap between art and commerce to create stunning and elegant shots that tell a story and when shooting portraits Alexander tries to showcase his subject's strength but encourages authenticity and vulnerability.
desktop browser window frameKristine Kilty desktop
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Kristine Kilty

Theme used: Horizon Left

Kristine Kilty is an international Creative Fashion Director. She is known for an artistic yet sexy aesthetic that is injected with attitude. A maximalist at heart, who loves the dark as much as the exuberant. Kristine's work spans across celebrity portraits, advertising campaigns, fashion editorials, music videos, artistic exhibitions and more! Kristine has worked with Lewis Hamilton, Coco Rocha, Nick Jonas, Naomie Harris, Boy George, Liam Gallagher and Leona Lewis, to name a few.
desktop browser window frameVlad Andrei desktop
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Vlad Andrei

Theme used: Peak

Vlad Andrei is a photographer working in fashion with both still and moving images with a background in documentary photojournalism. He has studied for an MA in Fashion Photography at the London College of Fashion/University of Arts London and has worked with magazines and clients such as Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Dior Makeup, DOVE, and Elite Model Look.
desktop browser window frameconstance Victoria Phillips desktop
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constance Victoria Phillips

Theme used: Peak

Constance is a portrait, fashion, and lifestyle photographer currently based in Bristol, South West England, and working regularly in London. Constance's work has a raw, timeless and natural style with a less is more approach to retouching.
desktop browser window frameChris Schoonover desktop
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Chris Schoonover

Theme used: Horizon Left

Chris Schoonover is a Photographer and Director working and living in Brooklyn, New York. His work includes a range of fashion, commerial, beauty, documentary, and art photography & film.
desktop browser window frameRochelle Brock desktop
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Rochelle Brock

Theme used: Horizon

Rochelle Brock is a New York City-based creative specializing in Fashion & beauty photography. Rochelle is inspired by soft colors, femininity, and the vibrant nostalgia of growing up in Brooklyn NY.
desktop browser window frameAndrew Gough desktop
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Andrew Gough

Theme used: Fabric

Andrew Gough is a London-based fashion and beauty photographer. He loves to find the perfect moment through expression, movement and angle, whilst combining experimental film treatments. Shooting from his daylight studio in east London, or on location, working with brands such as COS, Miista, Scotia, Räthel&Wolf and various editorial titles.
desktop browser window frameHilde van Mas desktop
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Hilde van Mas

Theme used: Amazon

Hilde van Mas began her professional career in ballet. Her passion for beautiful aesthetics and fashion led her to magazines and photography. Hilde finds her inspiration from her childhood in the theater and her on-the-move lifestyle. Her love for art and human souls is the key to passionate research prior to any shoot.
desktop browser window frameJo Fetto desktop
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Jo Fetto

Theme used: Medium

Jo Fetto is a London-based Neapolitan art director and fashion photographer. His work has been featured in Vogue Italia, Man About Time, and more. Jo Fetto has also showcased his work at exhibitions in YES! Fashion: Central Saint Martins exhibition, TATE: Young creatives take over billboards across London, and Portrait of Humanity 2021 Global Tour.
desktop browser window frameEmilie Elizabeth desktop
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Emilie Elizabeth

Theme used: Sierra

When she was fourteen, Emilie’s parents shipped her off to a summer program at a university they thought would keep her out of trouble. Emilie signed up for a photo class, dressed some friends up in her clothing, and spent the entire day shooting them posing dramatically in a cemetery with her Grandfathers hand-me-down Minolta. Since then, Emilie was immediately hooked on photography. Her work has been featured in Berlin Los Angeles for their project about the sister cities.
desktop browser window frameSimrah Farrukh desktop
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Simrah Farrukh

Theme used: Frame

Based between the Bay Area + LA, Simrah Farrukh is a photographer exploring dreams, realities + utopias primarily of brown women. She focuses on an intersection of fashion photography, art, and portraiture. Simrah ultimately aims to spotlight South Asian-American’s in art + fashion.
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