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The video portfolio websites below were handpicked for their stunning aesthetics and simple, yet creative design. These sites have a distinct style that include visual arts, photography, film and video, illustrating, painting and more.

October 13, 2021
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Amina Zadeh

Theme used: Point
About Amina Zadeh

Amina is a Cinematographer specializing in Analogue and Digital formats. Her clients include Vogue, GQ, Paper Magazine, Flaunt, L'officiel, Saint Laurent, Skims by Kim Kardashian, Gucci, John Varvatos, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, and more. She creates images that are conceptual, alluring, distinct and honest.
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Guillermo Sánchez-Villarta

Theme used: Peak
About Guillermo Sánchez-Villarta

Guillermo Sánchez-Villarta is a spanish photographer who's currently living in Germany. His work is primarliy documentary, and aims to explore the relationship between people and places, often framing already established imaginaries of other disciplines such as literature, music and general folklore . His focus on using analog cameras and film, links with the idea of intergenerationallity.
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Wenxin Yang

Theme used: Obsidian
About Wenxin Yang

Wenxin Yang is a Chinese-born, Columbus, OH based videographer and photographer. His work is informed by an unrelenting sense of nostalgia and a love of calmness. As a result, his work focus on the subtleties of life, displayed through his street photographs and music videos.
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Heins Evander

Theme used: Horizon Left
About Heins Evander

Heins Evander (he/they, b. 1998) is an NYC-based Chinese-American photographer originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. He loves cycling, sleeping in, and dogs. Evander particularly enjoys photographing people while talking too much and getting inevitably distracted, but he swears that's part of the charm of their work.
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Ben Robson

Theme used: Obscura
About Ben Robson

Ben Robson is a photographer from regional Australia with a passion for film photography. He collects old cameras, and use them to shoot various film stocks. Ben loves to develop his own negatives.He is fascinated by people, and the character that film is able to draw out.
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Giselle Keena

Theme used: Sharp
About Giselle Keena

Giselle Keena is a youthful and ethereal New York City-based photographer and director specializing in film portrait photography and video content in the fashion and music industries.
desktop browser window frameReed McCoy desktop
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Reed McCoy

Theme used: Medium
About Reed McCoy

Reed McCoy, currently hanging in Seattle, WA. Being cordial is the main drive of his whole life. You know, the act of being warm, heartfelt, intentional, welcoming, understanding. Over the past 10 years of trying to understand his relationship with photography, it has developed into something quite similar to his life approach. Warm, soft, airy, intentional, and even viscerally patient at times.
desktop browser window frameHeather Glazzard desktop
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Heather Glazzard

Theme used: Ora
About Heather Glazzard

Heather Glazzard's photography is a personal exploration of sexuality, vulnerability and femininity. Shooting exclusively on film, they aim for the imagery to be as egoless as possible, focusing on bringing a minority of people into light. They take intimate portraits of the wide spectrum of gender and sexuality that makes up the queer community of creatives, collaborating regularly with LGBTQIA stylists and designers.
desktop browser window frameNick Prideaux desktop
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Nick Prideaux

Theme used: Horizon Left
About Nick Prideaux

Nick Prideaux is an Australian film photographer and visual storyteller based in Paris. He has worked and collaborated with fashion labels, magazines, and publications, including Konbini, Fisheye Magazine, IGNANT, Phases Magazine, Majestic Casual and The Fader. Nick captures scenes from his life in a diaristic manner guided by his intuition, rather than preconception. The camera gives him a way of looking at every day in a more conscious light.
desktop browser window frameThe Focalister desktop
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The Focalister

Theme used: Shapes
About The Focalister

The Focalister is a Montreal-based artist whose visual identity is inspired by his past as a pro breakdancer and a youth spent travelling the world. Working primarily with film, his photographic work emphasizes the rawness and authenticity of his subject matter while allowing a certain sensitivity to shine through.
desktop browser window frameOleg Koval desktop
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Oleg Koval

