The Best Video Portfolio Examples of 2024

We share our most inspiring video portfolio examples by videographers, filmmakers, and photographers of all experience levels from around the world.

Last updated on February 12, 2024

Having a portfolio that showcases your skills is important in most creative industries, but for videographers, filmmakers and content producers, this rings especially true. With so many options to choose from, finding a template that best suits your style can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. This is where seeing videographer portfolio examples can help. In this article, you will find video portfolio website examples from a wide array of individuals to help inspire your own. Whether you’re just starting out in videography or a seasoned industry professional, below are 20 creative professional video portfolio examples to help get your creative juices flowing.

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Heather Glazzard

Theme used: Ora

Heather Glazzard's photography is a personal exploration of sexuality, vulnerability and femininity. Shooting exclusively on film, they aim for the imagery to be as egoless as possible, focusing on bringing a minority of people into light. They take intimate portraits of the wide spectrum of gender and sexuality that makes up the queer community of creatives, collaborating regularly with LGBTQIA stylists and designers.
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Nick Prideaux

Theme used: Horizon Left

Nick Prideaux is an Australian film photographer and visual storyteller based in Paris. He has worked and collaborated with fashion labels, magazines, and publications, including Konbini, Fisheye Magazine, IGNANT, Phases Magazine, Majestic Casual and The Fader. Nick captures scenes from his life in a diaristic manner guided by his intuition, rather than preconception. The camera gives him a way of looking at every day in a more conscious light.
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Kenneth Pihl Nissen

Theme used: Kiln

Kenneth Pihl Nissen is a Copenhagen-based photographer who primarily works with film. He likes to combine editorial assignments with alternative photographic processes such as cyanotype, wet-plate collodion, or the like. He loves the craft and process of shooting, developing, and wet-printing his work. For commercial use, he utilizes high-end scanners or a digital/analog camera setup.
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Latifa AlBokhari

Theme used: Mica

Latifa (b.1994) is a Saudi Arabian multimedia artist born in the Middle East and raised in Texas. Her bicultural experiences challenge her to observe beyond the obvious to fully engage with the vigor and uniqueness of every subject. Her work is a visual testament of her lifestyle and experiences as a young Brown woman. The purpose of her work is to explore the complex feelings of being an immigrant and woman of color. Her visuals communicate what she fails to voice through words.
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Theme used: Ora

Yatender is a Vietnam-based image maker. As words can't express everything therefore Yatender uses photography as her main language.
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Theme used: Amazon

Petros studied film and He got his BA in Film and TV production from Queen Margaret University and his MA in cinematography from Napier University. His short films have been shown in numerous film festivals including AIFF, AGLIFF, and BUSHO.
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William Fielding

Theme used: Capture

Will Fielding is a freelance videographer and motion graphics artist based in Norwich, United Kingdom. Will has shot and edited content for global lifestyle brands, media publications, music artists, and short films. Trained in cinematography, Will’s eye for composition was developed during his film degree at Falmouth University. Will has fine-tuned his distinctive style which elegantly captures detail and embraces a naturalistic use of light to produce sophisticated compositions.
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Theme used: Slate

Romain Reglade is an innovative digital agency. The team of professionals creates digital assets for fashion and luxury brands to help them craft visual tales that can truly tell their story.
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