Fashion Photography Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Looking to create a beautiful, professional and unique fashion photography portfolio website? Check out these fashion photography portfolio examples.

June 18, 2021
desktop browser window frameRebecca Doney
phone window frameRebecca Doney
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Rebecca Doney

Theme used: Horizon About Rebecca Doney
desktop browser window frameHolly Broomhall
phone window frameHolly Broomhall
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Holly Broomhall

Theme used: Amazon About Holly Broomhall
desktop browser window frameDarvin Nizza
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Darvin Nizza

Theme used: Amazon About Darvin Nizza
desktop browser window frameTheo Choi
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Theo Choi

Theme used: Gloss About Theo Choi
desktop browser window frameKatie Fergus
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Katie Fergus

Theme used: Peak About Katie Fergus

Fashion Photography Tip: Plan Technical Aspects Ahead of Time

There are a number of different kinds of fashion photography types that you could be shooting on any given day – from studio shoots to outdoor set ups. It’s important to properly plan out the photoshoot beforehand and have an idea of what you will be working with, in terms of lighting, backdrops, etc. This plan should include deciding the technical tools you will need to bring on the day of – like the camera, lenses, and lighting options.

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desktop browser window frameSophie Huntley
phone window frameSophie Huntley
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Sophie Huntley

Theme used: Chroma About Sophie Huntley
desktop browser window framePatricia Imbarus
phone window framePatricia Imbarus
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Patricia Imbarus

Theme used: Horizon About Patricia Imbarus
desktop browser window frameSimone Lezzi
phone window frameSimone Lezzi
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Simone Lezzi

Theme used: Industry About Simone Lezzi
desktop browser window frameMaryn Haertel
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Maryn Haertel

Theme used: Amazon About Maryn Haertel
desktop browser window frameKarina Ordell
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Karina Ordell

Theme used: Clarity About Karina Ordell
desktop browser window frameDanielle Rueda
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Danielle Rueda

Theme used: Coral About Danielle Rueda

Fashion Photography Tip: Know your Audience

Prior to the shoot, you need to understand what the purpose is – will your photos be used for catalogue, editorials, or high-fashion? You need to understand whether the photographs will be used solely for social media or blown up to display across a building wall. This will help with coming up with the creative designs and also with developing the technical tool kit you will need in your camera bag.

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desktop browser window frameTimmothy Lee
phone window frameTimmothy Lee
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Timmothy Lee

Theme used: Sun About Timmothy Lee
desktop browser window frameRobyn Damianos
phone window frameRobyn Damianos
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Robyn Damianos

Theme used: Exposure About Robyn Damianos
desktop browser window frameLudovic Pieterson
phone window frameLudovic Pieterson
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Ludovic Pieterson

Theme used: Peak About Ludovic Pieterson
desktop browser window frameChihiro Lia Ottsu
phone window frameChihiro Lia Ottsu
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Chihiro Lia Ottsu

Theme used: Beacon About Chihiro Lia Ottsu

Fashion Photography Tip: Choose Comfortable Locations

Fashion photography is shot both outside on the streets and inside of studios. If you don’t have your own studio or are shooting in a new location, do your best to get yourself acquainted with the location before the day of. When you do have the ability to choose, make sure you arrive at pre-planning meetings with some location options you are comfortable with. This will help you get the most of the fashion photography photoshoot because you’ll know the kind of natural light you have and what you need to bring with you. The more you can limit surprises that may come your way, the better.

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