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Matthew Sutton

“ Matthew Sutton is a local Australian based portrait and documentary analogue film photographer whose work focuses on people and their lives.”

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Yudith Cedano Alquicira

“Yudith Cedano Alquicira is Houston-based photographer specializing in portrait and lifestyle photography. They are a Graphic designer by profession, and owner of Cedano Photography since 2010. Specializing in weddings, engagements, quinceañeras, events, family, infants, milk sessions, and business photography. Also, the owner of Cotton Candy Photobooth ”

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Ulderico Granger

“Ulderico Granger is a freelance outdoor photographer originally from the Big Island of Hawaii who became enamored with photography at the age of 12. Growing up on an island in the Pacific, Granger developed a love and appreciation for the natural world that has only grown to this day. ”

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Jonathan Frydman

“Jonathan Frydman's photography is a mixture of portrait, performance, and documentary. Having gotten his start sneaking into hip-hop shows in South Florida, he immediately fell in love with photography. There was something alluring in where photography could bring him and the experiences he could share. ”

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Cheney Orr

“Cheney Orr was born in Arizona in 1990 and raised in New York City. His first long-term photo essay documenting his father’s struggle with early-onset Alzheimer's was published by The New York Times Lens Blog in January 2018. Further work has been published by VICE, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, VAGA Magazine among others. After living the majority of his life in Brooklyn, Cheney moved back to Arizona in 2019 to explore stories and current issues in the American Southwest.”

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Bernard Kalu

“Bernard Kalu (b. 1989) is a documentary photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria; his work is inspired by a passion to explore life and humanity. Photography is drawing with light and he's adopted it as a tool to not only tell stories but preserve today for the future. Bernard began working in photography in 2014, exploring street documentary and creative twists to wedding photography. He is a certified canon master storyteller and VII Academy Foundry alumni. Focus: Enviromental and Social issues.”

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James Deavin

“James Deavin is a documentary photographer who loves working on projects he dreamed up himself, as well as on commercial projects with a creative team. James's photographic style is pretty loose nowadays and he tries to approach the subjects in a very straightforward way - probably because he shots on a large format camera for many years.”

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Seif Kousmate

“Seif Kousmate is a self-taught photographer specializing in social issues who was born in 1988 in Essaouira, Morocco. After a career as a Project Manager in the civil engineering sector, he switched to photography as a new profession. Since then, he has been working on projects in Africa covering migration, youth, and slavery. ”

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Nicola Zolin

“Nicola Zolin is a photojournalist and writer interested in the social and environmental transformations at the borders of Europe, Middle East, and Asia. He explores how people in the world compete over natural resources and what freedom means for human beings, from youth to utopia-seekers, to migrants on the move looking for a better future.”

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“Isao Nishiyama Born in 1977, Isao is an editor, photographer and graphic designer from Tokyo and Fukuoka, Japan. He created and began publishing a visual magazine called “Studio Journal knock” in 2013, which features visits with artists all around the globe.”

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