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Adam Wilkoszarski

“Adam Wilkoszarski is a polish documentary/landscape photographer based Poznań, Poland, born in 1986. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography from University of Arts in Poznań. In his works, he concentrates on the ways in which places, which are usually full of people, are changing the very moment when they become abandoned and empty. He tries to find places in which the borders between public and private spheres are blurred.”

Theme: Offset

Anda Marcu

“Anda Marcu is fascinated by the manner in which the impermanence of light becomes permanence once it irreversibly reaches the film. Working with film allows her to explore this delicate and serendipitous relationship film and light share. Film also allows her to rediscover serious playfulness, the unintentional, and the actual hands on handling and manipulation. Anda Marcu’s work is about freezing a moment in time, about the constant crave for fresh sensing, pausing, and discovery. ”

Theme: Peak

Felipe Augusto

“He says he loves photography. Participated in several commercials and advertisements for brands such as FIAT, Spotify, Mizuno, among others. He also developed a social project with the indigenous people of the South of Brazil, teaching them to photograph. Now, in new lands begins a new journey in his life, as photographer and student. Yeah, he's doing masters too. Anyway, life goes on. Carpem Diem! And do not forget to contact him!”

Theme: Peak

Gili Benita

“Gili Benita is an Israeli photographer based in New York. He was born in Jerusalem in 1997 and raised in Jerusalem. He studied In 2017, Gili had join forces along 'Save a Child's Heart,' and started documenting the life-saving organization, both in Israel and in Tanzania. Since 2016, Gili is focused on delivering the silent voice in society by coommitting to long-term documentary projects, in Israel, Africa, Japan, and other regions.”

Theme: Industry

Steven Meidenbauer

“With a soft spot for color and sun-drenched scenery, Steven Meidenbauer looks to capture moments of quiet familiarities in everyday life. Whether it be a flower on a lawn or a friend on the patio, personal pleasures are what he often captures. ”

Theme: Panorama

Stéphane Gizard

“Stéphane Gizard is French photographer, living and working in Paris. Best known for portraits of young people created for his “Modern Lovers” series, photographer Stéphane Gizard’s gentle, kindly eye manages to capture the beauty and fragility of his subjects, which have included many celebrities and strangers. His work reveals their sensuality and brings out the expression of a truth; an intimate questioning. In parallel to working closely with the press and the advertising industry.”

Theme: Offset

Wylie J Miller

“Wylie J Miller, AKA Shutter Button Blazing, uses collage and zines to explore people, subtleties of locations and architecture. Introduced to photography through family vacations, Miller has now been in practice for over 10 years. His curiosity towards his grandfathers’ activities with cameras, gave Miller an unquenchable lust for photography. At the age of 16, he has gifted an SLR camera from his mother. Miller shoots with purpose and has dedicated himself to understanding photography.”

Theme: Slate

Luuk Walschot

“Luuk Walschot is a director slash creative slash photographer. His style is commercially authentic, which means that the work he creates feels truthful and thus makes a big impact. The truth can be told with humor, love, tension and in various other ways, but in its core it’s about emotion. Contact him if you want to move your audience emotionally and make them act physically. He’s Amsterdam based, but he works all over. He also talks about himself in the third person.”

Theme: Ora

Axel Guerfal

“Hailing originally from Lyon, France, Axel Guerfal has built an international reputation on almost two decades of experience in the fashion and style industries working on runway shows, video and photoshoots, as well as interactive events in Barcelona, Spain. Driven by his creativity and passion for storytelling, Axel Guerfal has developed a dynamic, intimate feel for his craft. Rather than simply reproducing stereotypes, he is willing to take risks and seek out the most interesting angles.”

Theme: Horizon

Halle Hirota

“Halle Hirota is a photographer currently based in Toronto, Ontario. Halle aims to achieve an other-worldly quality to her work, images that aren't quite reality but similar to a snapshot from a dream. Her work is centred around themes of femininity and sexuality in hopes of changing the way we view the gendered qualities of others. ”

Theme: Peak

Updated on July 24, 2019 | By Steph Davidson

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