Food Photography Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Food photography is a challenging and fun hobby for anyone. Here, we share some of the best food photography portfolio examples from Format users along with tips and tricks on how to create one yourself.

October 4, 2021
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Plate of Joy

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Suyen Torres

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Anjola Awosika

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Léa & Alex

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Sanda Vuckovic

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Background ideas for food photography: Balance your shadows

Great shadowing is key to a well-balanced photograph. Shadows add depth and interest to a subject, sometimes helping to enhance its main focal point. Too much shadowing can ruin a photo’s overall composition.

When shooting food photography, find the right level of shadowing to flatter your subject. Try to avoid harsh shadowing and let the food in your photo engage the viewer.

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Scott Suchman

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Amelia Johnson

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Talia Dinwiddie

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Scott Fine

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Katie Chase

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Emma Zilber

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Background idea for food photos: Keep it neutral

When shooting the ideal food photo, keep the background as clear as possible. You’ll want the food to be the focal point of the photo.

A neutral background is the best way to ensure that the photo’s main subject is emphasized. While this doesn’t mean the background should be plain, it should complement the food and allow its colors to pop.

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Mary Devinat

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Marc Haydon

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Sara Ali

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Jackie Alpers

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Neal Santos

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Easy food photography idea: keep your shoots simple

Sometimes simple is best. If your food subject is brightly colored or uniquely textured, try using a simple composition to ensure the subject truly stands out.

Placing your food subject in the center of your photo will create a strong visual impact. To ensure the subject is the focal point, keep your background simple and leave any distracting decorations out.

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Dan Robb

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Davide Luciano

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Andrea Di Lorenzo

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Food shoot ideas: Expose for the highlights

When it comes to food photography, dishes and backgrounds can sometimes look over-exposed. To avoid photos that look too bright and have no visible detail, consider increasing the exposure for just the highlights of your subject. 

This means adjusting the exposure levels so that details are only seen in the brightest areas, helping them stand out. Enhance any shadowing in the editing stage for a perfect shot!

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