Top Videography Hashtags for 2024

Hashtags have been around for a while, and they remain an important component of content strategies for creatives and businesses across a wide range of industries. A straightforward way for your audience to find your videography content, hashtags are clickable links that group your content with other similar content and boost the reach of your work and make it more discoverable.

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Here are a few tips to get the most out of your hashtag use:

  1. Check the content in the Explore page for hashtags: Since this is trending content, this can be a good way to identify trending hashtags. If your content lands on the Explore page your work will be shown to a much wider audience.
  2. Use the hashtag autocomplete feature: Just begin typing, and Instagram’s search engine will auto-populate with related terms that you can use as hashtags
  3. Follow relevant hashtags: By seeing work tagged with relevant hashtags in your feed, you’ll start to see other related hashtags being used by others in your niche.
  4. Use a social listening tool: These powerful tools give you insights into the best hashtags and popular keywords being used today.

Top General Videography Hashtags 

While there are plenty of excellent, niched-down hashtags we’ll get into in a moment, let’s start with the best video hashtags that every videographer should be using. These are general, so you can use them no matter what your specialization or style is. We’ve done the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Here are the top general video hashtags in 2024 and beyond:

#videography #filmmakers #videooftheday #videoedits #videographylife

Top cinematic videography hashtags

If your videography leans in a cinematic direction, or if you work in film, these cinematic video hashtags can help your work get discovered by cinema lovers around the world. Here are the best videography hashtags for cinematic posts:

#cinematogrpahy #cinematographer #cinematic #cinephile #moviescenes

Top process videography hashtags

As any videographer worth their salt will tell you, lots of the magic of video comes down to the post-process stage. Sometimes, it can be fun and interesting for your audience to see process content that shows how your final product gets created. Try these process video hashtags on those posts:

#postprocessing #videoedits #filmediting #editingskills #editinglovers

Top behind-the-scenes videography hashtags

Just like seeing the post process can be interesting for audiences, getting a behind-the-scenes peek at how your videos are created can be super engaging. Try these videography hashtags on your BTS content:

#videoproduction #videomaking #videomaker #gimbal #cameragear

Top wedding videography hashtags

Wedding videography is a popular niche that isn’t going to go away any time soon, particularly as more and more couples want videos to commemorate their special day in addition to the traditional photos. Here are the best wedding videographer hashtags in 2022 and beyond:

#weddingvideography #weddingvideo #weddinginspiration #weddingcinematography #weddingfilms

Top travel videography hashtags

Travel videography gives your audience a chance to vicariously explore the world through your content. Here are the top trending travel videography hashtags to get your work discovered by travel lovers (and, hopefully, clients!):

#traveladdict #travelvideo #lifeinthewild #travelfilm #travelvlogger

Best Instagram Videography Hashtags

While the social media landscape has been shaken up by relative newcomer TikTok, Meta’s Instagram isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. It remains a super popular platform for sharing content, and video has become a mainstay of the app. 

Top general Instagram videography hashtags

Regardless of your niche or style, here are the best Instagram video hashtags to use to get your content discovered and expand your audience:

#filmmakerslife #filmography #vidographerlife #videooftheday

Top informational videography hashtags

Short, punchy informational videos have become increasingly popular on Instagram, and mixing this type of content in with the rest of your more “serious” videography work keeps your page fresh and interesting, and helps to maintain engagement. Use these hashtags to get your content in front of people:

#videotips #videotutorial #filmmakers #learnfilmmaking #filmtalk

Top commercial videography hashtags

Commercial videography includes things like ads and product videos, and the short-and-sweet nature of this kind of work makes it perfect for sharing on Instagram. Be sure to tag it with these top-ranking video hashtags:

#promovideo #commercialvideoshoot #realestatevideography #productvideo #productvideo

Top music videography hashtags

If you work on music videos, sharing clips of the finished videos, peeks behind the scenes, and even bloopers or outtakes can all make for a very engaging feed. Try these video hashtags for this type of content:

#musicvideo #musicvideoshoot #musicvideoproduction #musicvideomonday #newmusic

Top film school videography hashtags

If you’re in film school, connecting with other students and forming a community of creators is probably a high priority for you. Use these film school videography hashtags to connect with like-minded people:

#filmschool #filmlife #filmmakinglife #supportindiefilm #studentfilms

Top Videographer Hashtags

There is no shortage of niches and specializations under the broad umbrella of videography. These videographer hashtags can help your work be found by people looking for the type of videography in which you specialize.

Top event videographer hashtags

Whether you shoot parties, conferences, or corporate events, as an event videographer you have special skills that enable you to work in unpredictable, unstaged settings. Use these hashtags to get your event videographer world out there. 

#eventvideo #freelancevideographer #partyvideographer #destinationvideo

Top brand videographer hashtags

Businesses today need videographers more than ever before, as video becomes just as important, if not more important, than photography. If you help brands bring their product or service to life through video, these hashtags are for you:

#brandvideo #productionstudio #contentagency #creativeagency #marketingvideos

Top documentary videographer hashtags

Documentary videographers create all kinds of incredible content that audiences online love to discover. Whether you’re promoting your latest doc or just sharing work from your archive, try these hashtags on your documentary content:

#documentary #streetvideo #videojournalism #documentaryfilm #lensculture

Top drone videographer hashtags

Thanks to the advent of commercially available drones, videographers can create footage that would have cost a fortune to capture just a few years ago. The novelty hasn’t worn off, so this type of content does very well online. Tag it with the following:

#dronevideo #dronestagram #droneoftheday #droneworld #aerialvideo

Top short film videographer hashtags

Shorts are how a lot of videographers get started in narrative filmmaking, and it’s a beloved niche. If you share content about short films, use these hashtags to get your work discovered:

#shortfilms #filmfestival #shortfilmfestival #indepenentfilm #shortfilmproject

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