The 26 Best Food Photography Portfolio Examples of 2021

To land your next big food shoot, wow future clients with a strong food photography website. To start, take some tips from these food photography portfolio examples

June 18, 2021

Wondering what a great portfolio looks like in the world of food photography? These portfolio examples showcase accomplished food photographers across the globe who are killing it right now — from creative compositions, to food blogging, to brand development and much, much more. Keep reading to check out some amazing food photography websites from artists featured in outlets such as BBC One, Conde Nast Traveler, and Westjet Magazine. Looking to create the ultimate food photography website? Format’s clean, user-friendly templates will help you make your best food shots the focal point of your portfolio, allowing you to impress future clients and land your next gig. Begin your 14-day free trial today — no credit card required!

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desktop browser window frameAbhishek Debnath
phone window frameAbhishek Debnath
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Abhishek Debnath

Theme used: Capture

Abhishek Debnath may be an IT Director by profession, but food photography is his passion. His captivating images capture vivid colors, rich textures and natural freshness of recipes from various worldwide cuisines.
desktop browser window frameAlessandra Gutierrez
phone window frameAlessandra Gutierrez
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Alessandra Gutierrez

Theme used: Slate

Alessandra Gutierrez is a photographer and graphic designer based in Miami, FL. Creating delicious food photography, she believes photos have the power to “convey flavor and ignite a deep connection between a viewer and a specific dish”.
desktop browser window frameMichelle Boulé
phone window frameMichelle Boulé
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Michelle Boulé

Theme used: Peak

Michelle Boulé is a Boston based food and product photographer. She is a graduate of the Cinema and Photography program at Ithaca College. Michelle has worked in the product and food space for the past 10 years in New York, San Francisco and Boston.
desktop browser window frameLarisa Niedle
phone window frameLarisa Niedle
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Larisa Niedle

Theme used: Peak

Larisa Niedle creates drool-worthy food and drink images. She grew up in New York City and currently bases her work around her hometown, as well as the New Jersey area. Growing up in NYC exposed Larisa to various different foods from all over the world. She claims that her love for food became even stronger when she pursued her PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, where creating beautiful and delicious dishes became her escape from the pressures of grad school.
desktop browser window frameKulsum
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Theme used: Amazon

Kulsum Kunwa is an acclaimed food and lifestyle photographer. Based in Kuwait, her work has appeared in various cookbooks, magazines, and websites — both locally and internationally. Kunwa uses her unique aesthetics and abilities to create quality images, bringing together texture, light, and mood. In her spare time, she writes in her popular blog Journey Kitchen, which has also been the subject of worldwide recognition.
desktop browser window frameElise Humphrey
phone window frameElise Humphrey
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Elise Humphrey

Theme used: Panorama

Elise Humphrey is a London-based food photographer specializing in producing imagery for editorial, lifestyle, commercial, and travel photography. She has over ten years of experience.
desktop browser window frameGilbert Yap
phone window frameGilbert Yap
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Gilbert Yap

Theme used: Peak

Gilbert Yap is a part-time Boston and Cambridge-based food and restaurant photographer who focuses on highlighting the delectable food of small or upcoming businesses, especially those run by underrepresented minorities. His favorite style of food photography lighting is the hard-light style that evokes a sunset meal at your favorite restaurant's window seat - inspired by the photography work of The New Yorker and Bon Appetit.
desktop browser window frameHidekazu Makiyama
phone window frameHidekazu Makiyama
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Hidekazu Makiyama

Theme used: Frame

Based in Toyama City, Japan, Hidekazu Makiyama is a home appliance engineer by day and a freelance food content creator the rest of the time. Having photographed food for 30 years, he likes dishes that showcase the goodness of seasons and ingredients. His projects include photography for food recipes, sales promotion media and key visual photography for websites.
desktop browser window frameJohn Cizmas
phone window frameJohn Cizmas
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John Cizmas

Theme used: Slate

John Cizmas is a photographer based in Los Angeles. John specializes in location food and drinks photography. With over 15 years of experience, he has collaborated with different creatives, chefs, makers, mixologists, and artists.
desktop browser window frameJohn Troxell
phone window frameJohn Troxell
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John Troxell

Theme used: Amazon

John Troxell is a food and lifestyle photographer based in Los Angeles. He also travels between Chicago, NYC and everywhere in-between. John’s approach to photography is truly his own. He fell in love with photography at a very young age, initially starting his career as a cameraman in Hollywood. From here, he worked behind the lens of car commercials, music videos and subsequently food commercials, sparking a career in food photography.
desktop browser window frameAubrie LeGault
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Aubrie LeGault

Theme used: Amazon

Aubrie LeGault is a freelance food and drink photographer based out of Portland, OR. Aubrie loves highlighting Portland’s food and drink scene, helping to showcase all of the wonderful food and beverage items the city (and the Northwest) has to offer.
desktop browser window frameMagali Polverino
phone window frameMagali Polverino
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Magali Polverino

Theme used: Horizon Left

Magali Polverino is a food and still life photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Using her deep love for lighting and colors, Magali finds beauty in everyday objects and aims to share her love for food by highlighting the many textures of eatery.
desktop browser window frameAndrew Welch
phone window frameAndrew Welch
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Andrew Welch

Theme used: Peak

Andrew Welch started his career “as most people do” — dabbling with a cheap digital camera he bought from a friend in college. Since then, he worked in several career fields and “never felt right about any of them”. Photography opened a door for Andrew to create something and feel proud of his work, all while also providing for his family of four. Today, he gets to work with clients near and far — helping them realize those visual dreams they didn’t think possible in small-town Jackson.
desktop browser window frameDimitrios Brouzioutis
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Dimitrios Brouzioutis

Theme used: Peak

Dimitrios Brouzioutis is a mixologist and photographer based in London, UK. He is a classically trained bartender and graduate of the prestigious Leica Creative Photography school. After a decade spent working in the hospitality industry, he believes his experience has given him the ability to understand the art of food and drinks. He helps his clients develop their brand through a creative visual narrative.
desktop browser window frameSheena Bates
phone window frameSheena Bates
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Sheena Bates

Theme used: Peak

Sheena Bates is a photographer and fine artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She specializes in shooting food editorials and commercial work, with clients such as Valter’s Osteria, RubySnap and Westjet Magazine.

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