Theme used: Offset
About Oleg Koval

Born in Gyor, Hungary in 1989, Oleg Koval is a Ukrainian photographer, living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He’s been participating in photography exhibitions in Ukraine, Russia, and the United Kingdom. Oleg started his photography career in urban and suburban documentary projects. In 2013, he self-published his first photography book, “4.2 km.” Two years later, in 2015, his photo book “Sicily” was published, and his most recent photo book, “New Story for the Place,” was published in 2016.
desktop browser window frameKenneth Pihl Nissen  desktop
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Kenneth Pihl Nissen

Theme used: Kiln
About Kenneth Pihl Nissen

Kenneth Pihl Nissen is a Copenhagen-based photographer who primarily works with film. He likes to combine editorial assignments with alternative photographic processes such as cyanotype, wet-plate collodion, or the like. He loves the craft and process of shooting, developing, and wet-printing his work. For commercial use, he utilizes high-end scanners or a digital/analog camera setup.
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Theme used: Amazon
About Petros

Petros studied film and He got his BA in Film and TV production from Queen Margaret University and his MA in cinematography from Napier University. His short films have been shown in numerous film festivals including AIFF, AGLIFF, and BUSHO.
desktop browser window frameWilliam Fielding desktop
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William Fielding

Theme used: Capture
About William Fielding

Will Fielding is a freelance videographer and motion graphics artist based in Norwich, United Kingdom. Will has shot and edited content for global lifestyle brands, media publications, music artists, and short films. Trained in cinematography, Will’s eye for composition was developed during his film degree at Falmouth University. Will has fine-tuned his distinctive style which elegantly captures detail and embraces a naturalistic use of light to produce sophisticated compositions.
desktop browser window frameROMAIN REGLADE desktop
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Theme used: Slate

Romain Reglade is an innovative digital agency. The team of professionals creates digital assets for fashion and luxury brands to help them craft visual tales that can truly tell their story.
desktop browser window frameAdam Wilkoszarski desktop
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Adam Wilkoszarski

Theme used: Offset
About Adam Wilkoszarski

Adam Wilkoszarski is a Polish documentary and landscape photographer based in Poznań, Poland, born in 1986. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography from the University of Arts in Poznań. In his works, he concentrates on the ways in which places, which are usually full of people, are changing the very moment when they become abandoned and empty. He tries to find places in which the borders between public and private spheres are blurred.
desktop browser window frameAnda Marcu desktop
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Anda Marcu

Theme used: Peak
About Anda Marcu

Anda Marcu is fascinated by the manner in which the impermanence of light becomes permanence once it irreversibly reaches the film. Working with film allows her to explore this delicate and serendipitous relationship film and light share. Film also allows her to rediscover serious playfulness, the unintentional, and the actual hands on handling and manipulation. Anda Marcu’s work is about freezing a moment in time, about the constant crave for fresh sensing, pausing, and discovery.
desktop browser window frameGili Benita desktop
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Gili Benita

Theme used: Industry
About Gili Benita

Gili Benita is an Israeli photographer based in New York. He was born in Jerusalem in 1997 and raised in Jerusalem. He studied In 2017, Gili had join forces along 'Save a Child's Heart,' and started documenting the life-saving organization, both in Israel and in Tanzania. Since 2016, Gili is focused on delivering the silent voice in society by coommitting to long-term documentary projects, in Israel, Africa, Japan, and other regions.
desktop browser window frameStéphane Gizard desktop
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Stéphane Gizard

Theme used: Offset
About Stéphane Gizard

Stéphane Gizard is French photographer, living and working in Paris. Best known for portraits of young people created for his “Modern Lovers” series, photographer Stéphane Gizard’s gentle, kindly eye manages to capture the beauty and fragility of his subjects, which have included many celebrities and strangers. His work reveals their sensuality and brings out the expression of a truth; an intimate questioning. In parallel to working closely with the press and the advertising industry.
desktop browser window frameLuuk Walschot desktop
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Luuk Walschot

Theme used: Ora
About Luuk Walschot

Luuk Walschot is a director slash creative slash photographer. His style is commercially authentic, which means that the work he creates feels truthful and thus makes a big impact. The truth can be told with humor, love, tension and in various other ways, but in its core it’s about emotion. Contact him if you want to move your audience emotionally and make them act physically. He’s Amsterdam based, but he works all over. He also talks about himself in the third person.
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