The Best Artist Website Templates For Dreamy Online Portfolios

Ready to create your artist portfolio website? With these gorgeous artist website templates, you can start building the online portfolio of your dreams today.


For artists working today, a memorable art portfolio website is a must. Not only does it function as a business card, but it’s also your digital showroom, allowing you to bring potential clients and fans into your world and showcase your work in a way that will result in more sales and commissions.

That’s why the difference between a poorly designed portfolio website and an effective one can be very impactful on your career as an artist. It’s worth taking the time to make sure you choose the website template that’s right for you and setting it up to include everything your users want to be able to find.

How Can I Create My Own Artist Website?

When it comes to building your website, the best way to go about it is to choose an easy to use portfolio website builder. A good one will also come with all of the features you’ll want to include in your website, with a fully responsive design that works across any device.

Wondering which Format artist website templates are up to the task of creating the best website for your business? Try one of these:

Format Website Template Kiln

The clear, easy to navigate header menu makes it easy for visitors to click through your various gallery collections and pages. It was inspired by the imaginative designs of ceramicists, but would also be perfectly suited to any artist who wants their visitors to feel happy and light-hearted when they see their work.

Format Website Template SPruce

Visitors can click home page images that take them to the art gallery that the image corresponds to, making this a great theme for those who want to organize their many works into tidy categories.

Sticklers for simple navigation will also love the menu this theme comes with. You can adjust the number of columns in the dropdown horizontal menu, so even if you create lots of pages on your site, the menu will display neatly at the top of the page rather than looking long and messy. It also makes use of a trendy fat footer section design, where you can prominently display your social media links.

Format Website Template Flash

This theme comes with the additional features you can expect from all Format themes, including built-in e-commerce functionality so you can rack up those sales and make additional income from your website.

Format Website Template Lightbox

The subdued, classic template would be perfect for a sculptor, ink illustrator, or any other artists who want their portfolio to evoke the feeling of stepping into a high-end gallery space.

Format Website Template Fabric

Like the name suggests, Fabric evokes layering different elements the way a fashion designer might. It would be a perfect choice for a fashion designer or textile artist, but there’s no reason designers and artists working in other fields won’t love it too.

The way images stack on top of one another evokes the nostalgic analog feeling of flipping through a stack of photos, making this an excellent theme choice for those who want their website design to evoke a bit of nostalgia.

Format Website Template Collage

This understated portfolio theme is perfectly suited to the fine artist or fine jewelry designer. Users will have no trouble navigating, thanks to the pinned top menu that lets them easily access each portfolio section.

Format Website Template Balance

If big, beautiful product shots are a priority, this theme will bring your vision to life.

Format Website Template Detail

The square frames in the galleries keep your work neat and tidy, but each image can easily be expanded to its full proportions when clicked on. It’s a perfect unpretentious and neat artist website template, with a lovely fully responsive design.

Format Website Template Chroma

The classic design keeps all eyes on your work with this digital artist website template. Views can toggle between masonry thumbnails for an overview, or scroll through one image at a time to see every detail.

Format Website Template Obscura

If you want to communicate to potential clients and collectors that you mean business, this theme is a great choice fitting for any serious fine artist.

Format Website Template Obsidian
Format Website Template Pattern
Format Website Template Slate
Format Website Template Wavelength

With so many fully responsive website templates to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect one for your site. Since these are all Format themes, you can be sure that the template you choose is packed with super useful functionality such as e-commerce, social media integration, client proofing galleries, and more.

Bring your artist website vision to life in minutes!

Why Should I Have a Portfolio Site?

If you’re not convinced of the importance of a portfolio website, consider how much harder it would be for buyers, galleries, customers, and fans to access your work if it weren’t beautifully displayed online. The internet has become our most important visual medium, and with most of us spending many hours online every day, to skip out on having an artist website is to skip out on opportunities and income.

Some artists might ask themselves, isn’t having an Instagram portfolio enough? While having a social media portfolio is certainly a good idea, especially as an initial place to be discovered, it’s not enough for it to be your whole online presence.

A major limitation is the image quality and image size, both of which are restricted by the app and by the fact that it’s typically used on a mobile device. An Instagram bio is also too short to share enough meaningful information with fans and clients.

Finally, everyone and their grandmother have an Instagram account nowadays. That makes it a creative marketing tool for artists, but it also means it doesn’t communicate the same level of professionalism that you can get from portfolio websites.

As an artist, it’s important to elevate your work in order to justify your prices, and Instagram isn’t up to the challenge on its own. You can fit much more information, communicate your brand, and showcase a professional art gallery on a proper website.

artist staring at painting

An About Page

Don’t underestimate the power of a great about page. Visitors click on them to find out who is making the art they’re about to check out, and a compelling about me page can make someone more inclined to support the artist. It also helps to contextualize your art, which users will appreciate.

It can also be a place to share some of your professional experience and awards or accolades, if you have them and wish to share them.

A Gallery or Multiple Galleries for Different Categories

This part is pretty obvious: your artist portfolio website should include a photo gallery! There are tons of ways to display your images, and you can choose a template with a portfolio layout that works for you. Take some time to curate your best or most representative work, so that visitors don’t get overwhelmed or miss your best projects because there is too much to click through.

Branded Web Elements

Your website is an extension of your business, so it’s an opportunity to use your branded design elements to make it your own. This includes things like color schemes, logos and fonts. The best website builders allow for their templates to be modified with a theme customizer that allows you to easily make these changes.

Online Store

While not every artist website needs to have an e-commerce section, it can be a great way to make some extra money with sales of things like prints, postcards, art objects, or anything else related to your business. What you include in your online store will vary depending on the type of art you made. For example, a sculptor whose main revenue comes from sales of pieces to galleries may sell things like prints of images of their work, while a ceramicist might sell the actual products that are displayed in their portfolios.

A Blog

A blog is another optional section you might want to look for when choosing a website template. Blog layouts and content can vary widely, but creating a blog is a great way to drive more traffic to your website and get more eyes on your work.

A blog also offers you a way to connect more with your audience by sharing behind the scenes content or anything else they may be interested in hearing from you.

A Custom Domain

Choosing a page builder that makes it easy to use a custom domain is another way to boost your page rankings and give your artist website a professional boost.

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