The 20 Best Food Photographers of 2023

Searching for the best food photography of the year? Dig into our round up of the top food photographers of 2020 and browse their portfolios for some delicious inspiration.

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What’s almost as good as eating an inviting meal? Taking beautiful, drool-worthy food photos. They say you eat with your eyes, after all, and top food photographers are skilled at creating mouth-watering images clients will be quick to gobble up.

Taking gorgeous images of food can help you grow your photography toolbox and expand your client list to include editorial work and advertising campaigns for food brands, companies, and restaurants. Like wedding photography, good food photography is an acquired skill that requires strong attention to detail and a lot of creativity.

Searching for some inspiration to get you in the mood to shoot food for a client, or just for practice? We’ve rounded up some of the best food photographers in the world, and their impressive online portfolios, to highlight all the beautiful and creative ways you can take pictures of food on a plate.


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Marc Haydon

After honing his craft as a travel shooter and a stint as a fashion photographer for clients like Net-a-Porter, Marc Haydon made the transition to food photography and never looked back. Now, he shoots food full time, creating editorial and advertising campaigns for a range of clients. With his precise and well-balanced composition, he’s one of the most well-known food photographers working today.

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Dan Robb

A professional food photographer based in Toronto, Dan Robb takes stunning images of all manner of meals, from picnics in the park to an icy cocktail or the perfect slice of pie. Using studio lighting and well-positioned props, he isn’t afraid to let food look a little messy in his photos. Still, he never lets the mess take over, and always manages to create food photography that’s stylish and professional.

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Mary Devinat

Mary Devinat grew up in Paris, France, surrounded by family recipes and a deep love of food. She brings this attention to detail and extensive food knowledge to her food photography, creating images for restaurants, travel spreads, and product promotion. From sugar cubes falling into a cup of coffee to ice cream dripping down a warm brownie, Mary isn’t afraid to use movement as a food and beverage photographer, infusing her work with a sense of fun.

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It’s your turn to create a stunning food photographer portfolio!

Now that you’ve gotten a healthy dose of gorgeous food photos by some of the best food photographers working today, you might be itching to create your own online food photography portfolio. As a photographer, you want the best gear for your job, so why not create an online portfolio that sells your work and helps you grow your client list? After all, taking incredible food shots is only one part of the process when it comes to landing editorial contracts or advertising campaigns.

Show off your food photography with an online portfolio that looks current, appealing, and visually stunning, so your clients can see your creativity and jump at the chance to book you for their next project. Plus, having a great online food photography portfolio will make it easy for you to update your shots as needed, and illustrate your creative growth as a food photographer.

Don’t have an online portfolio yet? Use a website builder to build one in 10 easy steps and show off your stunning food photos.

Pick one that has gorgeous themes to choose from, and offers features like a built-in blog and online store, plus client proofing.

This way, you can build a food photography portfolio that features your unique perspective and approach, full of beautiful, appetizing shots that are sure to win over your next potential client.

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