The Best 10 Fashion Photography Portfolio Examples of 2021

We’ve developed a list of 10 of our favorite fashion photography online portfolios for you to scroll through and pull inspiration from.

October 13, 2021

 A fashion photography portfolio is essential in landing new photoshoots and growing your clientele. Format has put together a guide to fashion and photography design as a starting point for fashion photographers. Having an online portfolio will help you build your online portfolio by getting your work behind the camera! It all comes full circle. The 10 selected photographers of the different fashion photography portfolios range in style and offering. Each of the portfolios looks a little different – from layout to tone, and specialty. They also all have commonalities; they are all perfectly executed examples of how powerful and captivating your online portfolio can be. Each unique site is uniquely beautiful. In no particular order, here are our Format-approved fashion photography websites.

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desktop browser window frameKapturing
phone window frameKapturing
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Theme used: Skyline

Kapturing is a Paris based photographer & videographers duo. Sebastian Prince and Florian Hildebrandt have been working for prolific clients like: Emporio Armani, Versace, Nina Ricci, Ermenegildo Zegna, Zalando, Pull & Bear, Vogue CS, Numero & Wonderland,
desktop browser window frameKwami Lee
phone window frameKwami Lee
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Kwami Lee

Theme used: Gloss

Kwami Lee is a multidisciplinary creative specializing in photography, motion, and art direction. Combining his compositional eye, understanding of photographic distortion, and keen aesthetic style, Kwami has created his own distinct perspective. He currently resides in NYC, where he spends his time working on personal projects.
desktop browser window frameElza Tsevi-Unterdörfer
phone window frameElza Tsevi-Unterdörfer
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Elza Tsevi-Unterdörfer

Theme used: Horizon

Elza is a Hamberg, Germany-based photographer with African roots. Her focus is on portrait and fashion photography.
desktop browser window frameGian Paolo Milazzo
phone window frameGian Paolo Milazzo
Preview Site

Gian Paolo Milazzo

Theme used: Ora

Gian Paolo Milazzo is a fashion commercial photographer based in Italy. Milazzo is also a videomaker and director. He has worked with multiple brands and his work has been featured in publications, such as Bring Me Magazine,
desktop browser window frameGustavo Coelho Fotografia
phone window frameGustavo Coelho Fotografia
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Gustavo Coelho Fotografia

Theme used: Amazon

Gustavo started his career in an advertising agency, where he was responsible for management and creation. However, photography has always been his passion. Working as a fashion photographer for six years, Gustavo is now based in Brusque (Santa Catarina) with his stunning studio.
desktop browser window frameJo Fetto
phone window frameJo Fetto
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Jo Fetto

Theme used: Obsidian

Jo Fetto is a London-based Neapolitan art director and fashion photographer. His work has been featured in Vogue Italia, Man About Time, and more. Jo Fetto has also showcased his work at exhibitions in YES! Fashion: Central Saint Martins exhibition, TATE: Young creatives take over billboards across London, and Portrait of Humanity 2021 Global Tour.
desktop browser window frameEmilie Elizabeth
phone window frameEmilie Elizabeth
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Emilie Elizabeth

Theme used: Sierra

When she was fourteen, Emilie’s parents shipped her off to a summer program at a university they thought would keep her out of trouble. Emilie signed up for a photo class, dressed some friends up in her clothing, and spent the entire day shooting them posing dramatically in a cemetery with her Grandfathers hand-me-down Minolta. Since then, Emilie was immediately hooked on photography. Her work has been featured in Berlin Los Angeles for their project about the sister cities.
desktop browser window frameSimrah Farrukh
phone window frameSimrah Farrukh
Preview Site

Simrah Farrukh

Theme used: Offset

Based between the Bay Area + LA, Simrah Farrukh is a photographer exploring dreams, realities + utopias primarily of brown women. She focuses on an intersection of fashion photography, art, and portraiture. Simrah ultimately aims to spotlight South Asian-American’s in art + fashion.
desktop browser window frameLeonardo Bornati
phone window frameLeonardo Bornati
Preview Site

Leonardo Bornati

Theme used: Panorama

After finding inspiration in Paris and London, he begun his studies at a Milanese academy which introduced him to the world of fashion photography. Soon after, started working for Rankin in London to then move on his own projects. His work now reflects his search for beauty in the nude human form in the simplest settings, using only light and darkness to emphasise what makes each individual uniquely beautiful.
desktop browser window frameMelanie Sun Wang
phone window frameMelanie Sun Wang
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Melanie Sun Wang

Theme used: Horizon

Melanie Sun Wang is a Spanish-born, Chinese Photographer. Growing up between two completely different cultures is what motivates Melanie to articulate through fashion & photography; an exploration of their own hybrid cultural background.

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