Top Food Photography Hashtags For 2022

Food photography is an exciting and extremely popular type of photography. The primary purpose of food photography is to make food look mouth-wateringly tasty, although food photography can really document any aspect of the restaurant and food industry, from farm, to table, to community. It’s generally classified as commercial photography but editorial food photography is also a thrilling aspect of this photography style. Regardless of what part of the food journey your photos are documenting, it’s important to get your images discovered and one of the best ways is to use these food photography hashtags.


Hashtags are an essential part of brand and individual content strategies around the world. An easy way for your audience to find your food photography content, hashtags are clickable links that group your content with other similar content and help increase your social reach to make your content more discoverable to a wider audience.

Hashtags are a part of everyday life, but here are a few tips to get the most out of how you’re using them:

  1. Check hashtags used in the Instagram Explore page: Using the explore page will give you an idea of what hashtags are trending. If your content can get onto the Explore page you will be sure to reach a much wider audience. Look for food photography on your feed so that the Instagram algorithm knows to show you more similar images, and use the hashtags from those photos.

  2. Use the hashtag autocomplete feature: With Instagram, you can search for accounts, places, hashtags, audio, and top-performing content. When you start typing to find a tag, the Instagram search engine will populate similar terms that you can use to broaden the reach of your food photography content.

  3. Follow relevant hashtags: Yep! You can follow hashtags too, not just accounts. Check out the other hashtags being used on the content you follow for inspo.

  4. Use a social listening tool: Social listening tools are powerful and give you insights into more than just the best hashtags, like campaign hashtags, popular keywords, industry keywords, and so much more.

Top General Food Photography Hashtags in 2022

Food photography has been a mainstay of Instagram ever since the app’s inception, with many photographers building their careers in this niche. By using food photography hashtags, you can get your images discovered by people who will love your content. It’s a great way to build a fanbase and even land clients. These are some of the most liked food photography hashtags of 2021, 2022, and beyond:

#foodphotography #foodporn #foodism #foodstagram #foodiesofinstagram #foodstyling

Top Vegan Food Photography Hashtags

There’s no question that the vegan lifestyle is here to stay. The vegan community also passionate and engaged, which means that if you specialize in vegan food photography, using hashtags to get your work discovered can result in lots of interest and engagement. Try these next time you’re posting mouthwatering images of vegan eats:

#veganfoodshare #veganlife #veganfoodphotography #whatveganseat #veganfoodpost #veganfoodstagram

Top Dessert Food Photography Hashtags

Whether you’re capturing shots of tromp l’oeil cakes that have become super popular on social media, good old fashioned gooey concoctions, or elegant tarts, desserts are almost as fun to photograph as they are to eat. Desserts often feature a range of colors and textures that are less common in other foods, making them pop on small mobile screens. Help your dessert photography get noticed with these popular hashtags:

#dessertsofinstagram #desserttime #dessertoftheday #desserttables #dessertmasters #dessertphotography

Top Recipe Food Photography Hashtags

As a food photographer, one of the types of clients you may be trying to work with is recipe book writers and food bloggers. The images used in recipe books and food blogs often feature different elements of a recipe, such as unique ingredients or the messy stages leading up to the final product. These images are raw, authentic, and feel less staged than other types of food photography. Tag them with these food photography hashtags:

#recipephotogrpahy #ourfoodstories #inthekitchen #eatcaptureshare #mealprep #foodisfuel

Top Travel Food Photography Hashtags

Food is one of the best ways to experience other cultures. Even when it comes in the form of a photo, it can share something about the essence of a place. If you shoot food photography while traveling, you can appeal both to audience of food lovers and to an audience of globetrotters and explorers. Use these hashtags to get your travel food shots noticed:

#(typeofcuisine)food #(city)food #travelfoodphotography #travelfoodfinds #culturefood #internationalfoodie

Top Editorial Food Photography Hashtags

Editorial food photography is what you’ll typically find on glossy food magazine covers or on some highly produced food blogs and websites. This type of food photography is often created in collaboration with food stylists, who ensure that every element of the shot is perfect before you start shooting. If you create these mouthwatering studio food images, tag them with these:

#hautecuisines #foodiefeatures #foodstyling #huffposttaste #tastingtable #foodandwine

Top Dark Food Photography Hashtags

Dark, moody food photography has become more than a trend, and is now an enduring approach to capturing food. Rather than the bright, well-lit images associated with most recipe books and food blogs, dark food photography takes a different approach, often shooting against a dark background such as a chalkboard to create a sensual atmosphere. Use these hashtags on your dark food photography shots:

#darkfoodphotography #darkfood #foodartproject #moodyfoodphotography #themoodytable #moodyfoodie

Top Chef Food Photography Hashtags

While food photography is typically a type of still life photography, your food images may also feature the chef. Whether you just have their hands in the shot for context, or you’re capturing them at work as they create their next dish, food photos featuring the chef add a human element and remind us the interpersonal connections that food can foster. Use these popular hashtags on your images:

#foodie_features #chefsofinstagram #cheflife #chefsroll #chefstime #gourmetartistry

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